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If you’ve got a dog friend in your life hug them, and give them some chicken in memory of Boo the Pom Pom.

Boo was an internet star who had more Facebook followers than all of us combined times a million and was once declared the World’s Cutest Dog.

Sadly, the fluffy ball of animatronic teddy bear adorableness died yesterday morning at the age of 12… Boo’s humans broke the sad news to his 16 million Facebook followers last night.

Google tells me that the lifespan of a Pomeranian is 12 to 16 years, so Boo may have been on the young side, but his humans say he had heart issues that began after his pom brother Buddy died in 2017.

But truth be told these dogs are bred to be cute and that has a price, as they are genetically deficient and have many ailments, because humanity is evil as hell.

Like Jiff the Pomeranian, Boo’s internet fame led to getting that money through endorsement deals and through his many books and toy line. And now, he can rest in heaven, where he and Buddy are causing the angels to awww themselves inside out with their double dose of happy cuteness:

We humans don’t deserve the love and loyalty dogs give us, but they keep giving it to us anyway.

Rest In Bliss beautiful Boo!


Researchers this week bid farewell to a beloved land snail that was the last known survivor of his species Achatinella apexfulva.

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) wrote in a touching Facebook post on Thursday that George died New Year’s Day at the estimated age of 14 years old, according to David Sischo, a wildlife biologist with the Hawaii Invertebrate Program. George, the post said, was named for the Pinta Island tortoise Lonesome George, another lone survivor of its species that has become an icon of conservation efforts.

George was one of 10 of the snails brought to a lab at the University of Hawaii in 1997 but was the only one that survived.

New Scientist reported in 2016 that it is partly humans who are responsible (OF COURSE!) for the demise of Achatinella apexfulva, which were coveted by collectors for their stunning shells, they were frequently used for lei adornments though climate change (humans fault too,) invasive species, and loss of habitat (humans fault as well,) are reportedly also factors.

Last year I read an article that said that humans are just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of living things on the planet… We’re like a plague of locusts and I believe one day, nature nature will dole out exactly what we deserve. RIP George!

An eruption of one of the world’s most infamous volcanic islands is believed to have triggered a tsunami that killed at least 222 people in Indonesia during the busy holiday weekend.

According to CNN, “beachfront hotels and homes were swept away by a towering wall of water.” Horrific video shared on social media shows the moment the tsunami struck at a beach resort during a holiday concert of the Indonesian pop band Seventeen.

Two band members and their manager were killed, and the others are still missing.

That little kid in the concert video… knowing what was coming put a knot in my stomach. 

Wishing for peace and help for all the victims.

The floor at the gym in heaven is covered with kneeling muscle bros bowing down to a legendary buff icon as he waddled on in… 

Roger The Buff Kangaroo, who became an internet star has died at the age of 12.

No, Roger didn’t die in a lifting accident gone wrong. That’s not possible since Roger could lift ANYTHING. Roger died of the olds.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in the town of Alice Springs in Australia’s North Territory is where Roger was living and causing ‘roo genitals to quiver with his ginger muscle daddy hotness. The Kangaroo Sanctuary announced on their Facebook that he has hopped on to the afterworld:

“Sadly Roger has passed away of old age. He lived a lovely long life and was loved by millions around the world. We will always love you and miss you Roger”

The Pump You Up Roo’s caretaker said in a Facebook  video the sanctuary was built for Roger and his wives, and he was the alpha king of that land for many years, so that’s where he’ll be buried.

They also posted the last picture taken of Roger.

The Kardashians wish they look this flawless:

RIP Roger. You will be missed! Your last photo was pure sexiness.

George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States, died late Friday night at the age of 94.

Bush’s death was announced by a family spokesman.

Bush was part of a lengthy political dynasty, and occupied a place at the heart of the American establishment for decades. In just a ten-year period between 1967 and 1977, he served as a congressman, ambassador to the United Nations and to China, and head of the CIA. He then served as Ronald Reagan’s vice president before winning his single presidential term in 1988.

His presidency was dominated by foreign affairs, chief among them the end of the Cold War, the invasion of Panama, and the Gulf War.

Every internet site that exists has covered what Bush did during his reign as Vice-President, President and beyond (like the war, ignoring the AIDS crisis for years and the assault allegations,) and every internet site is right to remark all the damage he caused.

However, his biggest sin may have been the crucial role he played bringing his son, George W. Bush, into the world.

But to say something nice, in the personal area, he was a very accomplished man.

But most important… He was NOT a traitor, he was NOT mentally unbalanced, he was NOT deliberately abominable, he was NOT the joke of the world, and he would have never bumble Americans into a nuclear war.

Looking for a “Timeless Classic” one of my favourite songs came to mind, a song I’ve already posted in the past.

However, I just found out that the singer died last September, and I’m sad.

Marty Balin died of unknown causes at the age of 76.

Spokesman Ryan Romenesko told the Los Angeles Times that Balin was on the way to a hospital in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday when he faltered.

Apparently, he had filed a lawsuit after being left “totally disabled” after a stay at a New York City medical facility, where he’d been admitted for an emergency procedure. Balin alleged that the staff at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital botched his recovery from open-heart surgery in 2016, according to the New York Post.

Balin was left, the suit said, without half his tongue, his vocal cords, left thumb and mobility in his left hand… WTF! This is so tragic. I can’t believe his life ended that way!

Marty leaves behind a huge legacy in rock.

And today’s Timeless Classic is dedicated to his memory.

I fell in love with this song as a kid, but never thought It would apply to my adult life one day… I miss you… I love you… Hearts can be that way.

Incredible voice, talent and song writing skills.

Rest In Peace Marty Balin. And thank you for the GREAT music.

My late-90s self and my current day self are hugging each other while humming the melody to Girl On TV, because this is now a world where only one member of LFO is living. 

TMZ says that Devin Lima died early this morning after the shit-encrusted Satanic demon known as cancer took him at the way, way, way too young age of 41.

LFO (formal name: Lyte Funkie Ones) was born in 1995 in Massachusetts. It was originally made up of Rich Cronin, Brad Fischetti, and Brian Gillis.

Brian made the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HIS LIFE by quitting LFO early on because he didn’t think the group was going to go anywhere. Well, after Devin Lima and his perfect 90s-boy band mane joined LFO, they went straight to the stars! 

I liked LFO. This is a huge bummer.

RIP Devin Lima, and thanks for having been part of the soundtrack of my life.