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4 Movies

I watched four more movies yesterday.


The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) - IMDb

Having read the book, I had to watch the film. The book was wonderful, touching, original and captivating.

Enzo knew he was different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul and love for his master, Denny, an up-and-coming race car driver.

The movie adaptation was okay, but far from the great book. The drama becomes almost laughable at times, and even if the cast was fine, the only touching moment was the end…

It felt like a Disney film.



Meet the artist behind Yorgos Lanthimos's uniquely intriguing film ...

I didn’t have a clue about the plot of this film, needless to say at some point I was like WTF? The Favourite started at as comedy and ended as a tragedy.

The Favourite shines as an absorbent exploration of love and how our yearnings are destroyed by a social structure hellbent on social violence and a clash of the classes.

Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman are masterly.

Delicious and vicious.



Captive State Movie Poster

This film is a nice twist on the alien invasion genre.

Set in a Chicago neighbourhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extraterrestrial force, Captive State explores the lives on both sides of the conflict: the collaborators and dissidents.

Simple and straight forward, great cast, great performances and one of the few alien movies well made. Not ridiculous. not excessive, just perfect.

A powerful alien invasion!



My favorite Predator-poster is from my LEAST favorite Predator ...

Well, I watched this out of curiosity ’cause over the years they RUINED this film in the most idiotic way. NOTHING like the ORIGINAL of the 80’s with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As I said, they keep making of this classic cheap GARBAGE!

BAD actors,, BAD scenario, BAD plot, BAD director, and yet with all the CGI of nowadays Predator has infinite potential. Obviously I had to skip scenes because the dialogue and the whole thing was just DUMB, hard to digest, embarrassing and overall an insult to science fiction fans.

The most RETARDED cast, and film EVER!


New Couple Alert? Kate Beckinsale & Goody Grace Spark Dating ...In these uncertain, confusing times, it’s nice to know that we can always count on on the comforting predictability in knowing that Kate Beckinsale definitely has a type.

And that type is: young, horny and trashy… She and I have much in common.

Reports are saying that Kate has a new boy in her life. There’s a very good chance 46-year-old Kate is currently dating 22-year-old Canadian singer Goody Grace.

Obviously, haters are hating because the lucky kid is fucking a hot woman like Kate. And let me tell you is NOT the other way around because a sexbomb like Kate could have any men.

Kate Beckinsale Is Dating 22-Year-Old Musician Goody Grace ...KATE BECKINSALE 8X10 CELEBRITY PHOTO PICTURE HOT SEXY 52 | eBay

Also for those asking if guys that age know how to fuck? The answers is YES on capital bold. And I tell you more, they don’t care about age gap when someone is hot, in fact, it turns them on!

I get Kate, because I live a similar reality. Most guys after me are also that young. I also understand that Kate is not looking for love, but fun.

And I can confidently say, something people doesn’t get: We don’t look for them. They look of us! 

Below some of Kate’s younger ex lovers.

AEG Presents | Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, 29

Pete Davidson, Kate Beckinsale Hold Hands After Flirting: Pics

Pete Davidson, 25

Dlisted | Kate Beckinsale's Ex Matt Rife Has A Few Words For Pete ...

Matt Rife, 21 

And those not hot, must definitely be hung! (I also know that).

I hate that society has no issues with older men hunting younger women, but hate on women sexing younger men.

I said before and I say it again, let this stunning queen enjoy her life.


When I first caught wind of Netflix new apocalyptic thriller Bird Box, I of course assumed it was Big Bird fetish porn, and was so excited that finally my community was being heard… Turns out it’s a complete ripoff of A Quiet Place, which was already a complete ripoff of Don’t Breathe.

So I watched Bird Box because the lack of sex is turning me into a grandma, and it wasn’t bad but it was nothing new either. More of the same pretty much.

Some portions feel familiar, ranging from The Mist to The Happening, but the overall creepiness, suspense and entertainment value still makes it worth a look. See, for someone not into thrillers, I’m somehow familiar with the genre, but let’s keep in mind these are not ghost movies… Those really scare the hell out of me.

Anyhow, Sandra and Sarah Paulson were great.

But to be honest I watched this movie for Machine Gun Kelly, because trashy-looking white guys are so my type!