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Apologies for the lack of updated, my vacations have been pretty hectic. My family kept me super busy day and night, and I had very little time for myself (and to misbehave).

In fact, I had few guys wanting to meet me, including some locals, some Brazilians and a Colombian… Since my life in Canada is English and French, it’s kinda cute yet amusing flirting in different types of Spanish and dirty words.

Anyhow, during this vacations I watched three films:


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I’m a fan of the John Wick franchise and this one fits right in. I do have to say, in my opinion is the weakest of the 3, but still amazing.

Pure action, epic fighting scenes (specially the part with the horses and the dogs) and tremendous cast. Anjelica Houston was mesmerising, Halle Berry was convincing for once, and Keanu Reeves was engaging, as usual.




Godzilla was definitely a “meh” outing. The story telling was not compelling and suffered from poor pacing. In other words was way too long and useless blah blah…

However, watching the CGI monsters in action was glorious!

Like all kaijū movies, it only requires awesome monsters, epic fight scenes and some subtle social commentary.

Could have been better.



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Dark Phoenix is the end of the X-Men as we know it. 

However, “Logan” is the proper finale to the “X-Men” film series. “Dark Phoenix” has minimal action. No climax. Boring acting… is so disappointing that it doesn’t deserve that honour.

Bad movie and worse than the other Phoenix story. 

Mid-December seems like the time for me to catch up with films… So, I just watched John Wick: Chapter 2.

This film does everything a sequel should do, and in this, that means doubling down on the insanely kinetic action from the first one while expanding the series for the future.

Keanu Reeves delivers another excellent performance as the titular character, striking a deft balance between an intense display of intense brutality with a more calming demeanour (as a good Canadian) which is what makes it so appealing because you don’t expect someone so polite to kick so much ass!

The biggest accomplishment this film achieves, besides its gloriously choreographed action scenes, of course, is its expansion of the lore and mythology that the first one only hinted at by digging deep within the criminal underworld to reveal even more the assassins and overall web working underneath.

While the first one told a more intimate tale of a man out on revenge, Chapter Two takes him through several dark corners of the gangland and it’s pretty much over-the-top.

Chapter 2 is a great sequel, even better than its predecessor.

And if Chapter 3 is even bigger than this, it’s going to be apocalyptic!  

john_wick_teaserposterI finally watched the first instalment of John Wick. Since I want to watch the second film, currently playing on theatres, I needed to.

Keanu Reeves is very Canadian even as a hitman. He keeps it polite while fucking you up and even gives you a chance to live, which makes this revenge film very entertaining.

The violence is pretty graphic but very stylishly filmed, Reeves minimalist acting fits perfectly here, although he does show he’s capable of much more in a couple of scenes.

It’s refreshing that amidst all the violence, the film does not take itself too seriously (in fact seems more like a comedy from parts) introducing cool minor characters and despicable villains and just keeps delivering the action goods, driven by a fitting soundtrack.

The cast was okay, and it was fun to see Alfie Allen on it (Lilly Allen’s brother) who I only knew by name thanks to his sister back in time.

Long story short, action movies are about movement and only job is to keeps us focus. This film despite not being perfect delivers well all that and  gives you everything you want.

 Let the lesson be learned. You can’t kill a man’s dog and get away with it.