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Image result for parchisI just watched Netflix’s Parchis.

Many probably have no idea who Parchis was, but millions do, specially those of my age and older because they were a phenomenon in the 80s.

Parchis was a Spanish children’s music band that conquered the music scene, not only in Spain and Latin America but globally. They were like the Spice Girls, One Direction or Justin Bieber. They were huge!

Yet, they were only children from seven to twelve year old.

Netflidescribes the documentary as, “The production features the most intimate testimonies of Yolanda, David, Tino, Gemma and Frank who, 40 years after the band was founded, talk about their rise to fame in their childhood, the way it shaped their lives and their personal analysis of that phase of their youth. The documentary includes testimonies from the group’s managers, who comment about what it meant on a personal and professional level to be exposed to the gaze of millions of fans, as well as what the end of a successful musical career meant for them.”

Of course not all was joy and “blessing…” exploitation, corruption, early sexual experiences and pretty much whatever associated to money, fame and unsupervised children growing up in the business happened.

Once the band ended in bad terms, they lived normal lives as adults avoiding each other… Until a tragic accident of one of the bandmates made them forgive and heal the wounds of the past.

As a kid, I remember loving Yolanda and watching one of the many movies they made. It all seems like a dream.

Good documentary.

Disney’s live-action Mulan doesn’t come out until March 27, 2020, but since Mickey Mouse is a greedy, money-grubbing whore who wants you to stretch and exercise your fingers for when you need to pull out your credit card and type in the number to pre-order tickets, the first teaser trailer was released yesterday

I have to give Disney some credit, because Mulan doesn’t look like a lazy live-action carbon copy of the cartoon movie (like The Lion King does).

The parents of Mulan are played by Tzi Mi and Rosalind Cho, and Mulan is played by Liu Yifei.

Joining the ones I mentioned above are MASTER Donnie Yen as Mulan’s mentor, Jason Scott Lee as Hun leader Böri Khan, MASTER Jet Li as the Emperor of China, Yoson An as Mulan’s love interest, and GODDESS Gong Li as a powerful evil witch.

Below a poetic fighting scene from the movie Hero between living LEGENDS/ LORDS and SAVIOURS Donnie Yen & Jet Li.

You know, I would watch this in a hot minute.

Only because the cast screams Awesome!

I was sitting here cross-eyed for 10 minutes thinking this was one of those magic eye posters… Wonderful!

Apologies for the lack of updated, my vacations have been pretty hectic. My family kept me super busy day and night, and I had very little time for myself (and to misbehave).

In fact, I had few guys wanting to meet me, including some locals, some Brazilians and a Colombian… Since my life in Canada is English and French, it’s kinda cute yet amusing flirting in different types of Spanish and dirty words.

Anyhow, during this vacations I watched three films:


Related image

I’m a fan of the John Wick franchise and this one fits right in. I do have to say, in my opinion is the weakest of the 3, but still amazing.

Pure action, epic fighting scenes (specially the part with the horses and the dogs) and tremendous cast. Anjelica Houston was mesmerising, Halle Berry was convincing for once, and Keanu Reeves was engaging, as usual.




Godzilla was definitely a “meh” outing. The story telling was not compelling and suffered from poor pacing. In other words was way too long and useless blah blah…

However, watching the CGI monsters in action was glorious!

Like all kaijū movies, it only requires awesome monsters, epic fight scenes and some subtle social commentary.

Could have been better.



Image result for dark phoenix poster

Dark Phoenix is the end of the X-Men as we know it. 

However, “Logan” is the proper finale to the “X-Men” film series. “Dark Phoenix” has minimal action. No climax. Boring acting… is so disappointing that it doesn’t deserve that honour.

Bad movie and worse than the other Phoenix story. 

I couldn’t wait to watch the latest Avengers, so I did yesterday.

Although I’m a fan of superheroes movies, I don’t act like a child laughing, screaming and clapping whenever something seems exciting, which was the reaction of many adults in the room getting on my nerves… Jesus! Can we all just watch the fucking film without overreacting?

That been said, Avengers: Endgame was well done (despite the many plotholes,) and VERY long.

I won’t give away much, but it was satisfying seen some main characters die at last, because being a hero doesn’t mean surviving every battle, but fighting until the end for what’s right.

I was bored by the “new” Thor and Hulk. I was excited by Captain Marvel. And I was satisfied to see again some female characters and sidekicks taking back the big screen.

Endgame feels like a summer camp sad goodbye for the friends we won’t see again, but leaves you happy for the memories.

I did plenty of things yesterday, but the most relevant was catching up with films.

So I finally watched Captain Marvel and A Fantastic Woman. Oh and also a movie I watched at the cinema nineteen years ago, Billy Elliot.


When the saw Billy Elliot back in the year 2000, I was mesmerised by Jamie Bell prodigious performance and I thought he would become a huge movie star. But that didn’t really happened…

When Billy Elliot was  made a musical in London, the main child actor in the 2008 cast was as remarkable as Jamie Bell. However, this kid, unlike Jamie Bell, became a big movie star… This kid was Tom Holland.

Billy Elliot is a timeless contemporary classic on individualism countering hypermasculinity through a quite energetically pursuing kid while being conflicted and affected by the dysfunctional state of his fragile, harsh family.

Charming, beautiful and epic!



Captain Marvel was ok, not great, but much better that what I expected, which wasn’t much. It’s a decent popcorn flick.

The balance of serious and humour seemed forced, and Brie’s performance was meh as usual. Although the powers were spot on.

Captain Marvel was in my opinion the most powerful Marvel character until her powers got stolen by Rogue from the X-Men.

The supporting cast and the awesome 90s soundtrack really saved the film for me.

The star of the show for me was the cat, funny how a for legged creature gets the best laugh in the whole movie.

Ok film, but Marvel’s mediocre answer to DC’s Wonder Woman.



Une Mujer Fantastica is a Chilean film about a transgender nightclub singer (Marina) that comes under suspicion when her much older lover (Orlando) dies suddenly. After being harassed and threatened by her late boyfriend’s vengeful relatives and the police, she must defend her rights as both Orlando’s partner and as a human being.

This movie won the Oscar for best international film last year.

Somehow the sad reality of heavy discrimination against transgender people. 

A fantastic movie!

I don’t know how I feel about this, but… Yeah I’d watch it.