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About My Previous Question…

Exactly puritan American. Kill each other but god forbid you have consensual pleasure.

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Teens Are Better at Grilling Politicians Than Reporters

As American Senator Marco Rubio was grilled by teens few night ago, scores of actual professional journalists asked themselves some variation of this question:

It is actually not a hard question to answer! The first reason is access.

Teens don’t have to worry about losing access to Marco Rubio. It took an extraordinary and tragic set of circumstances for these particular students to have the access to him, and they knew it would be their only chance to directly confront him.

For the students, their livelihoods do not depend on being able to gain access to Marco Rubio (or any other jerk whose sole priority is money) in the future. 

On the other hand, that issue of access is so sad and disgusting.

This is a man who refuses to meet or talk with the people he’s paid to represent (the people who elected him in fact,) unless they’re willing to shuck up thousands of dollars.

Also, WTF with the orange idiot and assorted imbeciles wanting to arm teachers??? WHAT DA FUCK is going on in that country? Legit question right there.

Regardless, I’m not American but I’m very proud of those teens.

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The Only Music Critic That Matters

If Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Pitchfork really cared about the integrity and quality of their music reviews, they’d get into a massive bidding war to hire this Chihuahua with flawless taste as their new chief music critic.

There’s not much info about the clip below, except for the fact that this  Chihuahua has an impeccable ear and gives the only review of Fergie’s National Anthem performance that is needed.

@TheJose8A, who posted the clip on Twitter, says that thedogs isn’t his…

Well, whoever is the human of this pooch should be proud that they’re caring for one of the greatest critical minds of our time!

This pooch obviously spends all of its time studying musical technique and performance, and doesn’t have time for silly shit like brushing its teeth, going to the dentist or flossing.

When Fergie hits that high note, she sounds like a cat getting ass fucked with a taser, so you would think that the Chihuahua would give a thumbs up to a torturous cat sound. But this pooch is able to suppress any feeling about cats to give an unbiased review.

A total pro!

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The American public loves a good label, especially when it comes to classifying generations of its population.

We’ve all heard of baby boomers, which covers the Post-War period, and the cynicism of Generation X was immortalised in films like Singles and Reality Bites.

Traditionally, Gen X carries us up to 1979 and then we move into the buzzword of the moment, Millennials and Generation Z.

But, there’s a whole mini-generation born on the cusps of Generation X and the Millennials that doesn’t feel completely part of either one… #StoryOfMyLife

Don’t worry, if you were born between 1977 and 1985, there’s a special word just for you, Xennial! What are Xennials? That’s pretty much me, or in other words those born in the late-70s and early-80s, who lived an analog childhood and digital adulthood.

Xennials came of age at a pivotal point that makes them the lynchpin between Gen X and Millennials.

Generation X moved into adulthood without many of the digital conveniences we now have, while Millennials can’t imagine a world without them.

Xennials act as a memory bank, recalling what it was like before smartphones ruled the world, but comfortably Snapchatting and adapting to new methods of communications.

To be a Xennial is to have the best of both worlds, not bogged down by the cynicism of Generation X, but realistic enough to know that everything isn’t as Instagram perfect as Millennials think it is. 

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Registered Sex Offender For Trump.Dating

Are you lonely? Are you tired of what Tinder has to offer? Have you noticed that every time you swipe right on the hottest single women in your area they always lean left when it comes to politics?

It’s time to make American dating great again with Trump.dating because compatibility starts with who you voted for this past presidential election.

On the site’s splash page, users are greeted by the smiling face of William Barrett Riddleberger, who it turns out is a convicted sex offender, as several local news outlets reported. Riddleberger was convicted in 1995 for filming himself having sex with a 15-year-old girl while he was in his mid-2os. His conviction is listed on public records.

I understand that no business is perfect but when you’re openly supporting someone as the face of your brand a small background check should be standard.

It would have been nice to see a safe space on the internet where you could grab women by the pussy outside of adultfriendfinder.com but this blunder is one for the books.

Anyway, I’m not surprise Trump has also a dating site, but just like the rest involving him I’m just going to go ahead and assume that all the profiles on this site are a lie, too.

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So, so many questions here:

  1. Why did her panties need drying? Did she pee herself after figuring that it’s easier just to piss in her chonies and dry them on the vent above her seat instead of taking the long, dangerous, rocky walk to the toilet? Or is it just a simple case of sweaty crotch?
  2. If she did piss herself, did she piss out the last fuck to give and that’s why she’s shamelessly airing out her panties on the vent?
  3. What happened to humanity?

The story goes that during a three-hour flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow, Russia, a member of the I’m Sucio And Don’t Give A Fuck club, aired her underwear on the vent above her seat.

One of the other passengers got video of it and uploaded it to YouTube on February 16.

Those people are either asleep or an extra kind of polite, because it seems like none of them let the panty air-er know that the air gets circulated and they’re really not in the mood to breathe in her chonies fumes.

If I had been on that flight, I would have been like…

Seriously, some humans are full gross. They have zero consideration and respect for others. Not to mention they have no sense of embarrassment. 

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Marvel’s Messiah

On Friday Marvel Studios released the highly-anticipated Ryan Coogler-directed film Black Panther, and in true superhero fashion it has been kicking ass by raking in millions of dollars and grabbing universal acclaim from both moviegoers and critics.

People have been showing up in traditional African garb and expressing their love for the film since its release, because of its predominantly all-black cast and its positive representation of black characters.

So, it’s not surprise to see Chadwick Boseman on the latest Rolling Stone looking fine.

There’s no denying it, Black Panther is a serious moment in modern Hollywood history. 

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