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Rhapsody by Elva Hsiao

Come with me, dance with me…


Love at First Sight by GODDESS Kylie Minogue

I knew we were meant to be as one…

WTF?!!!! I can’t believe this.

Rapper Mac Miller was found dead on Friday of an apparent overdose. He was 26.

I love music of all genres and I had my moments of rap, hip hop and mostly alternative hip hop. I used to play lots of Das Racist, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Childish Gambino, T-Pain, and also Mac Miller.Their music give me so many flashbacks and I’m kind of sad Mac has died.

I loved his debut 2011 album Blue Side Park.

His songs were fresh and he was a talented new face.

I loved most of the songs from that album but this one put me in a good mood.

Mac got a lot more exposition when he was featured on Ariana’s Grande debut single.

RIP Mac. Your music will always be on my soundtrack of happy times.

I’ve been playing alternative 90s songs on repeat these days, and I couldn’t help but to compare it to what’s on air today and simply accept that quality is no longer there.

While today’s mainstream is about sex and catchy rhythms, back in the days, alternative bands sold emotions, rebellious causes and freedom.

The rock genre throughout the 90s ranges in everything from The Cure, Radiohead, The Cranberries, Nirvana, R.E.M, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Green Day, Garbage and The Smashing Pumpkins  to U2, Collective Soul and Pearl Jam. To Hole, Matchbox Twenty, New Radicals and Semisonic (to mention few).

And solo artist like Alanis Morissette, Joan Osborne, Heather Nova, and blended bands like Blink 182 and Republica, making this genre extremely diverse. 

In a time of synthesised industry songs, lacklustre lyrics and highly sexualized and demeaning messages, music today strays far from the iconic tunes of those years.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about why 90s alternative music had more essence than music today.

Alternative music was either loud or emo, but they shared one thing in common: Quality.

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to get your prostate gently prodded by a neon light rainbow covered with glitter lube as a topless piece in a flamingo costume rubs his feathers all over your body?  Well, I’ve done it, and I just gotta say to make sure the neon light rainbow ain’t plugged in before you fuck yourself with it.

But if you want to experience that without risking electrocuting your ass, listen to Cher’s cover of ABBA’s SOS from her upcoming tribute album.

Abba are legendary and irreplaceable, but Cher makes everything extra gay!

Sunday by LEGENDS The Cranberries

And I didn’t find the words to say I love you…

The Queen of Pop is 60 today!

I may not be a crazy die-hard Madonna fan but I used to be a fan when younger and I still like her despite her sometimes nonsense.

Over the course of six decades, Madonna has had everything from controversies to high profile marriages, adoptions and epic stage falls. She’s collected all the awards and many number ones. She’s stunned the world with bum-baring outfits, crucifixions and thrusting on stage in a wedding dress as well as controversial lyrics for her time.

But aside from the headline hitting moments, she’s been bolshie and fearless in the face of a male-dominated industry, paving the way for younger female stars to express themselves. 

She’s worked tirelessly with AIDS charities and spoken fiercely against the discrimination of gay people. She also founded her own charity, Raising Malawi to help orphans enduring extreme poverty and hardship in the African country.

Like it or not, Madonna changed the music industry and society as well.