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Reality Check

As you know Ricardo is one of my most recent flings. Dude is very hetero despite his good intentions, and by that I mean he overthink too much wasting his chances and my time.

Of all of the straight and bisexual guys I’ve been (I am) with, he’s the less impulsive, yet he has something I like and that’s his level of fantasy… Fantasies that feed his lust thinking of me as his ladyboy.

Even though for some could be denigrating, for me is entertaining ’cause (I’m actually old as dust to be called a boyit’s always fun to see how someone really is underneath the layers of social decency. 

Many times, the image one projects is unmasked during sex.

However, all the fun could be over soon ’cause although I’m always willing to please his demands, he is not so eager to please mine and THAT is where the amusement ends to show him who’s the boss in bed… So yeah, we had an issue yesterday and he’s warned.

As I said, it’s fun to explore fantasies but NOT when satisfies only one person. He has a fun imagination but selfish lovers can go unload somewhere else.

I have too many of them to break my head with stupid men.

Reality check, bitch! 

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All Good

5 days without sex. Incredible!!

Well, I had a good reason for it I guess…

Early this week I did my regular (every 3 months) Std (sexually transmitted diseases) screening, so waiting for the results I distanced myself from temptation.

As usual and gladly, I’m good to do!

All negative, all clean, all awesome.

In all honesty, it’s horrible having so many partners. It’s not something I ever wanted but sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love.

2017 was the most extreme year for me, the need for company put countless guys in my bed… Nothing to be proud of it, but nothing to feel ashamed of either.

We all have needs, I just have more. Also, I’m more eclectic and less complicated.

The truth is being an old school romantic living in a hookup culture is a special type of torture. So to celebrate my optimal results, tonight I’m torturing myself with 2 guys.

The straight from last week, and a new addition (read: another straight).

Regardless, it’s all good!

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I’m a Brazilian Woman

Have you tried the Google Arts & Culture app? All you have to do is to take a picture of yourself LIVE and Google will find your museum “doppelganger” that in many cases are a total mismatch. 

Like most face recognition apps my closest match is female, so I was not surprised with the result.

I could be an androgynous dream in the face if I really wanted to.

Below what others have been compared with:

This app is a good laugh, but what surprised me was that my match is an exotic South American painting.

I’m South American, exotic for many, and portraits remind of Dorian Grey… who has nothing to do with this story perhaps but always made me wonder if somewhere out there there’s a cursed painting ageing instead of I. #ImOldAF

Fantasy or insanity, some facts of this painting are actually close to my reality.

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Labels & Clichés

When I was a kid, the word gay was the image of someone effeminate, and pretty much the opposite of masculine.

South America 30 years ago was a nightmare of clichés.

I’ve always thought that if you’re horny and playing with your cock and there is another guy around doing pretty much the same thing, then that’s a gay thing, yet some straight guys do it too because they’re not gay but “bros.”

In fact, the image of two guys playing with their dicks is very “masculine.”

All this thinking came after a conversation I had with someone I exchange few messages the other day, on how gays LOVE to discriminate each other by the way they look.

Although I’ve never waste my time arguing about this subject with those having this dumb issue, it got on my nerves few times because of their rudeness.

You know, all those guys into “masc 4 masc” remind me of those closeted politicians and Christians in a way, because in the end they all act like “girls” when they have a cock in their mouth.

I understand everyone is attracted by a specific image, a type,  but I don’t understand the nastiness and aggressiveness towards someone you’re not attracted to.

When I used to be a top happened to me that a bottom criticised me for looking “too pretty” before fucking the living hell out of him. Usually right after sex, his whole concept of too pretty to be a top” changed.

These days I face other type of criticism (sometimes) if my butt is too solid, if my skin is too soft, if I’m too muscular for a bottom, and assorted dumb shit like that.

Too pretty, too skinny, too fat, too ugly, too old, too hairy, too feminine, too whatever, and yet the same gays discriminating one another march in their parades asking equality and respect… 

I read many times of gay Asians complaining about that “Not into Asians,” while most of those Asian only fuck white guys.

First of all, nah! What I think is that gays actually love labels and clichés. 

I see life differently, if you don’t like hickeys or ass grabbing we are a no. But I’m not going around numbering other guys the physical traits I don’t like from them.

If you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all is a saying everyone should learn.

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Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been catching up with my sex life, and I’m not done…

So, talking with one of my hot future sexmates, he said something I didn’t agree, something most people have a misconception about… People is fucking judgemental regardless, but I can’t keep quiet when I don’t agree on whatever subject.

This guy is a 34 yo half-Portuguese, macho aggressive looking owner of a super thick dick (like Pepsi can thick,) but he’s very closed minded and doesn’t have the best personality, which despite his hot looks turns me off ’cause I’m cerebral and not desperate.

Talking about younger guys he said… “18 year old are dumb” and blah blah.

Obviously I didn’t agree.

Once upon a time I was also an 18 year old, and I was not dumb. In fact I was very mature, reasonable, and responsible. The fact many young people act like jerks doesn’t mean there’s no exceptions.

Joseph was very mature, PatrickA was brilliant, Xavier was reasonable, etc…

Anyway, Portuguese dude needs to work on a positive nicer attitude ’cause even though he has a hot cock, I’m not lacking any.

In fact, I got very busy last night, and I’m about to get busy again with Marc Andre whom I haven’t seen in awhile.

And someone I also saw after many months, today, was my husband… I didn’t recognised him without his beautiful mane, he cut his hair, but he’s still a hot male.

Xavier… Xavier has many qualities I love (he can be a douchebag too omg, but he has more good than bad,) and with age and experience, one day, he’ll be the perfect man. By then I’d be 3000 years old, but I wish someone values him and appreciate all the potential he has.

And speaking of handsome guys, I have a date on Sunday with another one…

He’s been texting me for a while so I thought it was time to say yes.

I’ll be right back.

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Happy Bday Sai Sai

My baby is turning 8 today. Oh. My. God! 

Bunny (my ex and other daddy) texted me today to remind me….

It seem like yesterday when I saw him running mischievously and fell in love with him. He may be 8 years now, but to me he will always be that mischievous 3 months old puppy I took home to protect and love. 

And the love is reciprocal…

Happy bday to the male of my life, my baby Sai Sai! 

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Hanging in There

At last! One of the few undies I bought over the holidays arrived today and I’m so wearing it on my next date. In other words, tomorrow!

I love the colour and the way it fits. It pretty much reflects the way my life is going…

Hanging in there!

You guys, if I don’t find a boyfriend wearing these numbers, I’d rather wear a paper bag over my head for SHAME.

Truly, I’m a good creature, I’m sweet, I’m not that stupid, I laugh at your jokes, I make you feel loved and appreciated, I cook, I dust, I do laundry, I’m eternal, and my interests include rough sex and compassion for animals.

Total bf material!

I hate when guys ask me “Why are you not married?” and I never have the right answer for it. But the sad reality is that when you treat them like dirt, they stick like mud.

And I’m not of bad nature to do that.

But anyway, it’s better to lose people not meant for you than to exhaust yourself trying to impress, love, help, and grow with people who never will be.

That said, perhaps my hand is not being held, but my butt is being taking care.

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