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Coyotes & The City

Montreal is a booming city, especially for coyotes.

The population of wild coyotes has increased quite a bit recently, leading to more sighting and altercations with Montrealers, and it’s become an official “city problem.”

Six people have reported being bitten on the leg or scratched by coyotes in Montreal this year. At least three dogs have also been attacked.

Though coyotes have always been part of Montreal’s urban wildlife, they are becoming increasingly bold in their contact with humans, causing problems. See, coyotes are usually nocturnal animals, but are being spotted in broad daylight on busy urban streets.

In response, the city has hired two people to actively trap coyotes, mainly in specific neighbourhoods in an effort to control the population.

Two of the reasons coyotes are bolder this year.

  • They have no natural predators on the island of Montreal.
  • There is less trapping by humans as it becomes less popular and less socially acceptable.

That leaves the coyote population to expand, meaning more chances of coming into contact with humans.

Now, if you do find yourself caught unawares, staring down a wild coyote, here’s a guide on what you should do.

Basically, don’t run, try to seem as large-and-imposing as possible, and make lots of noise. 

In short, these guys won’y attack unless they feel threatened. They’re just looking for food and most likely the garbage irresponsible humans leave outdoor.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

No Means No by Ricky J

You were heaven sent here just for me.

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OMG Time Flies

In 2008, 12-year-old Hugo Cornellier from here (Montreal) saw a video of photographer Noah Kalina showing a time frame made up of self-portraits and was inspired to do the same.

Recently this young man published an update to his project which now ends with a selfie from his recent wedding in August. The full video now consists of more than 2,500 photos.

M.Y G.O.D! I can’t believe it!! I found about this guy about 6 years ago during my relationship with Jaden (my bf from Toronto).

Jaden and I used to devour the internet and discuss whatever was viral or any dumb stuff online. 

I can’t believe this kid is already MARRIED!! 

Dear Lord please send my way some marriage material as well. Amen.

Congrats Hugo, you handsome man!

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Speaking Of Nature’s Rage…

Apparently during my vacations Mother Nature was on her bad days and punished this sinful city as well, under the form of a bitchy storm.

When I came back home I realised there were many broken trees around my area, but yesterday I saw the nearest park half-closed due to the damage caused by the storm.

Climate change is real, and however denies it needs to fuck off!

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Natura Insects

For a new series titled Natura Insects, Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue arranged a variety of leaves and blooms to create the delicate components of stag beetles, butterflies, and other insects. While the same results could be easily produced using digital or collage techniques, Inoue pushed the concept even further and used real flowers which he then photographed as you see here.

This is soooo beautiful. Creative. Detailed and well executed.

One word: PERFECTION! You can see more from the series on Instagram

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Easy Patient

Sorry for the lack of updates, since I’m feeling optimal again, I’m catching up with my life.

So, I had an appointment at my dermatologist this morning…

Things you don’t know about me:

  • I’m extremely self-conscious
  • I love to kiss
  • I love ass
  • I love dick
  • I’m obsessed with my skin


Yeah so, I found small brown spot on my bum the other day, so I immediately called my dermatologist for an appointment. Obviously I thought I was dying of something, but I was mostly bothered ’cause my skin (jokes aside) is pretty flawless and I don’t want it any other way.

So my doctor was like… “What can I do for you now” So I showed him my bum “I hate this”. He said there was nothing to be alarmed and since he knows me and he knows how fuking annoying I am, he handed me a prescription and said “Your skin will be perfect again”.

So I was like “Thanks doctor I like the tone of my bum even…” He laughed and told me “You’re the easiest patient I have”.

Seriously, he cashes about $100 in the 10 seconds that he takes with me but he’s also one of the best dermatologist in the city. So, totally worth it! 

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Thanks For Making Me A Fighter

So… I’ve been fighting a nasty virus these days. 

I thought it was an ordinary cold, but the fever and assorted horrible symptoms tells me is a flu or god-knows-what…

I’m not a doctor, but it would be very easy to be one ’cause all they do is telling you to “take a Tylenol” and nothing else.

That said, I spent 6 hours last Friday at the hospital trying to see a doctor ’cause I was feeling awful, but I saw nobody. Saturday morning I went to another clinic and after 3 hours of waiting I finally saw one… Who didn’t do anything to make me feel better… Doctors here (at least in Quebec) don’t do anything unless you’re in the last stage of death. #FACT

Anyway, back home all frustrated and exhausted I went straight to bed and spent the whole day with fever lying there.

Today Sunday I feel a lot better (I’m blogging!)

My sore throat pain is almost gone, no fever and less cough. And all that thanks to my right choices by drinking ginger with lime and honey (mixed in a blender,) few Tylenol and lots of sleep.

The truth is I rarely get sick (I’m usually Wolverine,) but in this case I take full responsibility on my condition ’cause I’ve been neglecting myself a lot the past few months.

3 to 4 hours of sleep on daily basis ce n’est pas très santé! You cannot lead a healthy existence that way. Also, kissing many boys at the same time was not very wise of me either. So, yeah I know how to do a mea culpa.

However, it would be nice if a doctor were able to make your misery less painful. But since they DON’T, thanks for making me a fighter! 

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