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Mission Accomplished

So, I had a date with Deke the other night… A date in his hotel ’cause I needed some adventure.

Actually that was not the original plan but I’m a moody vampire, so I made his life easy ’cause after all I knew what he wanted, but specially I knew what I wanted and that was not having any story with someone who doesn’t even live full time in Montreal.

Visitors are for fun not to break your heart.

I made that mistake THREE times in the past and as an experienced creature full of scars, Deke was only my distraction of the night.

I didn’t let him fuck me, but I let him eat me out ’cause he was not good at talking so I gave him a second chance to make a first impression…

He was physically attractive, but nothing spectacular either.

I have better, so if I wasn’t posting about him I’d probably forget we ever met. 

After we cummed, I took a shower and got ready to go.

Overall I got what I was looking for, which was not spending my night off alone at home.

Dude was happy with my ass, and I was happy to walk around the city at night… 

I guess you can tell how solitary my life is by reading that I meet guys who want to fuck me, only to have some company. Regardless, mission accomplished.

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It’s no secret my sexual life is very active, however I never go into details on the stuff I do, or I don’t.

Lately, Randy is been asking me to swallow… Something I’m not used to it because I haven’t develop the taste for it.

See it’s not even 2 years since I became a bottom and I was exclusively into eating ass, not dick; so let alone swallowing… However, I have done it only once for my last boyfriend (Xavier) during a hot night.

Semen has its subtleties such as the flavor, texture and aftertaste.

I’m not really an expert on the area despite the many dicks I put in my mouth, but the owners want me to… But then, I’m not ready to do it for a part-time lover. I would do it for someone special, someone I trust like a bf, or someone who means something to me. I’m romantic that way.

I guess one of the reasons I don’t do it is the fear to get an std too… Even though… I’d do it for Mark2 any day because ohmygodhesohot!

Wile doing a bit of online research for std’s transmission through ingestion of semen, it’s easy to develop a sense of paranoia.

There are so many std’s out there, that if you only worry about the one or two big ones; Hep, and HIV, then your missing out on all the small ones. The ones that give you a rash for or a day or so, the ones that give you the symptoms of a cold and go away on their own.

Why isn’t there an std that gives you something positive, like x-ray vision, or the ability to read minds?

No, they all do damage to your cells in one way or another.

If it wasn’t for the fact that humans have been fucking anything and everything since the dawn of time, and we’re still here, I would consider giving up all sexual contact with other humans, but we’re pretty resilient… Plus, I’m Latino, so living without sex is not an option for me, at least not now because even if I’m over 300 years old I’ms till horny AF.

That said, Randy needs to convince me. But Mark2 only needs to ask.

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Another American

I’m not sure what’s going on but another American asked me out this morning…  I thought Mark2 would be an exception in my bed (because there’s not many Americans living in Montreal) but Deke (okay my first language is Spanish so the pronunciation of his name sounds like a prophesy to me, if you know what I mean…) is not giving up ’cause even if he doesn’t live here he comes often for work, and already tried to meet me before.

I didn’t like the idea of messing up with a visitor (’cause I already did it and we fell in love) but it’s my day off and I wanna go to the theatre even if I risk to finish in his hotel room…

Who knows? What I know is that Americans are slowly quitting their country, or seems like. For real I’ve never seen so many Americans in Montreal.

Regardless, all the hot ones are very welcome in my life!

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As planned, Mark2 came to fix me last night… And he left me exhausted!! 

This guy cannot be any better, he’s got everything I like: The brain, the face, the body, the attitude, and the perfect cock. And trust me, I’ve seen penises but his is an addiction.

If someone had told me twenty years ago that a young heterosexual would be my best lover, I would not have believed it. Seriously, he’s my new #1 top.

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Quiz Du Jour

This is actually true, I get bored easily with things I don’t feel. Click

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Reality Check

As you know Ricardo is one of my most recent flings. Dude is very hetero despite his good intentions, and by that I mean he overthink too much wasting his chances and my time.

Of all of the straight and bisexual guys I’ve been (I am) with, he’s the less impulsive, yet he has something I like and that’s his level of fantasy… Fantasies that feed his lust thinking of me as his ladyboy.

Even though for some could be denigrating, for me is entertaining ’cause (I’m actually old as dust to be called a boyit’s always fun to see how someone really is underneath the layers of social decency. 

Many times, the image one projects is unmasked during sex.

However, all the fun could be over soon ’cause although I’m always willing to please his demands, he is not so eager to please mine and THAT is where the amusement ends to show him who’s the boss in bed… So yeah, we had an issue yesterday and he’s warned.

As I said, it’s fun to explore fantasies but NOT when satisfies only one person. He has a fun imagination but selfish lovers can go unload somewhere else.

I have too many of them to break my head with stupid men.

Reality check, bitch! 

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Year Of The Dog

In honour of the Year of the Dog here’s an illustration by the excellent artist Silverjow.

The Lunar Year became part of my cultural celebrations 16 years ago when I met Hubby. Being from Hong Kong I adopted his traditions over the years we were a couple.

After him, the tradition stayed as few of my next long-term boyfriends were also of Chinese background. And the last time I properly celebrated was 2 years ago with my last hot nerd bf (PatrickA,) who was from Shanghai. 

Although, the Lunar Year is a time for millions of Chinese families to come together and celebrate, it’s also a time to endure a barrage of questions from parents demanding their kids when they’re ever going to meet someone and settle down, and those questions are even more stressing when you’re gay.

Homosexuality still a taboo in the very conservative Chinese culture… In fact three of my exes (PatrickA included) were in the closet when we met. One of them came out years later and the other one during, but for PatrickA the issue was a lot more complex as he’s the only son of a wealthy business man. And while he felt free in Montreal he also had the pressure of his dad whenever he had to go back to Shanghai…

Which I believe was one of the reasons of our breakup.

Anyhow, hopefully one day all the people dealing with retrograde cultural ideas will be able to free themselves and live a full life. In the meantime enjoy a delicious hot pot and some yummy nian gao.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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