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The world is wishing a happy birthday to the one and only Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse, the brainchild of cartoonist Walt Disney that eventually came to symbolise a global entertainment empire, celebrates his 90th birthday today.

Now… As a kid I was never fascinated by Mickey, I found him meh, I was a boy into superheroes, Japanese robots and assorted “violence”.

It bored me the fact everyone were so into it, even the adults while I was like…. Are you all okay? When my parents took us to Disney I found it nice but that’s about it. And then was him, Mickey Mouse… More like some human underneath. I was an innocent kid, but I was not dumb. 

Regardless, there were some cute animations and he seemed nice.

But just make sure you don’t piss him off…

He was and still is the idol of many people (for whatever reason) and today I salute him.

Happy 90th birthday Mickey Mouse! 


Yesterday, on the 12th of November, one of the most famous American comic book writers and publishers, Stan Lee, passed away. Alongside other legends (Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko) he created such iconic heroes as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and many more, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by generations to come.

Fans all over the world are already sharing tribute art in honour of this iconic man that not only gave us joy, but also condemned bigotry and racism in his work.

This column titled “Stan’s Soapbox” from 1968 stands out even after five decades, as the issues he touched upon are still very relevant in our society.

If we ought to remember Stan Lee for anything, it should probably be those words.

Below some tribute art in honour of this legendary man:

There’s no chance he’ll be forgotten!!

I’m still awake from my 2 hours of sleep last night, I was in zombie mode the whole day but I’m a sad zombie now because I just read that Stan Lee has die.

Stan Lee, who I thought would live until the end of eternity, is now making his way to the great big Comic-Con in the afterworld after he died today in Los Angeles.

Stan’s daughter tells TMZ that he was taken by ambulance from his home in the Hollywood Hills to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning, and that’s where he died. He was 95 years old.

Stan Lee (born name: Stanley Martin Lieber) is one of the reasons why many actors can put their hands under their b-holes and fart out a $100 bill when paying for anything.

He co-created iconic comics like Spider-Man, X-Men, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Iron ManThor and pretty much many more. 

This is why I don’t believe in a “God,” when humans like him (who made millions of people happy) die while evil garbage causing chaos in our world still alive.

Stan Lee absolutely changed the world!

He was a hero and showed us that it is in fact possible for us real world humans to be super heroes. We all have the ability inside us. He didn’t create a path for us to escape life through fiction, he is one of those who showed us there exists a path in our own lives for each of us to be somebody’s superhero.

RIP, Mr. Lee.

I am a child of the 80s who thinks that the 1980s was the golden era of ridiculous foolery… and then I see something from the 1970s that confirms to me that everyone was on serious kinds of drugs then.

Case in point: Skinny Bones, a toy that was equal parts WHAT. THE. FUCK. and a nightmare inside of a nightmare.

Marx Toy Company (who bit the dust in 1980) must’ve bought a tent company at a fire sale and decided to use the metal tent parts for a terrifying stick figure doll called Skinny Bones.

On an episode of Thrift Hunters, the Thrift Hunters encountered Skinny Bones (at the 0:58) and actually spent a good pile of coins on it.

Since every demon from the colon of hell needs a dark-sided sidekick to help them spread the evil, Skinny had a pet horse named Nag Bones and Ginny (his sister) had a pet dog named Ham Bones.

Again, people were on serious kind of drugs in the 1970s.

On happy note, if you’re tired of having a ghost haunting your house and want to pay to have it removed, hunt down a Skinny or Ginny Bones doll and bring them into your home.

Souls are obviously the only thing they do eat.

I’m a kid at heart and I love anything related with costumes, particularly when involves superheroes, manga characters, and anything fun.

That said, October is a glorious month. Not only is the best month of the year due to Halloween, but there are still many Comic Con events all over the world, and one of the biggest happened this weekend: New York Comic Con.

Below some hot boys:

One word: Fanfukinstastic!

I watched Venom today. 

Five word: Highly entertaining and highly underrated.

I do not understand all hate and bad reviews coming from the critics for this movie.

Fans who aren’t too bothered by the changing of origins, should enjoy this movie. It is weird having Venom without having the Spider-Man black suit backstory or spider powers, but the Venom character is much more like the comics than the one in Spider-Man 3.

This was a good origin movie for a character we have only seen poorly done in the horrible Spider-Man 3 movie.

The movie did flirt between being dark and funny at the same time which I believe is Disney’s fault due to Sony renting Spider-Man to them. Other than that the fight scenes were amazing, and if I understood correctly by the way they recreated the villain (the other symbiote,) it was Riot ’cause Riot is one violent bitch!

In my opinion, those not familiar with the comic were disappointed because they expected to see Venom as “the bad guy,” when the fact is, Venom’s desire for good or evil depends on his host. In this case Venom is not the villain but an anti-hero.

Also it’s starting to seem like you can’t believe critics anymore about anything.

Tom Hardy acting is a bit wooden at times, but not enough to weaken the film much. I personally would have chose another actor, a fresh new face.

Regardless, I would defiantly recommend others to see this film.

The new, really long trailer for Aquaman is out and it’s 5 minutes of bro jokes, Amber Heard in an off-brand Ariel wig, a million tons of CGI, Nicole Kidman in a leftover The Twins wig from The Matrix, and zero shots of Jason Momoa’s bare nipples.

That mess is an ocean movie and there’s no Momoa nip in the trailer? Refund!