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O DIA Call Out FLOPsonaro

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Where to end this ?, asks the Brazilian newspaper O Dia on its cover on Monday, with a striking design that points to Jair Bolsonaro as responsible for the strong impact of the pandemic on the South American giant, the new global epicentre of infections and deaths from COVID -19.

The newspaper, founded in 1951 based in Ro de Janeiro, highlighted the country’s figures, which continue to rise.

Bolsonaro is the same shit as Trump, only not orange and in Portuguese. 

Highlighted Negligence


Colourless Rainbow

The Coronaslut has robbed gay sluts Pride Month, so corporations will have less opportunities to get product-placement deals to try and get that pink dollar. Or will they? Because Skittles is a friend of the gays, and to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community who won’t get to march in rainbow colours while mid-morning drunk, Skittles is going colourless.

So they’re celebrating Pride Month by making their candy boring and saving themselves money by not using dye?

With the hashtag #OneRainbow, the candy, whose slogan has been “taste the rainbow”,  has also killed the rainbow. 

They’ve also done this in other countries in the past like here in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. But this is about charity too and they plan to donate $1 from every bag sold to GLAAD up to $100,000.

The intentions are good, but it look absolutely unappealing and unappetising. 

The American Pride Month is looking as bleak as these new Skittles.

Hot Week

The weather for Montreal announces a hot week, specially from Tuesday to Thursday…  But not only that, announces hot in my bed too because the heat always makes horny guys hornier.

And so Sebastien texted me early today to let know how bad he need to fuck my pussy againRomantic!

Logistic is an issue for taken guys.

To cheat is not always so easy, but, if there’s something life has taught me is that nothing is impossible for a man who needs sex.

Because once a cheat, always a cheat.

Khloezilla’s New Face

While the rest of humanity on quarantine can’t even have access to a haircut, the Kardashians have numerous plastic surgeons on-call at any time of day. And I’m not saying they snick out during a pandemic, what I’m saying is their plastic surgeon lives in-house!

Apparently, that picture below, which Khloe threw up onto eyes on Friday, is supposed to be a picture of Khloe Kardashian.

The photo was meant to showcase Khloe’s new blonde weave, but everyone seems to be more hung up on the fact that the woman in the picture looks NOTHING like Khloe.


Their hatred of their natural anatomy hurts my heart. Not because I care about them as humans but because they profit off of their unrealistic unachievable appearance and contribute to body-dysmorphia issues in many people. 

In short, good for her if “correcting” her face makes her feel better, but don’t claim is the “diet, makeup and exercise” they sell, when is clearly not!