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The Quebec Government’s Ban “Bonjour-Hi”

The unofficial greeting in the bilingual Montreal has long been a friendly “Bonjour, Hi!”

Well, the latest dumb issue causing controversy here in Quebec is about that.

In case you haven’t heard, Quebec politicians passed a motion prompting businesses to welcome customers with the “bonjour” instead of “bonjour-hi”.

The absurd was introduced by the outdated and VERY INSECURE Parti Quebecois. A political party whose only merit is to divide an harmonious multi-ethnic population, spend ridiculous amounts of money on a stupid “language police” and create racial issues.

Le Parti Quebecois sees English as an issue and not as an asset.

In the globalised world we live today they want nothing else but French… Not realising the new generation (and immigrants) speak at least 3 languages (French included). 

In 2013, an Italian restaurant was forced to remove “pasta” from its menu because it is not a French word… WTF! In 2016, a restaurant called La Mama Grilled Cheese in Quebec City received a letter from the language agency chastising them for their Anglicism, and so on.

Gladly I’m not the only person thinking this is beyond stupid.

A Montreal based comedian and talk show host, has also shared his opinion on the matter:

This guy definitely said it better, specially that #SalutBye…

Which is all those regressive politicians deserve. SALUT BYE!!!

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Canada’s “Christmas Train” Arrived In Montreal

This past weekend, thousands of people gathered at the Montréal-Ouest station to witness the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.

Each year, a Canadian Pacific train gets decorated from end to end with lights, ornaments, music, live bands and of course, the fat Santa Claus dude.

The train then makes its way across Canada for all the kids and Christmas lovers to enjoy.

And in case you missed it this year, here’s a clip and  some of the best photos of the CP Holiday train arriving in Montreal below.

I gotta say Christmas is not my favourite thing, but I’m all for neon and a train of lights.

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Nice But Cold

On my way the gym, I was walking around the old port this morning, not aware of the temperature outside… It was freezing, about -15C (5F…) Freezing because I was only wearing a tank top underneath my inappropriate jacket… Suddenly one of the guys after me texted me… He was driving to work near the area and offered to pick me up. I refused but he insisted. 5 minutes later a black Onyx Volvo stopped in front of me, door opened I got in… We talked a bit, he drove me to my destination and we said goodbye.

He was nice, a professional guy, pretty serious inside out and from head to toe.

He kind of intimidated me, but also reminded me of Hubby (one of my ex’s) personality-wise. However Hubby knows me well and I know him too, we are comfortable together and I know how to make him relax… Which was not the case with this guy.

My unexpected get together was very fast like the ride. And like the weather, nice but cold.

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Montreal’s Zombie Walk 2017

Another year, another zombie horde invaded Montreal.

Normally, the notion of a flesh-eating mob descending upon a city would be cause for panic. But not in Montreal, and certainly not near Halloween, when one of the city’s most amazing traditions occurs: the annual Montreal Zombie Walk.

Each and every year a wide array of Montrealers dress up to look like the living dead and march through the streets of the city. 

Over the weekend, an estimated 10,000 people participated in this year’s edition of the Montreal Zombie Walk.

This year a show with Montreal bands PUP, Chocolat and Duchess Says went down in the Quartier des Spectacles, allowing the rotting masses to rock out with their guts out.

Somehow gross but also fun. Good job Montreal!

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Coyotes & The City

Montreal is a booming city, especially for coyotes.

The population of wild coyotes has increased quite a bit recently, leading to more sighting and altercations with Montrealers, and it’s become an official “city problem.”

Six people have reported being bitten on the leg or scratched by coyotes in Montreal this year. At least three dogs have also been attacked.

Though coyotes have always been part of Montreal’s urban wildlife, they are becoming increasingly bold in their contact with humans, causing problems. See, coyotes are usually nocturnal animals, but are being spotted in broad daylight on busy urban streets.

In response, the city has hired two people to actively trap coyotes, mainly in specific neighbourhoods in an effort to control the population.

Two of the reasons coyotes are bolder this year.

  • They have no natural predators on the island of Montreal.
  • There is less trapping by humans as it becomes less popular and less socially acceptable.

That leaves the coyote population to expand, meaning more chances of coming into contact with humans.

Now, if you do find yourself caught unawares, staring down a wild coyote, here’s a guide on what you should do.

Basically, don’t run, try to seem as large-and-imposing as possible, and make lots of noise. 

In short, these guys won’y attack unless they feel threatened. They’re just looking for food and most likely the garbage irresponsible humans leave outdoor.

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

No Means No by Ricky J

You were heaven sent here just for me.

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OMG Time Flies

In 2008, 12-year-old Hugo Cornellier from here (Montreal) saw a video of photographer Noah Kalina showing a time frame made up of self-portraits and was inspired to do the same.

Recently this young man published an update to his project which now ends with a selfie from his recent wedding in August. The full video now consists of more than 2,500 photos.

M.Y G.O.D! I can’t believe it!! I found about this guy about 6 years ago during my relationship with Jaden (my bf from Toronto).

Jaden and I used to devour the internet and discuss whatever was viral or any dumb stuff online. 

I can’t believe this kid is already MARRIED!! 

Dear Lord please send my way some marriage material as well. Amen.

Congrats Hugo, you handsome man!

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