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A hilariously wild and ragged World Cup final concluded with a 4-2 victory for France, after a chaotic first half marked by a pair of dumb goals for France, and a second half marked by a Pussy Riot field invasion.

A sweet move down the right side early in the second half from one true wonderteen Kylian Mbappé led to some chaos in front of net, with Paul Pogba taking a couple cracks from distance, including a second one that turned into a goal.

France played well, but in my opinion Crotia played better. Sadly the winner is the one who score the most and France did it. However, after this world cup I’m a Croatian fan for life!

Own goal, badass strikes, hand ball PKs, and randos storming the field. This game had literally everything. Including French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

And a dose of virtual social issues…

Regardless, congratulations to both France and Croatia, particularly Croatian god Luka Modric who was named the best player at the World Cup. 

They’re all my heroes and they should be so proud of themselves.

On the other hand, Russia was an excellent host. Allez les bleus!!

Qatar 2022, see you there! 

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Tardy Bitch

First dates are always like walking on eggshells: you best keep the conversation light, dress impeccably, and above all don’t keep your trick waiting on you to arrive at the restaurant.

Well, Donald Trump must not have gotten that memo because on his first meeting with THE QUEEN yesterday, some are saying QE2 was left waiting around for Donald and Melania.

Vanity Fair says even though the Trump European tour as so far resulted in insulting just about every European leader, Queen Elizabeth is a woman of her word and still agreed to meet Trump, but it appears he may have forgotten when they agreed to get together since the American trash caused her to look at her watch:

A lot of analysts noted that the Trumps weren’t meeting any of the younger royals like Prince Harry & Co., and that may be because Maw Maw Liz is the one who can handle the real assholes of the world

On the other hand London wasn’t happy at all with President Shitler visit.

Truth be told, I feel for the Queen.

You know that poor woman didn’t want to be next to the fat orange idiot.

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Vincent Flouret, French fashion photographer from Paris, recently created a slightly different project that features his own dog, Max. He started photographing his pet more instead of high-fashion models about 3 years ago after volunteering with the City Shelters in LA where he was taking studio portraits of dogs to help them get adopted.

This time Flouret, who named his project “Maxdonna”, recreated the iconic music video scenes and album covers by Madonna using his buddy Max. The dog version of Madge embodies Material Girl, wears an iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier corset, is ready to shoot for the “Hung up” music video, and even recreates “True Blue” album cover.

The best thing about this project is that it includes a charitable aspect. The money collected from the sold prints of Maxdonna will be donated to Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi, which aims to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi.

Without a doubt, better than the original!!

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Does Forbes know what Self Made means?

Whatever picture was hanging on the largest wall in Kris Jenner’s office (possibly a blown-up still from Kim’s porno) has surely been taken down today and replaced with a giant, framed picture of her youngest and most lucrative money maker on the cover of this month’s issue of Forbes.

Last year it was reported that Kylie Jenner’s makeup company made $420 million in 18 months of retail sales. A year later, and Kylie Cosmetics has more than doubled their sales at $900 million. According to Forbes, 20-year-old Kylie is on her way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire.

As the term “self-made” usually conjures images of either two old-timey dudes labouring away in a basement in an episode of Drunk History inventing tampons or whatever, or Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook, or Evan Spiegel creating that nude trade app called Snapchat, people are generally laughing in Kylie’s privileged entitled engorged botched face on the magazine’s cover because born into extreme wealth & instant fame is the exact opposite of “self made”.

Kylie Jenner is also already the youngest person on Forbes’ list of the richest self-made women in America, and clocks in higher than her sister and higher than… Judge Judy!! Which should be qualified as a crime against humanity.

Now, I seriously have nothing against that blow up doll, except the fact she insist on trademarking her name “kylie” when she already lost that battle with the ONLY & ORIGINAL… KYLIE!!!

So yeah,  its been a real struggle and she has worked SO hard to get where she is… This bitch can’t even put a coherent sentence together and we are to believe she is “self made”.

Oprah is self-made. This hooker? Nah.

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In Russia, homosexuality is technically decriminalised but people who form “non-traditional” relationships have it pretty hard there.

For example, in 2013 the country passed a law banning the spreading of “gay propaganda” among minors, which the European Court of Human Rights ruled was discriminatory and “encouraged homophobia”.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, however, a group of LGBT activists managed to undermine the law in a particularly creative way.

Organising a project called #HiddenFlag they smuggled in a Pride flag into the country and paraded it right in the centre of its capital, Moscow.

Six people from six countries (Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia) dressed in jerseys that together formed the iconic flag, and their photos instantly went viral all over the internet.

Now, whatever we do here in the West (North America) doesn’t necessarily speak to other cultures, specially Russia.

I’ve been with Russian guys in the past and I’ve learnt a bit of their culture, so I doubt that wearing LGBT flag colours is widely recognised as LGBT promotion there. It’s unlikely that all Russian adults, let alone kids and teens, associate rainbow with LGBT. Actually, there’s another colour traditionally associated with gays, and even that is legal.

The fact is there are NO laws against LGBT. But there are no laws pro-LGBT either. And yes, the deep christian-orthodox and post-soviet ideology doesn’t make it easy for those who are different.

Regardless, clever strategy. But mostly, lucky fellas to have avoid jail.

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Maps Of Canada Showing What Words You’d Hear In Quebec VS Every Other Province

Canada is a very diverse Nation, which is said so often it’s pretty much cliche at this point. 

But it’s true. You can tell by the way we speak. 

With a wide array of immigrant populations, our English and French background, a diverse landscape between the country’s two coasts, and the ever-present cultural impact of being neighbours with the United States, Canada has a ton of linguistic influences. 

And Canada’s gigantic size allows for quite a few linguistic variations. Certain parts of Canada speak differently than other parts, and we’re not just talking about how Quebec predominately is a French-speaking province. 

Where you live in Canada informs what words you use, even if you’re not aware of it.

Is it “pop” or “soda”? Really, it all depends on where you live. 

After surveying more than 9500  Canadians on what words they use, map-and-data obsessed website The 10 And 30 charted out the linguistic regionalisms of the country.

The dataset was then shared on imgur for all to see. 

Some differences are pretty minute (is it “bristol” or “poster” board?) while others are way more surprising (what the hell is a “bunnyhug”?). Altogether, the maps demonstrate just how diverse Canada truly is. 

Check out the maps below and see for yourself. You’re no doubt going to be surprised. 

“Pop” Vs. “Soda”

Living in Quebec, I call it soft drink.

“Convenience Store” Vs. “Corner Store” Vs. “Depanneur”

I never knew the name in English (I’ve always call it depanneur) until I met Jaden 7 years ago (my ex from Toronto) and he taught me the name in English was convenience store.

“Toque” Vs. “Hat”

Since I live in French Montreal, I’ve always call it a tuque. 

“Garburator” Vs. “Garbage Disposal”

Garburator??? WTF!!

“Pencil Crayons” Vs. “Coloured Pencils” Vs. “Leads”

“Dinner” Vs. “Supper”

There you go some examples of our diversity.

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Greedy Chipmunk Stuffing Nut After Nut Into His Mouth

File that headline under: A Title Found In The Animal Kingdom’s Version Of PornHub.

A human in the town of Aurora in Ontario, Canada took a video of a wild chipmunk they named Van Gogh (because of his notched ear), but they maybe should’ve named him Michelle Duggar since he can’t get enough of taking raw nut after raw nut.

The chipmunk knows that the human will give him as many peanuts as he can handle, so for the past two summers, he’s shown up to store as much food as possible for the winter.

The human gladly gives VG a quick pet and then feeds him as many peanuts he can stuff into his cheeks before he runs off to his burrow. If the human is still outside, he’ll come back for another fill-up.

Here’s the video that is will stuff your brain with brand new information by showing you that chipmunks go nuts for nuts!


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