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Tune Of The Day

Prémonition by Coeur de Pirate 

Et quand le jour se lève, je reviens vers toi…

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Yesterday on my way back home, some coo-coo lady approached me in the middle of the street and asked me where I came from. She didn’t seem to understand where South America was so she said “Spanish?” and I said “yes.”

Then she said she loved “Despacito” and blah blah …

She was clearly not psychologically in shape, but I’m good at dealing with all sort of humans when there is still some reasoning in them.

She was telling me about her life and personal drama and more blah..

This is not the first time people in bad metal state stop me just to have some random conversation. It has happened to me few times in the past with some drunk/high homeless, and asylum qualify type.

What they all had in common was their concept of me, by the time I was able to end the conversation they said “You’re a good man” and one of them even kissed me in the cheek (that one was an old drunk man I wrote about some years ago in my old blog).

Frankly, aside from alcoholism, Montreal is a city of many individuals with mental illness.

Winter is long and it could be extremely lonely for many. Not everyone has family or friends and I believe these kind of people has none.

Although I’m somehow a loner, the tagline of my blog is clear: “Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine…” Meaning, we are not meant to be full-time alone ’cause is not good for our sanity.

I can’t explain why I attract this people, but I’m glad I do because they need to be hear and not everyone has the compassion, time, and humanity for it.

My time to go arrived and she was like “Ok nice meeting you, Despacito guy…” And I just laughed, because she didn’t know I hate that song so much.

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Google Honours Dr. Penfield

To a generation of Canadians, “I smell burnt toast!” means something very specific, and ominous. It means they’re having a seizure. Yesterday’s Google doodle celebrated the 127th birthday of Wilder Penfield, the man behind that strange cultural reference and, more importantly, a groundbreaking neurosurgeon who pioneered new treatments for epilepsy.

Though today a Canadian icon, Penfield was actually born and raised in the United States and moved to Montreal in 1928, at age 37. There, he invented the Montreal procedure for patients with severe epilepsy. The patient remains awake under local anesthesia, while the doctor stimulates various parts of their brain tissue. The patient can then give real-time feedback about what they’re feeling, which helps the doctors destroy the nerve cells that are causing the seizures.

So what’s with the burnt toast? The first patient to undergo the Montreal procedure reported smelling burnt toast when no such thing was happening. Later, this was dramatised in a short and widely played clip explaining Penfield’s work. It’s really something. See for yourself:

On a funny and personal note, when I arrived to Montreal many years ago, Dr. Penfield became a familiar name for me because it’s the name of one of my favourite streets.

I love walking on Dr. Penfield street, winter or summer the quiet semi-private area is located between the chaos and the hills, a landscape that inspires many states depending of the season…

Yet visually stunning all year round, summer evokes adventure, autumn romance and winter solitude. I don’t mention spring because spring is not an appealing season to me.

In short, Dr. Penfield is a famous name and as a Canadian, it makes me happy to see this Google recognition for a local hero who did lots for science, but also, a man whose sole name brings great memories of the city I love the most… Montreal, my home.

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Tune Of The Day

Miami by Ariane Moffatt

Tu dois me croire si je te dis que notre histoire ne peut finir ici. 

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Fresh Start

No, this is not about post about a fresh start in my life… Event though I have a lineup of guys ready to meet me this weekend so you never know… But this is more of a fresh start for my laptop.

The first thing I did this morning as soon as I opened my eyes was to turn on my laptop, but my laptop was not responding and my eyes opened even bigger.

The screen said there was a malfunction and blah blah so I tried several options but nothing…. At that point I wanted to cried thinking I won’t ever blog again and all the pictures lost, not to mention the PORN!

My last option was to reset Windows, so I did and my laptop worked again. However, I lost all my bookmarks (all the websites I read online).

Wondering what the hell happened I went to the Norton page (antivirus) to check if maybe a virus fucked me up and apparently my protection was beyond expired like WTF?!

I renewed my subscription, took my ass to the mountains of snow outside and went gym.

Now here I am organizing my laptop again tying to remember the names of websites I read (I hate my memory) while waiting for Nick to finish work and catch up with my needs. 

Anyway, I’d better start to get ready ’cause I have a date after I’m done with Nick’s dick…

Because apparently, not only my laptop is having a fresh start.

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Tune Of The Day

Bambola by Betta Lemme

La vie est faite pour ceux qui vivent, respirent sans coeur…

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-40 Celsius… Wish me Luck!

Guys, I’m off to work… If I don’t update later it means I died. 

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