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The Future That LIBERALS Want

future-that-liberals-want-twitter-meme-2When Twitter user @polNewsNetwork1 posted a photo of a Muslim woman and a drag queen riding the subway next to each other on Wednesday, and proclaimed them as “the future that liberals want”, we’re pretty sure they weren’t expecting the response they received from the Internet.

It turns out that those unassuming travellers are exactly the future most people want.

Cultural diversity, freedom of self-expression, and co-existing happily with fellow citizens? That actually sounds wonderful, especially if we can do it without being secretly photographed.

The majority of the Twittersphere memed and one-lined the event into absolute oblivion, and the results were refreshingly hilarious. 

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The Internet Is Trolling…

I apologise for blogging so much political shit (not really,) but this is the Trump effect on me. At this point I cannot peel off an orange without making it political.

I mean, even some hookers now won’t pee on you until they’re sure is not a “Trump thing.” He’s ruining all the fun and what’s left of romanticism and eloquence in me. 

Anyway, in two weeks as President, bitch has appeared in several press videos showing off his latest executive orders because everything is a Reality shit Show. Gladly, the Internet exist.

@TrumpDraws is a new twitter account that turns Trump holding his order into hilarious memes.

trump-executive-order-memes-4-58919d3b8630c__605trump-executive-order-memes-9-58919d5174b51__605 trump-executive-order-memes-21-5891a8f96f210__605trump-executive-order-memes-13-58919d5a1d7ba__605trump-executive-order-memes-3-58919d352fa30__605trump-st-5891cb7ec79f5__605trump-executive-order-memes-5-58919d4088ef2__605

Impossible not to laugh… which is something I need… ’cause I’m sleeping alone tonight… which I hate… and I surely don’t deserve.

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Brutal J.K. Rowling Comebacks To Internet Trolls That No Magic Could Help Them Recover From

It’s common knowledge that Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has a magical way with words, but these internet trolls found out the hard way that her comebacks are just as enchanting.

The British novelist is often vocal about her political views, especially her support for the LGBTQ community and her disdain for Donald Trump. This has attracted some negative attention to her Twitter page, but she instantly summons brutal responses every time because, QUEEN!

funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-39-5892e60268a2f-png__700funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-59funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-20-copyfunny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-54-copy funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-60-copy funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-40 funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-35-5892dd8a3d83d-png__700funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-22-copyfunny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-52

What a brilliant lady, sharp as a knife. My hero! 

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