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Aladdin Teaser

The teaser trailer for the live-action Aladdin movie is here.

What I’m getting from it is that on the way to the Cave of Wonders must be a full-service salon, which is why Aladdin’s (played by Mena Massoud) hair, skin, and eyebrow game is photo shoot ready fresh.  I bet Genie popped out like, “Bitch, I’ll grant you three wishes as long as you give me the secret of your beauty.”

Also, I had completely forgotten Guy Ritchie is directing this film. 

I won’t lie, I wanna watch this.

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BOY ERASED Poster Released

Who benefits from gay conversion therapy? Do the parents, who send their queer and questioning kids to be “cured” of their same-sex attractions? Do the young people who are brainwashed into denying the urges they believe to be sinful? Does “God?”

The answer, at least according to Joel Edgerton’s earnestly anti-heteronormative drama Boy Erased, appears to be that only the charlatans who run such camps seem to thrive, while everyone else winds up hating themselves.

It’s pretty sad how religion makes people so ignorant, hurting other human beings in the name of dumb doctrines.

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I watched Venom today. 

Five word: Highly entertaining and highly underrated.

I do not understand all hate and bad reviews coming from the critics for this movie.

Fans who aren’t too bothered by the changing of origins, should enjoy this movie. It is weird having Venom without having the Spider-Man black suit backstory or spider powers, but the Venom character is much more like the comics than the one in Spider-Man 3.

This was a good origin movie for a character we have only seen poorly done in the horrible Spider-Man 3 movie.

The movie did flirt between being dark and funny at the same time which I believe is Disney’s fault due to Sony renting Spider-Man to them. Other than that the fight scenes were amazing, and if I understood correctly by the way they recreated the villain (the other symbiote,) it was Riot ’cause Riot is one violent bitch!

In my opinion, those not familiar with the comic were disappointed because they expected to see Venom as “the bad guy,” when the fact is, Venom’s desire for good or evil depends on his host. In this case Venom is not the villain but an anti-hero.

Also it’s starting to seem like you can’t believe critics anymore about anything.

Tom Hardy acting is a bit wooden at times, but not enough to weaken the film much. I personally would have chose another actor, a fresh new face.

Regardless, I would defiantly recommend others to see this film.

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The new, really long trailer for Aquaman is out and it’s 5 minutes of bro jokes, Amber Heard in an off-brand Ariel wig, a million tons of CGI, Nicole Kidman in a leftover The Twins wig from The Matrix, and zero shots of Jason Momoa’s bare nipples.

That mess is an ocean movie and there’s no Momoa nip in the trailer? Refund! 

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Dark Phoenix

She is fire, out of control and among the most feared beings in all of existence. And here she is, the first Dark Phoenix trailer to usher in both the beginning and end of all things. 

The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most important stories in X-Men history that fundamentally changed the core team’s dynamic and made readers see all of the characters, especially Jean Grey, in new shocking lights.

I seriously don’t expect a masterpiece like Days of Future Past, but this looks/has to be better than Apocalypse.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

When I heard there was going to be a movie about the origin of the Joker, I just assumed there was a Netflix documentary about Kellyanne Conway coming out.

Luckily, they meant Batman’s sparring partner! 

Joaquin Phoenixis taking over the role as “Arthur” and we didn’t have to wait long for the film studio to drop a lewk at what Arthur looks like when he hits up the MAC counter.

As a fan of DC (and Marvel) comics and on serious note, I very much approve Joaquin’s Joker look. He looks mad and creepy as hell. In my opinion this looks for a mature audience, unlike Jared Leto’s trying-hard incarnation on Suicide Squad. 

Heath Ledger’s Joker set the bar very high, and it’s a good thing to cast actors in typical serious roles, like Phoenix, to portrait them.

Bitch looks absolutely insane and I’m buying it.

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I grew up with Japanese anime and mangas translated in Spanish.

From Ranma ½, Astro Boy, Saint Seiya and Lady Oscar; to Captain Tsubasa, Doraemon and Naruto to mention few.

Few days ago, I watched one of Japan’s biggest manga made on film, Bleach.

I have to say I was not familiar with Bleach, but knowing it’s a manga was reason enough to give it a try. 

Kurosaki Ichigo is just your average orange-haired, brown-eyed high-schooler who can see spirits… The story is very complex but  it centres on Ichigo and a “Soul Reaper” Rukia Kuchiki that transfers him her powers in order to save both from a giant “Hallow” (a monstrous ghost).

So many live-action adaptations of classic manga have missed the mark, and for what I read Bleach it’s no exception. The original story has been changed and the personality of some of the main characters as well.

Many fans hate it with passion, and some others think it was okay.

Regardless, it’s visually entertaining if you enjoy funny-looking ghost action.

Adaptions will never be as good as the original material, but there are bright flashes between the cracks. Not least its great cast that make it just about worth a watch.

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