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Randy Rainbow is back with a take on Trump’s emergency declaration via Madge’s 1984 breakout hit, Borderline.

When their nightmare is over, Randy needs to turn all of these into an entire Broadway show. BRAVA!


Maher has the gift to make their tragedy fun.

I feel obligated to point out that “Bad Ideas” is a wonderful book.

Netflix has Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, But YouTube has Fucking Shit Up with the anti-organiser pussy.

On the next season of Tidying Up, we need Marie Kondo to come face to whiskers with her nemesis whose idea of sparking joy is messing up your neatly folded-crap.

I have a feeling that Marie Kondo won’t be able to handle the rapid fire way he throws the last three towels, and specially that cute face.

That been said, never trust a cute face they’re evil AF!

Some countries build walls, while others prefer building something a bit different… Giant moose statues, for example. Such countries are two of the greatest (and snowy) on Earth, Canada and Norway.

But despite it sounding so wholesome and innocent, it actually stirred up a competition between these two countries. A fierce competition. No matter how polite and peaceful these nations are, the moose question is serious and both of the countries are ready to engage in the war of enlarging their moose, while the world watches, happy and amoosed.

The thing is, for over 30 years, Moose Jaw, a Canadian town, had been proud of having the world’s tallest moose statue. Reaching 32 feet (9.8 m) and weighing almost 10 tons, Mac The Moose, stood tall in its glory.

But then this guy, Storelgen, showed up in Norway and Mac The Moose was thrust out of the spotlight. The Norwegian competitor is only 12 inches  taller, yet that was enough to be number one.

The news reached the headlines pretty fast:

And here’s my two cents:

I am Canadian but that silver moose looks pretty slick!


Yup, America has let itself GO.

YouTube star Randy Rainbow is back with a take on the government shutdown set to the tune of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s There’s Nothing Like A Dame, from the classic 1949 musical South Pacific.

Solid gold!