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Powerful And Selfless

Such a well deserved win, and his acceptance speech is a beautiful expression of hope for our future. He used that time for the voiceless. 

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And as he said, when we stop thinking we have the right to oppress any person or other species, we will create a better world.

Much respect!


Image result for joker posterAs planned few days ago, I went with Alexis to the cinema and finally watched Joker.

For all the fuss this movie made, I found it boring AF.

I mean, it was an okay movie. Not worth the hype. Phoenix did a great job playing a person with mental illness but overall the movie was beyond slow, not entertaining and just depressing.

Now, something’s wrong with society and their fascination with violence whenever I heard or read some fucked-up “awww, poor Joker” undertones.

That’s just a little dangerous, considering how fired up some assholes get when they start to confuse who’s the villain and who’s the hero.

So just to make it clear, the Joker is not some misunderstood sweetheart, he’s a violent asshole who is most definitely the bad guy.

The violent scenes are crude, there is almost no action, and all the melodrama is a big yawn. I was expecting more entertainment considering is a “super villain” film.

This was just a “regular” fucked up psychopath drama.

Joker Teaser Trailer

Jack Nicholson did it (okay). As have Heath Ledger (great) and Jared Leto (meh).

Now it’s Joaquin Phoenix’s turn to play the iconic villain in an upcoming origin Joker movie directed by Todd Phillips.

Joker is intended to be the first film in a series of DC-based films separate from the shared DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Joaquin’s character begins as a failed stand-up comedian who eventually morphs into a murdering psychopath…

A movie without CGI and pure acting makes it very realistic.

In my humble opinion, Joaquin Phoenix  was a great choice for portraying a truly damaged individual such as the joker.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

When I heard there was going to be a movie about the origin of the Joker, I just assumed there was a Netflix documentary about Kellyanne Conway coming out.

Luckily, they meant Batman’s sparring partner! 

Joaquin Phoenixis taking over the role as “Arthur” and we didn’t have to wait long for the film studio to drop a lewk at what Arthur looks like when he hits up the MAC counter.

As a fan of DC (and Marvel) comics and on serious note, I very much approve Joaquin’s Joker look. He looks mad and creepy as hell. In my opinion this looks for a mature audience, unlike Jared Leto’s trying-hard incarnation on Suicide Squad. 

Heath Ledger’s Joker set the bar very high, and it’s a good thing to cast actors in typical serious roles, like Phoenix, to portrait them.

Bitch looks absolutely insane and I’m buying it.


HER-A4poster (1)I watched her last night. A science fiction romance/drama.

The story develops in a futuristic society, and the romance between a soulful sensitive man (Joaquin Phoenix) who makes his living writing touching personal letters for other people, and a “smart computer” (Scarlett Johansson).

I really love the concept of the plot, I think it was a great movie overall.

Phoenix as a “creepy” inept dude (to get a real woman) is perfection, as he really has the face for it… though in that futuristic society falling in love or have virtual sex with a computer makes creepy ineptitude normal… and relationships of 3 more common… even if that’s already normal in my present.

On the other hand, Scarlett Johansson as the voice of the computer takes away a lot of fantasy from the whole fiction.

Every time she speaks, she kind of ruins it (for me) ’cause it makes me visualize her in any role from whatever film she’s been in, but not and NEVER as an advanced conscious OS. I mean, couldn’t they just pick up any other actress or at least make the voice a little more robotic to keep the magical fiction on?

But to say something nice, I really like her singing voice, especially in slow soft songs. She’s like coffee in many ways, she’s an acquired taste.

On the other hand:

  1. Olivia Wilde is also in this film = HOT!
  2. Rooney Mara as well = Great actress!
  3. Amy Adams too = Talented!
  4. My husband Chris Pratt = Cute!

“I’m yours and I’m not yours” 

Sad, funny, and quite alarming if our future looks like that.