Instagram Famous At Any Cost, But For FREE

Millennials treat being social media famous the way older generations treated being actually famous. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but having followers and getting likes is similar to being really good at crossfit.

Crossfitters are just really good at working out but were never really good enough to play real sports.These girls are hot enough for a guy to click like but not hot enough to be real models. 

These days, if you are a semi-popular guy you can make others do whatever you want. 

What better example of modern day capitalism is there than DJ Strategy who took his relatively marketable skill of being a DJ and turned it into a full time getting girls naked production.

His tagline ofSend Nudesis like the calling card of every fuck boy alive but unlike them he actually is getting girls to strip for him.

His images and life is the wet dream of most Tinder obsessed men.

How many ridiculous things are you capable to do just to be on someone else’s Instagram?

I personally think any guy who can convince a girl to strip only to use them as a prop for golf or baseball practice is what is helping make this generation (the Trump generation) so “great”.

Let’s be honest I’ll do anything for money, but that’s not the case here.

Many Levels Of WRONG!!!

After a spell of strange body language moments (including touching Melania’s rear end after she rejected his hand hold, not to mention the most tense handshake ever with President Macron), American TURD Donald Trump had yet another fucked up encounter yesterday while at a NATO gathering in Brussels, Belgium.

Bitch literally shoved Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Markovic out of the way to get to the front of a group of leaders.

I truly have no idea how he can still be President and represent his Nation to the world. There is something DEEPLY wrong with that man!!!

Meanwhile In The Vatican…

Being The Pope isn’t easy. Just ask Pope Francis… Or better still, just look at this picture of him posing with the orange jerk. He’s trying to smile. He really is… But some challenges are just too great, even for a man with God on his side.

The awkward photograph was taken during Trump’s recent visit to The Vatican, and while he is clearly having a blast, poor Francis is ALL OF US!

Gladly the internet is here to make it all better:


There’s not much to say here, it looks like the Pope wants to turn atheist. 

On the other hand, rumour has it (i’m just starting it now) that Queen Elizabeth asked for the Trump meeting to be after her death…. And speaking of, Melania’s grieving widow is a good look on her.

If only God’s exists… 

Maternity Photo

A loving couple, separated by deployment, got the chance to reunite through photography.

Veronica and Brandon Phillips are expecting their first child, but Veronica is currently at home in Florida while Brandon is serving in the Air Force overseas. Because of that, he has missed most of her pregnancy and cannot be there for their baby’s birth.

So when Veronica booked a maternity photo shoot with Jennifer McMahon, a photographer in Miami, Florida, she asked McMahon whether it would be possible to somehow incorporate Brandon into the photos. McMahon said yes and with stunning precision delivered one of the most heartwarming maternity images.

Although many are criticising the glorification of soldiers and war, I find the shot pretty awesome. The subject here is art, and this photo is brilliant.

A Bit of Justice AT LAST!

Theunis Botha, a well-known 51-year-old big game hunter bastard from Johannesberg, South Africa, just had his last hunt.

The man was leading a group of hunters in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they saw a herd of breeding elephants. Sensing the danger, three of the majestic animals stormed the hunters and Botha shot at them. What the man didn’t see was a fourth elephant coming after him from the side…

The brave and intelligent creature lifted Botha with her trunk, so one of the other hunters shot her, causing the elephant to collapse. As she fell dead, the elephant dropped right on Botha, crushing the hunter to death.

Dude was also known for hunting lions and leopards…  

A real tragedy the ELEPHANT died.

Elephants are highly intelligent creatures who, in general terms, have no natural predators. Humans tend to be the only real threat to the elephant species… SHAME ON US!

Here’s a smart elephant doing some good for the world:

More hunters should die gruesome deaths. Did I say more? I mean ALL!!!

Nobody Wanted A White Trash Blowjob

Earlier this month, bewigged American reality television Kim Zolciak lowered the “cool mom” archetype to new depths by publicly offering her daughter’s oral flavors so her son Kash could meet John Legend. Yes, that’s right. So THE SON could meet John Legend.

It was 20-year-old Brielle Biermann who would have been strapping on the knee pads in exchange for goods and services for SOMEONE ELSE.

Kim’s not exactly the most feminist pimp around, huh? John’s wife Chrissy Teigen saved Brielle from her human-trafficking mother by saying that there was no need for beej.

The Zolciak-Biermann clan made it backstage to meet John without anyone having to spit or swallow… Heartwarming!


Endangered Species Day was yesterday, and to celebrate this all-too-important day, Photo Ark, one of National Geographic’s many prized projects—has teamed up with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America to present a cute, cuddly, and critical campaign.

Aptly titled #SaveTogether, the movement calls attention to species whose futures are uncertain…

Thanks to the amount of responsibility men has (ALL OF IT!) on the extinction of all these wonderful creatures.

Such a crime!

The #SaveTogether campaign relies on a combination of social media and good, old-fashioned signage to educate and engage the public before we all lamented the disappearance of the animal kingdom.

Elephants, rhinos and all the rest of majestic living creatures need us to fix our abominable behaviour. This planet is home of ALL of us!