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Next Week

I won’t even apologise this time. I was just too busy and not inspire to blog.

Not having sex really affects me A LOT, and I haven’t had any this week ’cause I did my periodically STD test, and I had to put my lover’s penises on standby until I get my results next week. 

However, Eric said he’s fucking on Sunday regardless. So hot!

Some people need yoga, some others just a goodnight sleep, and some even a cup of coffee to feel inspired and energised… Why can I be like any normal human?

I cannot function properly without sex and it’s annoying.

And speaking of sex, Sean messaged me this week… I haven’t seen him in weeks ’cause he moved and also changed job (not to mention he has a boyfriend) but he promised to make more time for me and my ass after this week.

You know, its not like I need more sex (actually I’m lying,) but ugh… Before Philipe, Sean was my biggest crush. 

I wish I could meet someone more average, more humble and less complicated than all the hung demigods I sleep with. They know they’re hot and get fucking cocky sometimes, which I hate. Nevertheless, I was actually happy to hear from Sean.

They’d better gang-bang me in celebration next week!

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Sorry for the lack of proper updates, I wasn’t fucking as you might think. I worked during the weekend and I was too tired to do anything else. And Monday… Monday was the worst!

As usual I got up at 5:30 AM, went to work, came back home around 7 PM, went out again to check/clean a bit my parent’s house ’cause they’re in Europe at the moment, came back home around 11:30 PM, took my dog for a walk, and then, at home again…

Then I decided to take out the recycling.

I had few huge boxes I needed to take out, so I cut them, put them together, left my door unlocked and carried them outside the building (by the time it was already 1 AM). And then, once back at my building’s main entrance, I realised the worst possible scenario just happened to me…. I didn’t have my keys or my phone with me. 

Two word: FUCK ME!!

I kept it cool waiting for someone to come in our out, but after an hour of waiting I was getting discouraged. It seems like people in my building sleep very early and don’t go out at all after 1 AM. Meanwhile the other buildings had more activity. I saw people taking their dogs for a walk, others smoking weed outside, biking, or just walking.

I couldn’t believe no one in my building has a nocturnal life. Apparently, I’m the only one in that condo receiving fuckfriends while everybody sleep.

Anyhow, I felt asleep sitting on the floor waiting for someone to come… And that someone arrived around 4:30 AM… The sound of the door woke me up, I look at him and he asked if I needed help… “Oh my God. Thanks” I said before telling him about my misfortune.

Long story short I had a shitty Monday, I barely slept, and here I am again.

I tend to joke how I am immortal, but truly, I don’t know any human who sleeps 2, 3 or 4 hours a day and still alive and active the way I am. 

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Eric… And Everybody Else

As planned, Eric came last night, It felt forever since I saw him last… He kissed me like he missed me and hugged me as someone dear. 

Doing me he let escape a “I missed this smooth ass,” while I looked into his blue eyes with my mouth open inviting him to shove his fingers inside.

Despite his roughness in bed, Eric is the most sweet amongst the rest of guys.

He wanted to sleep over last night, it was raining and it was perfect to cuddle, but I didn’t let him ’cause I was not in the mood to give him all my attention.

In part because I had everybody else on standby.

Phil messaged me early (my husband,) and Kyle (my love,) and Ludovic (the father of my kids) as well. Needles to say, the three are H.O.T. and H.U.N.G. and requires logistic to set a day to see each of them. 

That said, seems like my week is going to be super busy. No complains.

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I had an argument with Sean the other day and he got upset at me because him, like many other guys, can’t handle some true.

And as hot as he is, and hung as he is, and fun as he could be, I was like… NEXT!

And so I met Phil last night. A hot 24 year-old, hung (8″ thick,) fun, alpha male.

Although we’ve been chatting for some time, I was super nervous to have him in front of me because fine specimens like him enhances the flaws on me.

Gladly, Phil found my nervousness cute, and when he started complimenting me I told him to stop ’cause it made me more nervous.

“Your face is so perfect, and you’re very cute… You look like 12” he said, and I laughed. 

Some time later, already comfortable, he got into his dominant role and I played the dumb virgin slut… Yet, I’ve been with many guys in charge, Phil is pretty extra and verbal. I had no control over him.

He literally used me and abused me, making me his bitchboi. 

I won’t even lie, it was fucking hot… because he is a major turn on.

He’ll make your vagina prolapse. I’m probably pregnant by now, who knows…. All I know is that he destroyed me but also gave me a great workout, which I appreciate because it tones my legs, my ass and stretches all my body .

Was he a bit sadistic? Yes. Kinky? Hell yes! But what amused me is the fact he called me boy, but guys like him usually call me that way.

“You’re a pretty boy, but you’re my pretty girl now” he said after he made a mess on me.

In short, Sean who? Phil owned me last night and I enjoyed being his.

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I woke up with a small headache and thirsty like a desert… Eric came last night to fuck me back to school. Vacations are over for him and university resumes next week. But previous to sexy we drank some vodka, and well, that explains it all.

Eric was good as usual, and even though he’s not my best top, I truly enjoy his company. He’s very affectionate and talkative. During the night, he goes… “And btw I got my results and I’m all good” referring to an std test. So I was like… “Glad it’s all good.” 

Obviously, I’m not exclusive to no one and nobody is exclusive to me either.

So, far from being alarmed I was just indifferent because I literally can’t process that others genuinely care for me. Also I stopped stressing about it long ago.

I know the type of guys I sleep with and I know how far I allow them to go, and even though accidents have happened I’m confident.

That said, few days ago another of my pleasure providers texted to also mentioned that.

And since we’re on the subject, it’s also time for me to do my tests again like a responsible active darling, because not to be dramatic but… I need to get fucked.

In short, I have more plans with Eric next week.

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Next To Me

photo63Although our picture is cropped, your smile still expanded in my head… It was very late and time ran out of our hands.

I was falling asleep and I couldn’t understand what you were saying to me. Because even though I always started trouble by looking at you, you had the power to win over me.

And all I could do was nothing, and nothing you did could hurt me compared to what I felt… when you were next to me.

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Almost Over

I woke up with a neck pain…

Last night Eric didn’t only took my virginity, he also took my pillow.

Since I haven’t received my new bed yet, I put my old mattress out where we spent the night talking and fucking like champs. 

Just like Sean, Eric is also the type of guy who likes to talk and not only fuck & go. But unlike Sean, Eric is single and free to do whatever he wants, so he slept over… Enjoying his last days of vacations before going back to University in two weeks.

Summer’s almost over and with that some summer boys as well. But “back to school” always doubles the adventure and for now Eric and Sean make the job until it’s time to go. Because as seasons, guys come and go.

That said, I wish my neck pain becomes a man and also go away.

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