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Happy 78th Birthday Bugs Bunny

Warner Bros Greatest Star is turning 78 today and I needed to mention it because he made my childhood (and many others) very happy.

Bugs Bunny first appeared on this day in 1940.

Bugs officially debuted in the Merrie Melodies short “A Wild Hare,” voiced by the legendary voice actor Mel Blanc.

His fame would grow under the hand of talented animators like the great Chuck Jones.

You know, this post is also a bit nostalgic because cartoons are no longer what they were.

He made me laugh when I was a kid and he also was my first intro to opera.

Happy birthday Bugs and thank you for all the fun!

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The Aquaman trailer is Here

Here’s the trailer for his new flick which will doggy paddle into trailers this December.

Just in time for Christmas an underwater fap fantasy.

“Permission to come aboard”? Fuck yeah!

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The Fall of Beauty

When I heard that Netflix and Dreamworks Animation were joining forces to bring She-Ra into the now, I prayed to Jesus to not let them mess it up.

Well, it’s now confirmed that Jesus doesn’t exist because Netflix released the first official pictures of the new She-Ra
and it’s a MESS!!

Those butcherers turned She-Ra and Catra into Fetus-Ra (or an Elf?) and Kidtra.

There’s some die-hard She-Ra nerds like myself who are crying about the new design because the new She-Ra’s NOT SEXY like the 80’s animation.

I get the “objectification” thing and the fact that society is oversensitive but it’s classic/cult cartoon for God’s sake!

Why in the new cartoons/reboots all characters must look like they still haven’t hit puberty? It’s STUPID!!!

The real problem is that She-Ra looks like she was drawn with Crayons by a 12-year-old who flipped through a manga once real fast, and looks like she can’t battle evil after 8 PM because that’s when her curfew is.

And Catra is no longer an evil goddess of perfection who destroys her enemies with her glamour. She’s now an angsty tween who looks like the only thing she destroys is her bedroom wall by carving an anarchy sign into it while listening to Fall Out Boy.

Truly, what’s this mess?!!!

In case the original She-Ra isn’t cemented in your brain like mine, here’s what she and some of her friends looked like:

And this is Catra:

Whats’s wrong with being hot and sexy while kicking ass??

80’s cartoons were a thing of beauty.

The new version is so ugly. Gosh! WTF Netflix?!!


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Ant-Man and the Wasp

I went to the theatre to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp… two words: VERY GOOD!!

Ant-Man and the Wasp picks up in real time after the events of Captain America: Civil War, with Scott close to completing the two years of house arrest that were part of his deal to get out of prison.

Ant-Man is Marvel’s most underrated film in my opinion. 

The characters and the stories are fun and extremely entertaining. 

The beautiful Evangeline Lilly killed it as the Wasp! Hannah John-Kamen and Laurence Fishburne were also great in it. But that Sonny guy was just filler and the gorgeous Michelle Pfieffer was on screen for about ten minutes.

On the other hand, the end was totally unexpected…

After the movie I rushed home ’cause Hubby (one of my exes) came to help me do some work in my flat. Because we are a team, just like Ant-Men and the Wasp. 

In short, big things again come in small packages, and this film message regarding the importance of family and trusting your circle of real friends continues here in the most entertaining of ways. 10/10

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David Who?

I’m not questioning the artistic merit of Michelangelo’s David, the sculpture is an unquestionable timeless masterpiece. But this sculpt of Marvel’s Venom is pretty cool!

By now it’s clear that soon every movie, TV show, and artistic endeavour is going to be tied to a Marvel comic book property, so let’s put Venom in Italy’s famed Galleria dell’Accademia as well.

It still blows my mind that Nicholas J. Brown (aka YouTube’s LoreCraft) only took up sculpting about a year ago.

In all seriousness, comparing Michelangelo’s David was a bad joke.

You cannot compare clay and marble.

David’ sculpture is not only so detailed, carving out a whole slab of marble without a single stone vein running out of place is a miracle if not a testament of amazing skill in itself.

Regardless, good job Nicholas J. Brown. 

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Avengers: Infinity GENOCIDE

I watched the latest Avengers and Marvel actually did it!

The reigning king of planet blockbuster crammed 30-plus superheroes into a single sardine tin of a movie.

Did it work, though? Was it any good? 

Personally I liked it, although Marvel always use alternative timelines (so everybody is always alive) for once I was satisfied to see many die. And not because I’m a hater but c’mon, they cannot always win. 

Thanos was portrayed fantastically, and Doctor Strange FINALLY delivered some A game! His solo movie was boring beyond believe, however he’s pretty awesome in this film.

The Scarlet Witch also showed some real powers AT LAST (but her role still small, and I don’t understand why,) and Thor as well was the GOD he is and not just another mortal like the rest.

This movie should be called Genocide.

I have many questions tho such as:

  1. Why did Strange did what he did??
  2. Why they made Vision look so weak?
  3. Why they didn’t cut off Thanos arm when they have the opportunity to? 
  4. Why is the Red Skull With the Soul Stone on Vormir? 
  5. Why won’t the Hulk Come Out?
  6. Why Tony (aka Iron Man) didn’t die instantly but instead survived on the final scenes? He’s a human, not a god or a mutant?? Didn’t make sense at all.
  7. Why powerful heroes died but the one with no super power (Black Widow) didn’t? 

Regardless, this film was SPECTACULAR! 

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The new trailer for Sony’s Venom movie is out, and it corrects the first trailer’s mistake by actually having Venom in it. Quite a lot of Venom, actually.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Venom (and Carnage) and have been waiting for a proper movie, especially in the wake of the abomination that was Spider-Man 3.

I thought not having any Spidey would be an issue (’cause he bonded with Spiderman first) but this looks absolutely fantastic to me!

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