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Gays Have Turn On Each Other Long Ago

There’s an Instagram account, believed to have been created by a gay Instagrammer to shame ‘Covidiots’ who have been flaunting lockdown rules during the pandemic.

The @gaysovercovid account, which was created by an anonymous user, sifts through the gay community’s Instagram posts to find and share people throwing maskless parties and huge gatherings while coronavirus cases continue to spiral.

Gay History & Culture Manifests in Pandemic Posts On gaysovercovid

You can read comments like “I love petty in all forms!” or “I’m just here for the drama” because of course! People with lots of free time love this shit.

We’re in the age of mess. People delight on that which they find deplorable. 

For months, anti-maskers and Karens have magnetised the attention of social media users. It is logical that gay men who flagrantly flaunt their privilege via their skin, their low body fat percentages, and their refusal to social distance, should enter the crosshairs. In a way, then, gaysovercovid is a logical, maybe even inevitable product of this cultural moment.

The account shared several images from Christmas parties that showed at least a dozen people packing inside their homes for the holiday. Some were seen enjoying meals while others were having a few drinks

I frankly cannot care less about #gaysovercovid or anti-maskers or Karens, because either you’re a good person or a shit one.

But shaming people won’t stop COVID-19 spreading.

What keeps disappointing me about gays is the way they hate each other.

Larry King Has Died

Fly a pair of suspenders at half-mast because talk show icon and King of Suspenders, Larry King, died today in Los Angeles after he was hospitalised with coronavirus. Larry was 87.

Like him or not, Larry was an early defender of the LGBTQ community.

I remember when some vile homophobe on his CNN show from the fake-christian evangelical community would talk about how gays could be “changed”, Larry would ask them his signature question on the subject. He would ask: “If you think sexual orientation is a choice, when did you choose to be straight?”

It always got the ignorant assholes all flustered who thought they would go unchallenged. Rest in peace, Larry King.

Jen Psaki

Politics are important whether you like it or not. And as a Canadian I’m glad Americans are in a process of “normality” and decency after years of chaos.

Jen Psaki who is the new White House Press Secretary in the Biden administration is like a surreal vision of what we forgot it should be the norm… AN ADULT on the podium AGAIN!

LIVE: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds First Briefing Under Biden - YouTube

It’s good to have back a competent person who has skills and transparency after 4 years of falsity, corruption and delusion. Well done!

Pack Your Shit And Go

Pack Your Sh*t And Go!': Bill Maher Gives Trump Send-Off With Profane  Children's Book | Crooks and Liars

On the first new episode of “Real Time” since November, and just a week and a half after Trump incited a deadly riot in the Capitol, Bill Maher used the mid-show gag to celebrate Trump’s impending exit from the White House.

The means by which he did so was a parody of the Dr. Seuss classic “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” called “Pack Your Shit and Go!”

Welcome back Bill!

Tail Beard

Sorry for the lack of updates, despite being on vacations I was not in the mood to blog. My sleeping hours are fucked as well as my sex life, but that is due to the curfew.

I’ve been going to bed around 5 AM for the last few days watching movies and documentaries. And haven’t had sex despite assorted invitations because I don’t sex daytime. The slut in me is only awake when is dark.

Anyway, let’s talk about something relevant… Thanks in part to Mike Fiers, an American baseball pitcher, some dudes are covering their faces with timeless sophistication by shaving their beards into a tail.

Some are calling it a monkey tail beard (does that mean their ear hole is the monkey’s b-hole?) and some are calling it a cat tail beard.

Well, if a dude gets a cat tail beard, something tells me that won’t be the only pussy on his face since that kind of facial hair is the epitome of douche sexiness some nasty sluts are into it. #guilty

Hologram PERFECTION Because, CHINA

I guess we all have seen holograms here in North America, but North America is NOT Asia. And when it comes to technology they’re the next level.

Here’s Tianyi, a vsinger, in an spectacular performance and glorious ending:

I can already see Ariana Grande Latte, Bieber and all the rest using this amazing Chinese tech in their shows. Just EPIC!