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Saudi Arabia: Where drones have more rights than women

Every once in a while something so ridiculous happens that people from all walks of life can set aside their differences and join in mocking the offending dumbass or dumbasses.

It’s like the I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke commercial, except less scary and cult-y.

The viral video currently uniting us all in bitchery comes from a Saudi Arabian fashion show that used drones instead of models to display the clothing.

The drones drag around the fluttering dresses draped out over plastic hangers with all the grace of a plastic bag on a tornado, and in some cases of a Dementor. 

I truly don’t get that people… If they don’t allow the women to wear them, what’s the point of advertising this kind of clothing there?

I guess it’s clear that in Saudi Arabia drones have more rights than women.

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Arabian Heights

1265221748676734503Because the Saudi Royals are infinite times richer than Madge, Kanye Kardashian, Bey, and whoever else illuminati troll that controls North America all together, Mecca, the ancient holy city that’s been the site of Islamic pilgrimages for millennia is being turned into Disneyland!!

Helping complete its transformation? This 2,000 foot-tall hotel, which will tower over the city like a desert fortress on steroids, projecting a dazzling green laser show at night. 

Four helipads cluster around the massive crown of what will become the world’s largest hotel. The monstrosity, which opens its doors in 2017, will boast 10,000 bedrooms and seventy restaurants, five floors devoted exclusively to the Saudi royal family, a bus station, a shopping mall, and a ballroom. It’ll be everything my Sim Towerloving childhood self dreamed of. Except it’s happening in real life, and defacing one of the world’s most historic cities in the process… I mean this will be the new add to the already existent gigantic “Clock Tower” (aka Abraj Al-Bait Towers) so I guess who cares about history?


According to The Guardian, the city of Mecca receives some 2 million pilgrims for the annual Hajj, but now, that holy trip is overshadowed by the visitation of roughly 20 million tourists, who bring the city over 9 billion US dollars annually… WOAH! I never knew so much tourists visit Mecca.

That Hotel is massive, how much is going to cost per night? I have a hard time to imagine it full, but I guess my real concern here is those helipads… How the hell are they supposed to get into the building?


Probably a smaller helicopter picks them up from the main heliport and flies them straight into their room… yeah that actually sounds logic considering how decadently TACKY some impossibly rich people is.

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