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Finland LAUGHS At Trump

Finns aren’t exactly known for their sense of humour.

These famously introverted Nordic folks have an often dark and sarcastic take on things, and most of their jokes have something to do with drinking, a favourite pastime, or poking fun at their equally odd neighbours, the Swedes.

However, the antics of Trump have once again proved fertile ground for comedy. The orange turd is the gift that keeps on giving.

His bizarre, off-the-cuff remarks about Finnish raking habits has given Finns a chance to showcase their quirky, sardonic humour to the world.

Trump’s comments were made in response to the tragic wildfires of California, where he has dug himself a hole of his own making by criticising forest management instead of showing Presidential support and empathy for the victims…

“You gotta take care of the floors,” he said. “You know the floors of the forest, very important… I was with the president of Finland… he called it a forest nation and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things and they don’t have any problem.”

The comparison is an odd one as Finland is much colder and wetter than California, and the forests contain tree varieties that are much less likely to catch fire.

And while he did mention the virtues of their forest management system, the Finnish President has claimed not to recall any such mention of raking.

Finland’s president, Sauli Niinistö, was like “Bruh what?”

Raking and cleaning forest floors is simply not a regular part of fire prevention in Finland!

The remark appears to be an attempt to justify Trump’s urge to point the finger of blame in the aftermath of a tragedy, similar to his distasteful comments following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. 

In response, Finns have been taking to Twitter, rakes in hand, to mock the president SHITler  misguided remarks.

What will the internet do when the orange idiot is no longer President?

I think the world’s comedians will surely starve to death!!

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Thirst Tweets

I loved Troye Sivan before he got big. One of my exes (David) hated him because I found him cute. Now he’s famous, hotter and below he’s readings the thirstiest of Thirst Tweets from fans.

RACY! Bitches are truly thirsty but I don’t blame them.

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Satanists Are Suing Netflix

Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is getting sued by The Satanic Temple.

Are they suing them because we really did not need a remake of another beloved 90s show just with a dark twist?

No. They’re suing them for using their copyrighted monument design and also misrepresenting the deity as “something evil”. Satanists suing for suggesting Satan is evil? Hmm…

A bit late for that, methinks.

The Cut is reporting that The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves sent out a tweet about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina being total trash and that they would be calling their lawyers:

The legal specifics have not been reported, but Lucien wants Netflix to remove the statue from their show, also confirming that the Satanists lawyers (which they probably have a ton of… get it? Because lawyers go to Hell?) have sent a letter to Netflix telling them to cease and desist.

The Satanic Temple co-founder, Malcom Jarry also chimed in, saying: “If a resolution cannot be worked out, we will take aggressive actions to protect our copyright.”


I swear that whole country has gone NUTS, just friggin nuts!

As for the Satanists I would have thought they would have done some sinister/evil shit instead of calling their lawyers?

Those fools at Netflix should have really thought twice before messing with Satan.

That’s right, honey! This ain’t no game! Even Satan wants his 10%.

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Best New Brexit Referendum Signs

On the 23rd of June 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum, asking its citizens “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” 51.9% were in favor of separating from the EU, and thus Brexit (the exit of Britain) began.

But as the date of the official political farewell nears (29 March 2019), some activists are talking about halting the process. Mainly due to the frozen negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom regarding trade, travel, security, and other areas.

Over the weekend 700,000 people from all over the UK marched peacefully on parliament to demand a second referendum on Brexit.

Some of the best signs below:

I wish this last option was available for all of us.

Regardless of the complexity of this issue, sense of humour is always a good thing.

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Dear Tiffany Trump, if you want your dad to grab you and hug you, wear this…

The “Touch of Fur” shawl by FENDI is a new part of this season’s womenswear collection at £750! Do you see a vagina or it’s only me? 

I seriously can’t afford it, but Tiffany can.

Don’t let Ivanka get daddy’s full attention girl. You deserve some too.

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Just Be best

“You always have the best taste in fascists, uh, fashion,” says Randy Rainbow to Melania Trump in a new “interview” before launching into a Beauty and the Beast “Be Our Guest” take on the First Lady’s new anti-bullying slogan.

Another perfect parody!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Canada’s Thanksgiving, which is basically American Thanksgiving that comes too early and is way more casual because we are always ahead! 

Just like the Americans we share all the same foods, like turkey and stuffing and potatoes. But there’s one tradition that will stand out on a Canadian Thanksgiving table if you live in the province of Ontario or the surrounding areas, and that’s Gay Lea-brand canned aerosol whipped cream to happily crash your pancreas and liver function on this special day.

I don’t know who Lea is and I’m also not sure I’ve ever actually bought a can of her whipped cream from the store. But Gay Lea is so common. She just magically shows up next to the ketchup and on your fridge door the night before Thanksgiving.

Gay Lea has been around since 1958, so bitch is a legend.

Of course, some people make their own Thanksgiving whipped cream from natural ingredients, like cream and sugar. But so does Gay Lea!

They just happen to also add an extra dash of sass that makes it taste like pure butter and never seems to expire.

You’ll have it in your fridge until American Thanksgiving rolls around.

Plus, Gay Lea whipped cream makes an excelled second meal. Just squirt some into an open tin of E.D. Smith pumpkin pie filling (another canned Canadian Thanksgiving star), and scrape out as much as your lack of dignity will allow.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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