Natura Insects

For a new series titled Natura Insects, Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue arranged a variety of leaves and blooms to create the delicate components of stag beetles, butterflies, and other insects. While the same results could be easily produced using digital or collage techniques, Inoue pushed the concept even further and used real flowers which he then photographed as you see here.

This is soooo beautiful. Creative. Detailed and well executed.

One word: PERFECTION! You can see more from the series on Instagram

Easy Patient

Sorry for the lack of updates, since I’m feeling optimal again, I’m catching up with my life.

So, I had an appointment at my dermatologist this morning…

Things you don’t know about me:

  • I’m extremely self-conscious
  • I love to kiss
  • I love ass
  • I love dick
  • I’m obsessed with my skin


Yeah so, I found small brown spot on my bum the other day, so I immediately called my dermatologist for an appointment. Obviously I thought I was dying of something, but I was mostly bothered ’cause my skin (jokes aside) is pretty flawless and I don’t want it any other way.

So my doctor was like… “What can I do for you now” So I showed him my bum “I hate this”. He said there was nothing to be alarmed and since he knows me and he knows how fuking annoying I am, he handed me a prescription and said “Your skin will be perfect again”.

So I was like “Thanks doctor I like the tone of my bum even…” He laughed and told me “You’re the easiest patient I have”.

Seriously, he cashes about $100 in the 10 seconds that he takes with me but he’s also one of the best dermatologist in the city. So, totally worth it! 

Thanks For Making Me A Fighter

So… I’ve been fighting a nasty virus these days. 

I thought it was an ordinary cold, but the fever and assorted horrible symptoms tells me is a flu or god-knows-what…

I’m not a doctor, but it would be very easy to be one ’cause all they do is telling you to “take a Tylenol” and nothing else.

That said, I spent 6 hours last Friday at the hospital trying to see a doctor ’cause I was feeling awful, but I saw nobody. Saturday morning I went to another clinic and after 3 hours of waiting I finally saw one… Who didn’t do anything to make me feel better… Doctors here (at least in Quebec) don’t do anything unless you’re in the last stage of death. #FACT

Anyway, back home all frustrated and exhausted I went straight to bed and spent the whole day with fever lying there.

Today Sunday I feel a lot better (I’m blogging!)

My sore throat pain is almost gone, no fever and less cough. And all that thanks to my right choices by drinking ginger with lime and honey (mixed in a blender,) few Tylenol and lots of sleep.

The truth is I rarely get sick (I’m usually Wolverine,) but in this case I take full responsibility on my condition ’cause I’ve been neglecting myself a lot the past few months.

3 to 4 hours of sleep on daily basis ce n’est pas très santé! You cannot lead a healthy existence that way. Also, kissing many boys at the same time was not very wise of me either. So, yeah I know how to do a mea culpa.

However, it would be nice if a doctor were able to make your misery less painful. But since they DON’T, thanks for making me a fighter! 

Romance Still Exist

Two years ago shopping on a secondhand bookstore I found someone’s “love triangle” story inside a book.

This time something similar happened. However, instead of a love triangle, I found the “last chapter” of a teenage romance…

Love letters and few pictures of a young Mexican couple (what are the odds I find notes in Spanish inside an English book on a French bookstore?) that were having a long-distance relationship at some point.

Inside the book were hiding many love notes and letters. The book belonged to the girl, so most of the notes were from the then-boyfriend.

Since the notes were on display I read few sentences from few letters and I was in awe to found out that those notes were written only 3 years ago…

Since technology has replaced pen and paper but also romanticism, I truly believed the art of love letters were extinct. 

Now, to see those romantic letters written in 2014 by a heterosexual guy was total revelation to me, and I couldn’t help but to have the awwws with all the stuff he wrote to “Sofi”.

Whatever happened to that couple is life.

Relationships are born to die, but I believe in keeping always the best souvenirs. And to me all the dedication that guy put in those letters deserved more than a forgotten corner of a secondhand bookstore.

His notes are the reflection of his most vulnerable and pure essence. And that’s a treasure.

I for instance keep in a box the few birthday cards and love notes that my ex partners (from Hubby to Joseph) gave me once, because those are the invaluable things… You can buy and replace anything else, but the feelings of that specific moment in time would never comeback.

They are unique, irreplaceable and unrepeatable.

That young couple story was very sweet while it lasted. But what really touched me was to see, that romanticism still exist.

Street Heroes

This happened early this morning in downtown Montreal…

I was on my way to the gym when I saw 3 baby raccoons hiding behind a bike, as some people were trying to keep them safe. Then, one of them ran to the road and I ran after him, so came back to the pavement.

The scene reminded of the end 2010 when I tried to save an unleashed dog that also ran to the road… Sadly that dog was hit by a reckless driver. A sad episode I won’t forget.

This time, wasn’t all bad. The baby raccoons were 5 in total and they kept them safe inside a cardboard box waiting for the local Wildlife Rescue to pick them up.

Bravo to all the heroes, particularly to the lady wearing that red helmet. 

Tune Of The Day: QUEBEC’s Day Edition

Today’s Tune Of The Day is dedicated to our GREAT bilingual talent. Awesome artists that deserve more recognition.

Comment Te Dire Adieu by Stefie Shock ft. Laurence Nerbonne 

Creature Comfort by Arcade Fire


Différents by Marie-Mai  

Carry On by Coeur de Pirate

Over Your Shoulder by Chromeo 

J’aime Ta Grand-Mère by Les Trois Accords

Pleure Pas by Lydia & Sebastien

Miami by Ariane Moffatt

L’Amour by Karim Ouellet 



As part of the Montreal Mural Festival, artist Kevin Ledo is painting a 9 storey-high mural of late Montreal legend, singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen.

However, early this year Mayor Denis Coderre said that a towering mural commemorating Cohen will grace the side of a 20-storey building on Crescent Street in downtown Montreal. When completed in September, it will be among the largest murals in the city.

The mural will be part of the “Montreal’s Great Artists” series of works commissioned by the non-profit group MU that promotes murals rooted in local communities, with funding from Montreal and Quebec’s Culture Department.

I kind of grew up here and I’m pretty much a Montrealer, and although I hate certain things about it, the bohemian side of it fills my heart with joy.