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Gracias Colombia

Sorry, I’m late again with my updates, but I had sex with Randy last night. He messaged me in the afternoon and I couldn’t say no. At this point he has fucked me more than my last boyfriend, so it was only natural to let him cum in the name of our long-lustful affair.

Anyway, back to the World Cup….

First of all to all those bloggers making horrible mistakes with the name of that country, the name is COLOMBIA and NOT Columbia…. Columbia is an American city the world doesn’t even know. And COLOMBIA is a South American country home of many hot Latin artist, coffee and assorted sexiness.

During yesterday’s England-Colombia match, these two competing forces battled it out for supremacy, and just when it looked like the Brits would succumb to the powers of failure, they somehow resisted and won in a penalty shootout no less….

To our South American fighters, to our warriors. Thank you for all you did in the World Cup, 50 million people became 11 players and made us feel proud of our game and ideology. Today you played with style, faith and huevos, I couldn’t ask for more. It doesn’t matter weather the referee was on their favour or not because, at 93 min of fight, Yerry scored the most amazing goal ever and gave us hope. 

I just wanna thank the players, the brilliant coach Pekerman and the staff for let the world know, once again, that Colombia is more than drugs and violence.

Gracias Colombia!

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Inquisitive Asks

Why you’re single? Because a real man is hard to find.

How’s your relationship going? Nonexistent.

What do you dream about at night? Having more sleep.

What are you afraid of? Illness. 

What’s your favourite song? I have too many favourite songs.

Tell me about the book you’re reading. None currently.

Tell me about your secret crush: No one.

Where would you go if money wasn’t an issue: All over Europe and Asia.

A poem or song lyric that won’t leave your head:  Don’t wake me up ’cause I’m in love with all that you are. You make me see the truth in things… I think that you are the remedy for everything. It seems that you are the truth itself because nothing else can take me so far…

What’s your deepest wish: I wish that everyone in the world would just chill the fuck out and enjoy life.

Do you believe in magic? No.

What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you? Minutes before I get the news of my grandmother death, a random cat tried desperately to get into my apartment. He jumped to my window and threw itself against my door several times before disappearing. 

What do you need to get off your chest? Nothing. Everything is written here.

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I like my lovers bold and brash, I’m drawn to the fierce and quirky.

If you’re too afraid to take risks with me, if you feel too awkward to say what you want, think and feel, if you’re too anxious to be loud and if you’re easily swayed from your opinions and beliefs, you’re not the one for me.

I like sharp-edged puzzleboxes, I want to dig but at a price, I see love and lust as a grand en garde and if you’re too soft and gentle to claim what you wish and pursue what you want, chances are very likely I will waltz over you with no remorse.

That said… Yesterday I met a horny 21 yo that conveniently lives few blocks away from my flat, and he was wild. In other words, my type!

We had some quick fun ’cause an ex coworker invited me to go out and I didn’t have much time but he was hot so I couldn’t say no. Specially not after 2 days without sex. 

“You’re pretty, I’ll see you again” he said.

After that, I meet my entertaining ex coworker at the gay village… Yeah the VILLAGE!!  I haven’t been there in 2 years so to my surprise it was pretty changed.

A lot of new bars, renovations and even new buildings.

I felt like a tourist and my coworker was impressed by the enthusiasm seclusion gave me, but mostly by how young I look being 10 years older than him… And not happy with it, he had to mentioned to the four other friends with him… Making me feel a bit embarrassed ’cause they were all a lot younger, but also, older looking than I.

Few drinks later, we were all chill and the typical question came… “What’s your secret?” two of them asked… And I wished I had some peace instead of answering that.

“I’m immortal bitches!”

I really had a great time…

It reminded me of what fun means without lying naked for someone to penetrate me.

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I never stress much when someone cancels me ’cause I believe in the right judgement of the Sex Gods…That said, Randy cancelled me last night, and hours later BD texted me as if sensing I was all ready to get fixed.

He arrived around 2 AM as if I didn’t have to work 5 hours later. Needless to say I barely slept and I was exhausted at work but sex with BD is always worth it ’cause Big D!  

See, I don’t see him often ’cause he lives far, but I value his effort to come my way ’cause I don’t travel for dick. As you can imagine… 

Anyhow, although I wanted to see Randy I cannot control those things, and I’m not the type of person who waits for any one. Specially not for a fuck.

If one didn’t work, you move on to the next. And luckily for me, options I have.

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Today was my day off and I went shopping and walk around Montreal, on daylight, which is very unusual for me because, Dracula!!! 

See, I have plenty of issues in my head, but apparently people still confusing me for a hooker or something, which is a good sign ’cause hookers are hot! 

So, I went down on the tunnel to take the metro when a random man came my way…. He was probably in his 50’s and thought he needed directions… To my surprise he needed directions but to get to my ass! 

He was from Belgium so he spoke in French. He was like… “I’m sorry to bother you but you’re very good looking… Are you Moroccan? You’re skin is beautiful and your eyes a dream.” LITERALLY! lol

I was like…“Thanks but I’m South American.” And then he asked me if I wanted to go to his hotel room. Obviously, I said NO! 

Far from scaring me or making me feel uncomfortable, it was funny. 

See, I haven’t been harassed by an older man in the last 20 years. All my predators are from ages 18 to 26, so it was refreshing to hear sweet cheesy words rather than the usual “You make me horny. Wanna fuck?”

And speaking of predators, today also a hot 23 and 19 yo asked me to meet. And I probably will. But not today, ’cause Randy wants to see me too.

Anyway, I’m pretty grateful that at my prehistoric age my charms remain pristine. #yaaas

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De retour. Bonne St-Jean

Because everything comes to an end, my vacations reached its fate.

I enjoyed my family as much as I could, I got stomach upset the last day and airports were hell. However I’m back home and it feels actually good to be on my comfort zone with my baby and my lovers.

Today is La Fête nationale du Québec or La Saint-Jean and to celebrate that Ricardo fucked me welcome back! Despite not being super open yet to certain stuff (’cause he’s straight) he gave me a good time. He’s handsome and has a good dick.

In order to mark Quebec’s Day, below few songs from our great local talent

I’m back. Bonne Saint-Jean!!

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Last Days…

And my trip is coming to an end…

Food and family is all I do. Although, I haven’t gain any extra pound, I feel so out of shape.

I need 2 things desperately this weekend. Gym and sex!

I sent an email to Randy to fuck me welcome back. Hopefully he’ll be free. 

For now, let’s enjoy one last meal.

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