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Vice News reports:

Richard Spencer, the white nationalist who garnered national attention for wearing three-piece suits instead of a robe and hood — and for getting punched in the face — has been caught on tape apparently shouting anti-Semitic and racist slurs.

Fellow alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos — an ex-pal of Spencer — released the audio on YouTube, claiming it was recorded in the summer of 2017, not long after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that he organized. The audio is disturbing, with the man purported to be Spencer yelling the anti-Semitic slur “kike” and saying his ancestors “fucking enslaved those pieces of shit.”

Milo has fashioned himself as a provocative advocate for free speech, but has a history with Nazism. There’s video of him performing karaoke as people give the Nazi salute and his online passwords were revealed to contain deep-cut references to anti-Semitism and Nazism.

It’s not known what prompted the falling out between Milo and Spencer, but Milo has recently bemoaned his supposedly dire financial situation so this could just be a desperation move to get back in the headlines.

That said, the audio is startling, even knowing in advance that it’s Richard Spencer, whose name is trending at #1 on Twitter at this writing.

Geez…  Like all the rest of those entitle jerks, he sounds like a toddler throwing a tantrum because mommy didn’t buy him the right action figure.

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Milo better watch his idiotic skinny ass. He’s a fucking disgusting attention whore but these are Nazis he is dealing with.

They are psychologically fucked!

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Sam Porto on the catwalk for the Cavalera brand during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

More transgender people are killed in Brazil than anywhere else in the world, and discrimination is rampant. Last year the country elected a socially conservative president partial to antigay rhetoric.

Now the fashion community is emerging as a centre of the LGBT resistance.

Sam Porto and his mirror have never gotten along. When the transgender man was growing up in Brazil, the sight of his developing breasts disgusted him.

But in a crowded makeup room backstage at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the reflection staring back at him finally fit in. Male models with painted lips and nails strutted alongside women in boxy, loose clothing.

Gender was out; fluidity was in!

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Sam Porto

In 2016, Brazil launched the world’s most famous transgender model, Valentina Sampaio. She became the first transgender model hired by Victoria’s Secret and the first featured on a cover of Vogue.

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Valentina Sampaio

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Valentina Sampaio

But while Brazil’s transgender models have attained success abroad, life for the trans community back home has grown worse.

Violence against the LGBT community rose last year as fringe politician Jair Bolsonaro campaigned for president.

During Bolsonaro’s first week in office, his minister of women, family and human rights said that from now on “boys will wear blue and girls will wear pink.”

The pronouncement drew outcry and ridicule, but the fashion community saw it as a challenge.

This year, inclusivity was the explicit theme of several shows.

Cavalera, a Brazilian brand known for its urban street style, chose Porto to close the runway.

Other male models wore colourful eyeliner and lipstick, but Porto’s face was blank, save for three black tears under one eye,  symbolic of the country’s trans murder rate.

As he reached the end of the runway, he slowly unzipped his vest and knelt before the flashing cameras. Under his scars, a clear message was scrawled in black across his abdomen: “Trans respect.” 

Porto on the catwalk for the Cavalera brand during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The graffiti on his abdomen reads “Trans respect.” (Pétala Lopes/For The Washington Post)

Sam Porto on the catwalk for the Cavalera brand during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

In idiotic regressive and dangerous times like this, I can only say: BRAVO! To the fashion community of Brazil.

I didn’t know who Nicole Wallace was but thanks for this.

It’s cathartic to hear her speak the truth! 


The good news is that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL, was killed Saturday night in a U.S. raid. He was evil, and bye-bye.

The bad news is that Trump who probably knew abso-fucking-lutely nothing in advance about the raid is taking credit for it.

Pathetically, Trump clearly staged his war room photo, which purports to show himself and advisers receiving the information that al-Baghdadi was dead.

The computers aren’t even plugged in, the men are looking uncomfortably in different directions and it has been confirmed that Trump was golfing when the raid started… What a joke! 

The joke of the world in a photo taken for show.

Just in time for Halloween I found this glorious piece online that belongs to artist Dean Skinner.

North Korea nightmare, Kim Jong-Un, in all of his sociopathic glory.

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Chile is Latin America’s best-rated credit and one of its most prosperous economies. Yet popular anger at government policies has been brewing for a long time among Chileans frustrated with growing income inequality and a weak social safety net.

A 30-peso ($.04) increase in the price of a subway ticket set off the worst civil unrest since the country returned to democracy in 1990.

President Sebastian Pinera declared a state of emergency and called in troops. He also quickly withdrew the proposed fare hike, but a return to normality is not happening yet…

What makes it hard is that nobody is leading the protest, which is what makes them so hard to handle. The movement that has taken to the streets of major cities across Chile is leaderless and largely organised on social media.

There is no one for the government to sit down with for talks.

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Protesters ranging from disgruntled bourgeoisie to black-clad anarchists that started to vent their anger at Chile’s elite, its politicians and the free-market economic model that has produced vast wealth and lifted millions from poverty but left many struggling to get by.

See the issue here is that the government implements policies based on objective analysis of various economic indicators, but not on its people needs.

And although I understand the anger, it also seems that social media, from Lebanon to Hong Kong, manipulates the world.

All these out-of-control protest are operated from there.

For a long time Chile was the oasis of South America (held up as an example of what good governance can accomplish).

But sadly, the oasis is no longer.

Canadians headed to the polls Monday to vote in the 2019 federal election. As a good citizen I voted early this morning before going to work.

We still don’t have a final result but so far Trudeau is not doing so well for what I see in the live updates… 

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Stay tuned.

Update: Trudeau won with a minority.

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Trudeau has his flaws, but better him and the conservative Canadian-American dude with regressive ideas and no climate action.

Félicitations monsieur le premier ministre.