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People Watch Birth for the First Time

’nuff said!

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Eu Vou Matar Um Rato? Not Really!

There’s a rat in your bathroom. What do you do? This guy from Brazil takes what appears to be a reasonable approach, arming himself with a broom to flush out the rat, and his cat to finish the job.

Cats are supposed to useful for catching rodents right?

The scene begins as expected, with our master rat catcher whispering confidently eu vou matar um rato (I’m going to kill a rat,) while his faithful sidekick meows menacingly in the background. Then they get to work, cockily and noisily poking around behind the sink in an attempt to intimidate the rat from its hiding place… BUT, this rat will not be intimidated…

No doubting who came out on top in this battle!

Rat 1 – Dude & Cat 0.

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Legit Soaps

Do you have writer’s block? Don’t worry, because there’s a soap for that. Are you a morning person? Then there’s a soap for you too. There’s even a soap for internet trolls that smells like living in your mom’s basement.

In fact, thanks to Whiskey River Soap Co, there’s a soap for pretty much anything and anybody you can think of.

From weird teachers, creep uncles, and crazy exes, to geeks, queens and introverts, their amusing and endlessly inventive range of hygiene products (they also do bath bombs) means you’ll never be stuck for Christmas presents ever again.

And jokes aside, the soaps look really pretty! #WANT

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BOSS On Truth!

Because it takes a Latina to say it as it is.

From 10:22 mark, the video below… HAHAHA

Ana is boss on truth!

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And The Oscar Goes To…

People at a popular outdoor spot in Australia recently got a great dose of entertainment watching an owner trying to take a disobedient dog back home. The pooch, who really didn’t want to leave the park (and probably watched too much TV), dropped on the ground and started to act dead just to get few more minutes at the park… 

The whole scene was captured by park-goer Kristen Bohlsen and the whole crowd started cheering when the canine finally got up. 

Everybody had a laugh (well, except the owner, of course) and it was great. Meryl who? Dogs are great comedians!! The end.

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Quiz Du Jour

In other words, I’m a charismatic immoral tramp! Click

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Quiz Du Jour

Not a crazy fan, but yeah, she’s pretty approachable. Click

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