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Mexican Boxer Destroys American Boxer Wearing Trump Wall Shorts

There’s nothing quite like international sports to play out political turmoil.

Canada vs. Russia or vs.USA Olympic hockey, whenever the Dutch play any of their former African colonies in the World Cup… the list goes on.

Usually, that metaphor hangs silently in the background, but few night ago, it was on full blast, front and centre for all to see.

In the super-featherweight matchup between American “Lightning” Rod Salka and Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas, Salka decided to show up wearing some pretty Trumpian “America 1st” trunks with a brick wall pattern on them. Classic American subtlety.

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone wanted to see his ass handed.

And that’s exactly what happened. So here you go:

Nevertheless, the fight was somewhat competitive, but Francisco wasn’t having that wall… Vargas BATTERED Salka over the next 6 rounds, leaving him bloody and bruised before Salka’s corner threw in the towel between rounds. 

In short, another one of Trump brilliant supporters bit the dust.

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The Most Canadian Book Cover

Guys, has anyone read this book? I need to get myself a copy of this!

The CANADALAND, Guide To Canada (published in America) is the exposé on all things “Canada”.

The hilarious book from Jesse Brown ventured off the radio waves and into print last year. 

The books description on Amazon reads:

Do you think of Canada as that “nice” country with free healthcare, majestic woodlands, and polite people? Think again.

Inside, you’ll find illustrations, maps, quizzes, and charts that answer the most pressing questions about Canadian history, politics, and culture, such as:

  • Canadian cuisine and sexuality: Do they exist?
  • What does “sorry” actually mean?
  • Justin Bieber, Rob Ford, Malcolm Gladwell: Why?
  • What is Québec?
  • Should I f *** the Prime Minister?

A good laugh indeed, but the cover of this book alone makes it worth the read. 

Drake and that moose are relationship goals defined! 

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Quiz Du Jour

Accurate! LOL. Click

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Jesus & April Fools

On this day, we celebrate the original mega dramatic queen (aka Jesus. I mean, that “return from the dead” entrance won him that title) but today is also April 1st.

Know what that means? April Fools!! Coincidence? Who knows…

All I know is that few guys messaged me, Randy (whom I’m seeing later) Guillaume, and also my hot husband.

It’s pretty cute he still remembers me.

Anyhow, below some good fake products to mark this day.

World’s First Airbag for Smartphone Users: The folks at Volvo Japan are worried about people walking and using smartphones. You should be, too.

LEGO Vacuum cleaner: This is clever, and something that actually needs to be invented: a vacuum cleaner that not only picks up bricks, but stores them by color and shape (and separates out dirt on the floor). Anyone who’s stepped on one of these in the middle of the night or who has a LEGO-obsessed child knows what I’m talking about.

Hands-Free Smartphone Holder:

OpenTable Taste: OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations, unveiled “OpenTable Taste,” a new feature available exclusively within the OpenTable app that helps gives diners the pleasure of discovering the perfect dish with a simple lick of their phone, phablet or tablet.

Red Bull Eye Drops: You can blast pollen in the stratosphere. Sign me up!

McDonald’s Juices:

Cornhub: Everything’s on a cob! The whole site is on a cob!

Happy Easter & April Fools!

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Drag Elsa

Mother Nature tried it with Boston and dropped more white stuff than a PornHub clip, but that blizzard was no match for Queen Elsa (or at least a Boston bro drag-queening it up in a drugstore Elsa costume).

Christopher B. Haynes posted a clip on Facebook of a delicately crafted snowflake of subtle glamour single-handedly SAVING the Boston Police Department by pushing one of their stuck paddy wagons out of the snow.

No, Drag Elsa wasn’t trying to break out one of her jailed snow friends. Drag Elsa was doing it out of the goodness of her frozen heart.

Drag Elsa basically sang “Let It Go” to the bitch ass snow holding the wheels of the police wagon hostage, and pushed and pushed until it was set free. 

After Drag Elsa performed that heroic act for Boston, she graciously curtsied.

Um, the Boston Police Department needs to get into that wagon and arrest themselves, because they should’ve been the ones curtsying for Drag Elsa for saving them, and for saving them while keeping her wig game tight. A true queen!

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Attention Whoring Gold

“I thought that 15-year-old Russian girl won the gold medal in women’s figure skating at the Olympics” is what you probably said to yourself after your eyes were gracefully brushed by the exquisite vision of a peaceful, love-spreading topless bearded ice dove in a monkey face dick pouch and pink tutu.

But believe it or not, that tender winter pussy willow isn’t a gold medal-winning figure skater who makes it impossible for the judges to score him because they constantly get the stage 10 vapours and pass out every time he twirls.

He’s a stage crasher who won the gold medal in attention whoring on Friday.

 The hippie crystal fairy was able to perform a nearly-impossible “single split, and bust that ass” move and other highly advanced tricks before he was taken off the ice by security.

Allow Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake to fill your ears and the tingles to cover your loins while watching this gorgeous frozen swan in action:

Yahoo! Sports says that the spotlight-stealing ice ballerina is prolific streaker Mark Roberts of the UK. Mark has crashed hundreds and hundreds of sports events in 22 countries. He says he does it for the thrill.

The torch was supposed to be extinguished during the closing ceremony tomorrow, but somebody should check on it.

The flame is probably already out. Bitch snuffed itself out after seeing that a brighter and more stunning flame of hotness lit up the Olympics.

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The Only Music Critic That Matters

If Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Pitchfork really cared about the integrity and quality of their music reviews, they’d get into a massive bidding war to hire this Chihuahua with flawless taste as their new chief music critic.

There’s not much info about the clip below, except for the fact that this  Chihuahua has an impeccable ear and gives the only review of Fergie’s National Anthem performance that is needed.

@TheJose8A, who posted the clip on Twitter, says that thedogs isn’t his…

Well, whoever is the human of this pooch should be proud that they’re caring for one of the greatest critical minds of our time!

This pooch obviously spends all of its time studying musical technique and performance, and doesn’t have time for silly shit like brushing its teeth, going to the dentist or flossing.

When Fergie hits that high note, she sounds like a cat getting ass fucked with a taser, so you would think that the Chihuahua would give a thumbs up to a torturous cat sound. But this pooch is able to suppress any feeling about cats to give an unbiased review.

A total pro!

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