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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Picture Perfect by Monkey Majik & M-Flo

I wish that I can just rewind.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Trust by QUEEN Ayumi Hamasaki

I believe in myself, take one step forward, and I feel like I can go anywhere.
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Ballet Rotoscope

This beautiful short film, titled Ballet Rotoscope and created by Tokyo-based design group EUPHRATES, illustrates the delicate movements of a ballet dancer.

As the ballerina moves, different points on her body are traced by a computer-generated technique called rotoscoping, to reveal the geometric beauty of dance.

Rotoscoping is a method that is often used for visual effects in live-action movies.

The animator creates a silhouette, called a matte, that can be used to clip an object from a scene, which can then be artificially pasted onto a different background.

However, in EUPHRATES’ film, the matte lines are left visible, and seem to have a life of their own. At times they detach from the points they trace, creating a choreographed relationship with the ballerina.

Simply beautiful!!

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Japan’s 10th Annual Wara Art Festival

Fall is here, which in Japan means it’s time for the annual rice harvest.

Every year, farmers ensure that the leftover rice-straw, known as “wara,” doesn’t go to waste.

The wara is recycled by using it to to feed livestock, improve soil, and in the coastal region of Niigata Prefecture, it’s even used to make giant, beastly sculptures for the Wara Art Festival, held at Uwasekigata Park.

The Wara Art Festival started in 2007 when Niigata’s farming community contacted the locaMusashino Art University to get some creative direction on turning their excess straw into works of art.

Since then, art students come to design and build new beasts every year in Uwasekigata Park. This year’s festival has come to a close, but the straw sculptures will remain up on display through October 31, 2017.


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Flying Saucer Cow Teat 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a tiny uncut dick wearing a cow sombrero! No, no it’s an engorged clit busting through a flying cow plate. No, no, no it’s actually a flying saucer cow teat that squirts leche onto little kids. Duh, of course it is!

Eater says that this close encounter with the WTF kind obviously comes from the magnificent planet of horrifying fuckery that is Japan.

In the commercial, a bunch of shiny happy kids run onto a field just as a cow-print UFO appears above them and out flops a gigantic cow nipple that squirts milk into their cups.

Now if I was in the conference room when the ad executive pitched that idea, I’d smile nervously and grab my cell phone all secret-like and call the proper authorities under the table so that the sick bitch could end up on some kind of list!

But in Japan, that idea became a commercial that is airing on TV because, JAPAN!!!

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Tangerine Origami Art

Most people peel an orange with no regards to its skin, tossing it away immediately after.

For Yoshihiro Okada, however, this is the most important feature of the fruit. Okada handles a blade to turn orange peels into delicate animals. Each piece uses the whole peel, leaving nothing behind.

Just incredible!

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Master Roshi

Last weekend marked the bi-annual Comic Market in Tokyo, and this time, visitors were thrilled with an awesome Dragon Ball cosplay that people will probably be talking about for a while!

Pulled off by bodybuilder Taichi Shimizu, his costume was of Master Roshi in his Max Power form. For those who don’t know, the Max Power form is a power up that only Master Roshi has, where he can dramatically gain strength and muscle mass.

Since Shimizu pretty much has the whole strength and muscle mass thing covered, all he had to do was pull off the perfect costume, and I  must say, he sure did.

Pretty on point!!!

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