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Busy days at work again = Not much energies to update.

Yesterday I worked at 10:30 AM, so I woke up super early to gym before. I was feeling productive and motivated… Until I arrived there and saw this hot handsome guy with green eyes at the reception… I was still motivated but I was uncomfortable working out with him over there… That hot guy was Jhaime, a guy I dated last year.

The last time I saw him was last summer at that same gym, at the same time… Reason why stopped going to that branch. However, many months later, I didn’t expect to find him over there again.

Undoubtedly he’s also an early bird.

Jhaime is hot and since our end was never clear he still makes me feel weird stuff whenever I see him… I cannot hate him but I cannot like him, and I want him to fuck me but I don’t want him to approach me. It’s just strange.

Gladly, Marc also “reappeared” and sent me an email asking me if I wanted to fuck… Marc is one of my hot on/off fuckfriends and I haven’t see him since he broke up with his boyfriend.

So, I’ll probably see him Friday morning because he’s also an early bird.


Catching up with my sex life, I had a double “date” yesterday ’cause I was sure the first one won’t get me naked.

Nesto was my first date… He’s a guy who’s been after me for few years but never met because although he’s not bad looking, he is not my type (personalitywise). I met him in a friendly way after much insistence. He text me often and I couldn’t say no again.

Nesto is the type of stereotypical fancy gay who follow trends, do what the rest do, and all sort of things that bores me.

The moment he asked what’s my favourite wine/ bar/Starbucks coffee… Was the moment he killed the little faith I had in him.

Without being mean I let him know that I get turn on by creativity. See, if you want me to take you serious you’d better be clever and think out of the box. There’s nothing more unattractive than a guy who’s a copy & paste of any other basic out there.

Anyhow, despite his compliments and subtle horny messages, I was not interested. 

An hour later, because I really needed sex, Kai came visit me. 

Kai is a 29 yo, 6’2, 200 lbs, blue-eyed blond German/Italian with a huge 9″ dick… Obviously, I was not interested in his conversation, yet he seemed very curious about me specially because I looked younger than him.

“If I didn’t knew your age, I’d tell you’re 25. You’re fucking sexy” he said

Kai was hot, but he didn’t penetrated me because after the long foreplay we were both tired (it was around 1 AM by then) plus he’s one of those male who takes forever to cum, and for me to take a dick so extra, I simply need more time because I’m tight.

However, we had a happy ending at some point. 

And before he left he asked me when I was free again… Tonight I may see King (a straight guy) depending on my mood.

Long story short, I’m going back to work tomorrow and today could  be my last dose of sex before having a day off again. 

Day off at last! I wanna cry but I don’t even have time for that ’cause I have plenty of stuff to do before going back to work tomorrow.

Last night, around 9 PM, I was dying at work when I received a message from Daniel (the Spaniard) asking me if I wanted to fuck… Miraculously, the simply idea brought me back to life, which is a lot to say because my job is physical and I have no rest.

We set a time and against the cold temperatures he arrived at my place semi-frozen, because a “polar vortex” is no match when there’s a volcano ready to erupt between your legs.

The same happened to Bruce few days ago but I didn’t have time to blog about… I mean, it’s really cold around here and they keep me warm (whatever excuse is good to be a skank) but also make better my shitty days. However, no one gives me joy like my baby.

Looking at his face makes everything better.

Anyway, I gotta go now, I need to gym and visit my parents.

I’ll be right back! 

I got sick yesterday, and I was feeling/looking like crap last night.

This morning wasn’t much better but I had to go for a second interview at the job I applied last week… Two people started asking me questions and in my head I was like “WTF why is this sooo serious?”  (I mean is not like I’m working for a lawyers firm or the government.)

After the last question, the boss extended his hand and said “Bienvenu!” (Welcome!) I got the job and I’m terrified!

I start next week, and I have many things to learn. Plus I’m having people under my charge, which is surreal since I haven’t had a team in over 3 years. I’m used to work alone and this will be challenging.

In fact the last questions was something like “How am I going to make people take me serious as a boss?”

And I just answered “One day at a time.”

Just like everything in life.

It’s no secret sex is my fuel, it gives me energy, inspiration, motivation and all the good stuff to keep my spirit high.

Sex is also my downfall, my krytonite, and what gets me in trouble many times.

Still, I need it because, blame my Latin blood!

My plan today was to fuck with Bruce this evening, but his plan was to cuddle after fucking. And since I just want him to go after fucking me, he didn’t like the idea. So I was like thank u next! 

See, I get up at 5:30 AM, I work the whole day and by 8 PM I just want sex without the extra work of cuddling someone I don’t even have feelings for.

Obviously I had other options, and one of them was this hungry 23 year old power-bottom (Lucas) that harassed me the whole day to eat his ass… He knew I used to be a top, and still a 100% ass-lover.

Obviously I said yes for 3 reasons:

  1. He is a dancer = HOT ASS
  2. He was cute
  3. He had a great slutty attitude

In other words, he was my type! 

His ass on my face was love at first sight. God! How much I missed a good bubble butt. He had a perfect fuckable ass and I feasted to exhaustion. At some point I even penetrated him but only to taste it. Our deal was only eating, even though, once in climax he asked me to go all the way.

After we ejaculate he said “You are amaaazing,” and I replied “YOU are amazing!” “You should top again” he continued, and I was like… “I should…” 

We got along pretty well, and I may see him again when he comes back to Montreal in few months… Yeah, he’s not from here but he comes often.

All that been said, bottoms like Lucas make me realise that although I have a great sex life, I enjoyed the most when I was the top.

There’s nothing “obscure” about the questions but whatever. Let’s play:

1-What’s your favourite way to dress? Comfortable.
2-What movie/game/etc. helps you calm down? Sex.
3-What does your room smell like? Clean.
4-Do you like to organise? Yes.
5-what colour do you think goes best with your personality? Black.
6-Do you believe in auras? Yes.
7-What do you wish you hated, but actually like? Chicken wings.
8-Is there someone you have mixed feelings towards? No.
9-Do you prefer space or the ocean? Ocean.
10-What animal would you keep as a pet, if you could? A fennec fox.
11-what do you think our purpose is in the universe? To fuck up everything.
12-Is there a song you can’t handle listening to, even though you like it? Yes. This.
13-What ex do you miss the most, if you have one? They all had something different. I miss all.
14-What is your favourite thing to learn about? Languages.
15-What country’s history do you find the most interesting? Greece.
16-What do you think about genderbent? Kinky.
17-What breakup was the hardest, if you had one? The longest.
18-Do you have someone where you can’t decide if you like them romantically or just as a friend? No.
19-What instrument do you wish you could master? The violin.
20-How easy is it for you to be honest? Very easy.
21-What food do you binge on when you’re lazy? Asian.
22-When you get angry, how do you show it? My face does.
23-Are you left brained or right brained? Left brained.
24-Earbuds or headphones? Depends…
25-Do you like light blankets or heavy blankets? Heavy on winter ’cause I sleep naked.

The Sex Gods clearly love to spoil me, and today they sent me Charles, a hot French guy living in Montreal. 2019 is going well so far.

Charles and I met at Sunday’s church, but not really. We actually met today while checking my Instagram (every app is a hookup app) he inbox me “Hi” and I was like “Hey.” Blah blah later we decided to meet because for “one day” I don’t even say hey!

Go hard or go home, that’s how I roll.

When he saw me, his face lit up with joy, relieved I guess, that I was not someone fake…“You’re beautiful” he said, while I was all shy because he also was better looking than I thought.

Getting to know each other he kept looking at me all charmed and I was like “stop it,” but all I got back was another “You’re super sexy.” And after that he pretty much jumped on me and we fucked like champs!

As any other European I had in the past, Charles was a delight.

And not only sexually but as a person, because unlike local French Canadians, European guys are a lot more expressive and sincere when they speak. They don’t say things they don’t feel.

Before leaving he looked into my eyes and said “I have to see you again.” 

And kissed me one more time, before we said goodbye.