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Winners of the 2018 Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest

Young photojournalists from around the world showed off their incredible skills by entering the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest. Russia’s only vehicle for unearthing up and coming photojournalists, the competition is open to photographers age 18 to 33 years old.

The contest is named after Russian photojournalist Andrei Stenin, who tragically lost his life in 2014 at age 33 while on assignment in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

Following in his steps, young photojournalists from 77 countries submitted nearly 6,000 images in an effort to demonstrate the power of their craft.

Hailing from Iran, Belarus, Israel, Russia, and South Africa, among other countries, these photojournalists do vital work in helping the public understand what’s happening in the world.  Some of the winners below:

“How I Fell Ill” by Alyona Kochetkova (Russia). First place, Gran Prix, series. “Everyone knows the word ‘cancer,’ and people are afraid of it, although they hardly know anything about this disease. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I, too, knew nothing about it, and I did not have the slightest idea of the road that I would have to travel: from fear for my life to hopes for a recovery.”

“The desire for life” by Taisir Mahdi (Iraq). First place, Sport, single.

“Red Cow” by Maria Plotnikova (Russia). Second place, My Planet, single.

“Stand Off” by Justin Sullivan (South Africa). First place, Top news, single.

“Cranberry heart” by Sergei Gapon (Belarus). First place, My Planet, single.

“Gemini” by Shiva Khademi (Iran). First Place, Portrait.

“Rosebud” by Oded Wagenstein (Israel). First Place, Portrait. A Hero of Our Time, single. “A child from the Serotetto family, part of the nomadic Nenets tribe, standing on the family’s wooden sleigh, during their migration over the river of Ob. Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia. March 2017.”


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A hilariously wild and ragged World Cup final concluded with a 4-2 victory for France, after a chaotic first half marked by a pair of dumb goals for France, and a second half marked by a Pussy Riot field invasion.

A sweet move down the right side early in the second half from one true wonderteen Kylian Mbappé led to some chaos in front of net, with Paul Pogba taking a couple cracks from distance, including a second one that turned into a goal.

France played well, but in my opinion Crotia played better. Sadly the winner is the one who score the most and France did it. However, after this world cup I’m a Croatian fan for life!

Own goal, badass strikes, hand ball PKs, and randos storming the field. This game had literally everything. Including French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

And a dose of virtual social issues…

Regardless, congratulations to both France and Croatia, particularly Croatian god Luka Modric who was named the best player at the World Cup. 

They’re all my heroes and they should be so proud of themselves.

On the other hand, Russia was an excellent host. Allez les bleus!!

Qatar 2022, see you there! 

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In Russia, homosexuality is technically decriminalised but people who form “non-traditional” relationships have it pretty hard there.

For example, in 2013 the country passed a law banning the spreading of “gay propaganda” among minors, which the European Court of Human Rights ruled was discriminatory and “encouraged homophobia”.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, however, a group of LGBT activists managed to undermine the law in a particularly creative way.

Organising a project called #HiddenFlag they smuggled in a Pride flag into the country and paraded it right in the centre of its capital, Moscow.

Six people from six countries (Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia) dressed in jerseys that together formed the iconic flag, and their photos instantly went viral all over the internet.

Now, whatever we do here in the West (North America) doesn’t necessarily speak to other cultures, specially Russia.

I’ve been with Russian guys in the past and I’ve learnt a bit of their culture, so I doubt that wearing LGBT flag colours is widely recognised as LGBT promotion there. It’s unlikely that all Russian adults, let alone kids and teens, associate rainbow with LGBT. Actually, there’s another colour traditionally associated with gays, and even that is legal.

The fact is there are NO laws against LGBT. But there are no laws pro-LGBT either. And yes, the deep christian-orthodox and post-soviet ideology doesn’t make it easy for those who are different.

Regardless, clever strategy. But mostly, lucky fellas to have avoid jail.

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Russia is going… Staying… Home

Love or hate it  you have to admit that Russia have been a great team and host during this World Cup. The country is not only beautiful but this tournament is already memorable.

In memory of the Russian ex-boyfriend and sexmates I had, I cheered for them when the games begun. Russians are determine, focus, and they can endure adversity stoically.

But football is a passion that reduces the toughest man to tears, and today Russia succumbed to the SPECTACULAR Croatia.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking this….

Putin: *invades and conquers Croatia*

“There, now Russia still in World Cup!”

Trump: *Gets peed on again*

But NO! Russia is out of the World Cup.

Croatia is making the East of Europe and all of us football fans very proud.

* (And slightly horny).

In other news, I have no idea why the Brits think England is going to win… 

Can we stop pretending like England is playing well, they barely played against any good team since the start of The World Cup. The first strong team they played against was Belgium and they lost, they barely won against Colombia (even with Colombia being off their game) and Sweden was playing pretty shitty today.

I’m very confident that Croatia is gonna send England back home next Wednesday. 

As a matter if fact, I wanna see a Croatia vs Belgium (hoping they eliminate France) finals because they both have never won a World Cup and I want this World Cup to be the start of something new.

And finally can we all agree Danijel Subašić is an actual god and deserves his own temple? He played injured and set a record.

Congratulations to my Croatian boys. You guys deserved it!!

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Adios España

Russia, the lowest-ranked team in the World Cup, beat heavyweight Spain, 4-3, on penalties. 2018’s World Cup can be summarised by one question: What is going on?!

Russia got further than Germany, Argentina, Spain and Portugal, this World Cup is wild!!

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Dirty Art

It’s not really unusual to spot a dirty car while strolling around the city. Some of us even use it as a canvas to draw some silly pictures and “teach” their lazy owners a lesson.

And while this is something you wouldn’t normally want to find all over your vehicle in the morning, this Russian artist Nikita Golubev might actually change your opinion.

This Moscow-based illustrator takes the casual scribbles on dirty cars to a completely new level.The dirt is just another material for this artist to realise his ideas, and turning unwashed cars into amazing pieces of art has already become his thing.

Simply stunning!!

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It’s ON!

The long-awaited 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off on Thursday in Moscow with an opening ceremony at the legendary Luzhniki Stadium.

Less than an hour before the start of the official opening ceremony supermodel Natalia Vodyanova from Russia and football legend, Spaniard, Iker Casillas (the 2010 FIFA World Cup winner) brought to the pitch the 2018 FIFA World Cup Original Trophy.

The Trophy was brought to the stadium in a newly-designed travel case by Louis Vuitton, which had the lock and six clasps made in ruthenium – a strong dark-grey metal that has the chemical symbol Ru and was named after the host of this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The ceremony started with the performance of a classical music piece by Russian composer Pyotr Chaikovsky. Then, Britain’s mess Robbie Williams (still trying to understand WHY) him) appeared on the field accompanied by Brazilian football legend Ronaldo.

As the opening ceremony continued Russian harpist and composer performed one of his musical themes, while a huge firebird was rolled out on the pitch and as it spread its wings Russian operatic soprano Aida Garifullina emerged on the back of the fairytale creature.

Anyhow, the whole thing was ok, but the gala was a lot better.

Now let’s talk about yesterday’s match Spain vs Portugal and Crispy Cristiano Ronaldo incredibly hat-trick free-kick goal…

What a beauty!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo just played one of the best games of his life. He was outstanding yeterday, holding up play like a champ, giving life to numerous counterattacks with ingenious flicks and passes, and, oh yeah, scoring three goddamn goals in what ended as a 3-3 tie, which rescued his team a point when it looked like they were out of it.

I don’t usually praise Cristiano but he totally deserves this post.

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