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Just when I thought that Guy Ritchie could never do a movie worse than Swept Away, I found out he can. That film will be the live-action version of Aladdin because Will Smith’s genie looking like the beefy baby of one of those aliens from the Eiffel 65’s Blue video is just a NO!

Instead of going to see this movie, we should watch the cartoon version and remember Robin William as the Genie.

The difference between Robin Williams and Will is that Robin could do many different characters (same as Jim Carrey) and Will can only do Will.

That is why we adored the Genie so much.


Last night after work all wanted to do was nothing.

Instead I watches few films and slept late.


Although I don’t like to read science fiction, I love science fiction movies. So, my curiosity chose Annihilation.

This movie is visually stunning and extremely creative, and although the ending was a bit predictable, the scientific concept behind the events causing the chaos in the film and some of the distortions of reality are truly ingenious, yet horrific.

Science fiction is about examining the human condition in nonhuman situations; and Annihilation is one of those movies that makes you wonder.

The cast was great, except Benedict Wong (he keeps playing similar roles over and over, so I wasn’t sure if I was watching The Martian or Prometheus) and Gina Rodriguez (which I can’t stand because, annoying!)

Unless you’re looking for mainstream stuff, this movie is not for you.



I love movies and even more foreign movies. This is one is a 2012 LGBT Italian comedy, “Come non detto” which they translate as “Tell No One”

Tell No One is a delightful light comedy about a guy’s coming out to his family because of the pressure of love. But actually is more of pressure of his lies since he’s living a life in the closet. So he is forced to make a life-changing decision.

I can say I felt very related to the character, specially since I came out to my family the same way. I was in love (with “Hubby”) and love makes you feel powerful, love makes you do things you never thought you could. However, coming out when you are raised in a conservative/religious family is not an easy thing to do.

Italians are not much different than South Americans (or Latinos in general) so I really related culturally with the story.



15 years ago I watched the first movie at the cinema. It was awesome.

Incredibles 2 absolutely lives up to the standard set by its predecessor (and by Pixar) with a riveting, emotional, joyful tale of the greatest superhero family gracing the big screen this era.

Oh, baby Jack Jack is everything!! 

Watching Incredibles again was a bit nostalgic, but hella fun!

Ever since the infamous #OscarsSoWhite hashtag was born back in 2016, Hollywood has been trying to diversify more. The Vanity Fair covers of late have also been partaking in that trend by spotlighting a variety of Hollywood stars.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Hollywood issue and it features a mixture of newbies and not so new, and everyone is staring into the camera like they’re equal parts confused, hungry and ready for a power nap.

And just in case you don’t recognise any of these beautifully bored and talented specimens, here they are in order:

Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther,) Saorsie Ronan (Mary, Queen of Scots,) Timothee Chalamet (Beautiful Boy,) Yalitza Aparicio (Best Actress nominee for Roma,) Nicholas Hoult (The Favourite,) Rami Malek (Best Actor nominee for Bohemian Rhapsody,) Regina King (Best Supporting Actress for If Beale Street Could Talk,) John David Washington (BlacKkKlansmen,) Elizabeth Debicki(Widows,) Tessa Thompson (Creed 2,) and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians).

Now, I think this is the first time Nicholas Hoult is on the cover of Vanity Fair, despite his many years in the business… And hell yes, it was about time! I used to have a crush on him (and few others) during the Skins years, because I love the opposite of me. What I’m saying is since I’m a tan Latino, I’ve always been attracted by pale skin (but not white trash).

Regardless, #HotIsHot

Skins was one of the most iconic modern British shows. 

Same as Queer As Folk.

That been said, good cover for once! 

Yesterday between free time I watched two films. And since I’m getting sick (thanks to the super cold weather) chances are I’ll spend time in bed watching some more.

If you’re the lazy type who thinks English is the only language in the world, don’t even bother! One film is in Korean, and the other one in Norwegian/German so you need to read subtitles.

Unless you’re an awesome polyglot. 


The 2010 Korean blockbuster and award winning Ajusshi (international title: The Man From Nowhere) is a dark, violent and thrilling film that, maybe unexpectedly, contains a big amount of heart and sincerity.

The film is definitely not for the faint of heart. It has a dark, grimy, seedy backdrop of the drug and human organs trade in Asia.

The rage and vengeance that grows in the main character, adds even more to that foreboding and often bloody atmosphere.

But that’s what makes the unexpected heart and sincerity all the more, well, unexpected.

This is probably the only movie I’ve seen in Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% score.



Norway, 1943: after a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission leaves his eleven comrades dead, Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud (Thomas Gullestad) finds himself on the run from the Gestapo through the snowbound Arctic reaches of Scandinavia.

It’s a harrowing journey across unforgiving, frozen wilderness that will stretch on for months, and force Jan to take extreme action in order to survive.

This was a GREAT movie about actual WWII events, but even better was watching a no Hollywood cast playing the roles. 

This was a great reminder of the bravery of the citizens on those occupied countries, against the Nazis.

Well acted, and the location filming was outstanding.

Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element was released more than two decades ago and is still considered one of the most iconic sci-fi films ever made.

For fans of the cult film, there’s one scene that’s bound to stick out in your mind, the Diva Dance.

Performed by an extravagant alien opera singer called Diva Plavalaguna, the blue-skinned, tentacle-headed character wows an audience with her impressive vocal range and otherworldly dance moves. In homage to the iconic scene, Chinese opera singer Jane Zhang sang her own rendition of the song, complete with a full orchestra.

The original Diva Dance was performed by Albanian opera singer Inva Mula-Tchako.

According to movie trivia, the film’s composer Eric Serra designed the futuristic pop-opera to be technically impossible for a human to hit some of the high notes so quickly after another. Therefore, Mula-Tchako had to sing the notes individually so that they could then be arranged digitally.

However, this didn’t stop Zhang from taking on the challenge, who hit every note perfectly without the help of any computer editing, mastering the seemingly impossible.

Absolute GLORIOUS!

I’m hosting my old friend again and having him over is changing all my plans. Although I don’t mind giving a helping hand, this situation cannot last too long. I have a life, a very active sex life and I need my privacy.

Since I cancelled Bruce last night, I watched two films:


Suspiria is a horror film that is more psychological and gore than actually scary. In fact this grandiose bizarre remake is pretty interesting the first half, until it gets weird and too fantastical.

This movie made me go from a suspenseful “Omg what’s happening?!” to a disappointing “Omg what wtf I just watched?”

And I don’t mean it was terrible, BUT I didn’t expect that over-the-top ending… It was just too grotesque, and somehow boring for my taste.

Although the scenario (Germany 1977,) the cast and the whole thing was impeccable darkness and pure art, the spell was broken with those last scenes. This new version had a lot of potential to be a masterpiece… Still, Tilda Swinton playing three different characters was pure genius.

Regardless, Suspiria is a cult film.

And the one you probably didn’t see coming.



Stray Dogs is the portrait of a homeless family in Taiwan that lives in a certain state of decadence in a sophisticated society.

Although this film has a many touching moments, the film is too slow.

Some may find it’s relentlessly uneventful pacing tedious and boring, but as long as you embrace the story and have an artistic eye, you’ll succumb to the whole thing.

This film has no soundtrack, few cuts, long shots and long silence. Monotony from beginning to end… And yet, Tsai Ming Liang (the director) delivers a clear message of social inequality.

While there’s plenty of luxury apartments being built and then left unoccupied, homeless families struggle to survive.

Without a doubt, the most difficult film I’ve seen to date.

It’s off to Europe and a date with Mysterio in the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which has arrived at last!

Not bad at all! But don’t get fooled by the trailer.

Mysterio is a master of illusion and one iconic villain.