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The Irish Times reports:

On Thursday, Mr Varadkar attended a breakfast at the residence of vice-president Mike Pence. In a short speech delivered beside the vice-president, the Taoiseach reflected on his ambition to become a politician when he was younger.

“I also knew at the time that I lived in a country where if I tried to be myself at the time it would have broken laws, but today that has all changed. I stand here as the leader of my country, flawed and human, judged by my political actions, and not by my sexual orientation, my skin tone, gender or religious beliefs. We are, after all, all God’s children.”

He invited Mr Pence and his family to visit him at his home in Ireland, with the vice-president confirming that he was in the process of planning a trip to Ireland. Mr Varadkar and his partner Matt Barrett were welcomed by the vice-president and his sister Anne, as his wife Karen was attending the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi.

How far have we come!

The once über-Catholic Ireland’s got now an openly gay Taoiseach.

Meanwhile the United States got Trump and his band of racists, homophobes, xenophobes, traitors and assorted criminals. 

I never thought I’d live to see the day that Ireland would deliver a little show-and-tell message on human rights to the United States.

And you know fake Christian Pence hated every moment of this!


I didn’t know who comedian Michelle Wolf was before, but I know her now. And I think she’s right!

At Saturday day night’s annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Wolf flamed the Trump administration and its flunkies (since the president is too much of a punk to take the jabs himself), and conservatives the world over found themselves drowning in melted snowflake juice and white tears.

Wolf, absolutely devoid of fucks, was unrelenting in her assessment of the disaster that is the Trump presidency, and opened with zingers like this:

“Good evening, here we are at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Like a porn star says when she’s about to have sex with Trump, let’s get this over with.”

She also skewered White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whom she called Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale, but mostly a liar.

I almost felt a wee bit sorry for Suckabee after Wolf said this: “What’s Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Ah yes, Aunt Coulter.”

Well, damn.

As expected, Twitter also exploded with conservative angry faces:

And people who speak sense, pointed out the hypocrisy of all this hand-wringing:

Conservatives in October 2016: It’s just locker room talk!
Conservatives in April 2018: This lady comedian is so vulgar!

Oh shut up!! Scorn and mockery is all the people in that room deserved. 

In Trump words, they are “snowflakes” liquefy!!

future-that-liberals-want-twitter-meme-2When Twitter user @polNewsNetwork1 posted a photo of a Muslim woman and a drag queen riding the subway next to each other on Wednesday, and proclaimed them as “the future that liberals want”, we’re pretty sure they weren’t expecting the response they received from the Internet.

It turns out that those unassuming travellers are exactly the future most people want.

Cultural diversity, freedom of self-expression, and co-existing happily with fellow citizens? That actually sounds wonderful, especially if we can do it without being secretly photographed.

The majority of the Twittersphere memed and one-lined the event into absolute oblivion, and the results were refreshingly hilarious. 

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I apologise for blogging so much political shit (not really,) but this is the Trump effect on me. At this point I cannot peel off an orange without making it political.

I mean, even some hookers now won’t pee on you until they’re sure is not a “Trump thing.” He’s ruining all the fun and what’s left of romanticism and eloquence in me. 

Anyway, in two weeks as President, bitch has appeared in several press videos showing off his latest executive orders because everything is a Reality shit Show. Gladly, the Internet exist.

@TrumpDraws is a new twitter account that turns Trump holding his order into hilarious memes.

trump-executive-order-memes-4-58919d3b8630c__605trump-executive-order-memes-9-58919d5174b51__605 trump-executive-order-memes-21-5891a8f96f210__605trump-executive-order-memes-13-58919d5a1d7ba__605trump-executive-order-memes-3-58919d352fa30__605trump-st-5891cb7ec79f5__605trump-executive-order-memes-5-58919d4088ef2__605

Impossible not to laugh… which is something I need… ’cause I’m sleeping alone tonight… which I hate… and I surely don’t deserve.

It’s common knowledge that Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has a magical way with words, but these internet trolls found out the hard way that her comebacks are just as enchanting.

The British novelist is often vocal about her political views, especially her support for the LGBTQ community and her disdain for Donald Trump. This has attracted some negative attention to her Twitter page, but she instantly summons brutal responses every time because, QUEEN!

funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-39-5892e60268a2f-png__700funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-59funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-20-copyfunny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-54-copy funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-60-copy funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-40 funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-35-5892dd8a3d83d-png__700funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-22-copyfunny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-52

What a brilliant lady, sharp as a knife. My hero!