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5 Out Of 7

imageI feel like in the old days when I used to have 5 fuckriends, and had sex 5 days a week. My sex life has always been a success, either for love, lust, or by spite

Although I made love during my serious relationships, while single sex was my escape to keep my exes out of my head. And in time, fucking, turned into a habit… A habit I developed tired of being sentimentally damaged because sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love. And my consolation was easy to find because I’m a pheromone for men in heat.

That been said, the issue I had with Max on Friday night made me extra willing to see other guys and forget about that.

So, Lex came to do me yesterday. 

Lex is not only handsome but cute. And his strong legs and kisses were exactly what my Sunday needed.

Once gone, I received a long text from Max regarding our Friday issue… And since the last thing I need is arguments with my sexmates (because I have them for pleasure, not for drama) I replied politely and let him go… In part, also, because I’m getting attached to him and that’s not a good thing.

But he still wants to see me, so we are cool again.

And after Max, I got a text from David because I’m legit when I say there’s a lineup of guys waiting to be inside me.

So, David wanted to come and bring another guy to have a 3some with me, but I was heading out to visit my family. Also, as hot as the idea was (because the other guy was also hot) I was a bit tired, and also nervous about having two big cocks abusing me, specially after having had Lex earlier. 

I was just not horny enough, but I couldn’t say that.

Because rule #1 to keep a fuckfriend is to make them believe nobody else exist. And since their ego is bigger than their brain, and their erections get harder by thinking I’m a dumb bimbo slut, they’re easy to manipulate.

In short, I had sex 5 days out of 7 last week.

I guess I have 5 fuckfriends again. But this time none of them is gay.

One Hot Straight For A Hotter One

Max texted me in the afternoon, and told me he will come see me last night, so I rushed home to shower, doll up and get ready the way straight guys like.

However 30 minutes before the planned time, he cancelled me giving me bullshit excuse (or at least I felt it that way,) so I got disappointing and a bit upset because getting properly clean to get fucked is a ritual that involves a lot of time.

Luckily for him my broken heart turns the page very fast.

And luckily for me I have no issues to get dick.

So, the Sex Gods sent Sebastien on a silver platter… Sebastien is another hot  guy I already had fun with over a month ago.

Sebastien has a girlfriend, and also a child with another woman, so it’s not easy for him to find time and live his life as he pleases because once you become someone’s father you no longer have a life.

So, he arrived at my door and took off his clothes on the spot, exposing his muscular body and taking me to my bed, where he made me forget about Max.

Business done, we chatted for a bit… He is very friendly and talkative unlike most heterosexual that avoid getting too intimate after sex.

Sebastien is also hot, and hotter than Max physically… See, Max has an amazing muscular body, but he’s not very tall. 

On the other hand, Sebastien is a lot taller than I, so visually he is more appealing and imposing.

Long story short, Max cancelling me was actually a blessing in disguise because I had fun with a hotter guy!

On Demand

So… I was supposed to get sexy with the hot bisexual (I don’t even know his name) last night, but David messaged me earlier and came earlier to do me.

It was hot seen David, although he ejaculated way too fast… but you can’t have it all I guess. Now, regarding the bisexual, I’ll see him some time next week perhaps.

Once David gone, Max texted…

He may come see me tonight, but nothing’s certain yet ’cause as I mentioned before, he’s a party animal, he’s very social, and he’s the type of guy that needs to be surrounded by friends all the time.

I personally dislike that type of people, because my decision doesn’t depend on what my friends want, but what my hedonism desire.

Still, I played cool because he’s a sexual work-in-process. Also, he’s younger than me (like half of the human race) so I understand that he needs to party and all that. That’s usually the mentality of the youth.

Gladly I was never a basic. My vanity was always stronger than my need to get wasted on alcohol, smoke and sleepless nights. Which is why at my age, I look younger than all the guys fucking me.

And speaking of fucking me, the hot bisexual texted me after Max…

Sadly I had to say no because I had David’s dick before. Also I needed to sleep ’cause I’m working this morning (my last day).

Anyway, I’ve been on demand the whole week, so if Max doesn’t come tonight I’ll do someone else. Just to start my day off the right way.


Related image

Today, June the 24th we are celebrating La St Jean Baptiste / La Fête Nationale, or simply Quebec’s Day!

No matter how you call it, it’s a mandatory day off.

Quebec is my home, I kinda grew up in Montreal, and I love this unique province where people is open minded and hot, where French is our first language and most of us are bilingual, or polyglots. 

Why Québec's capital is the world's most cultural city10 Super Cheap Things To Do For The Perfect Date In Montreal's Old ...Cirque du Soleil founder is building a pyramid in Montreal's Old ...

Quebec is also very artistic Province, great international acts come from here, such as Celine Dion, Le Cirque du Soleil, and also GODDESS Mylene Farmer (the most successful recording artists of all-time in France) was born in Quebec.

In order to mark Quebec’s Day, below few of our talented artists.

Bonne Saint-Jean!!

Tuesday Fun

Today is Wednesday, exactly 3 AM (actually not anymore, I fell asleep,) and Max just left…

It’s unusual to get together on weekdays, but today is a holiday here in Quebec (day off) and since it’s unusual, I was supposed to have sex with Lex. But since fate wanted me to see Max, Lex cancelled me.

Despite the mutual attraction, Max and I don’t text often. In fact, I never text him unless he does because I want him to be free. He’s experimenting with his sexuality and any move has to come from him, not me.

Max is an aeronautical engineer, he’s very focus when serious, but he’s also a serious party animal… 

And last night he was telling me about a 3way he had with a friend and the slut girlfriend of another friend the night before… So, some time later after his anecdote, while foreplaying, when he asked me if by fucking me raw I could guarantee I wouldn’t give him any disease I kinda got pissed by his audacity…  And told him that he should not worry about ME giving him an STD but the WHORE girlfriend of his friend he fucked with another guy the night before.

(*Note to every dumb man out there: If you’re having consensual unprotected sex, don’t blame anyone and suck it up!).

So, he apologised before fucking me.

During the night we talked, laughed and cuddled… And several times he got very close to my lips… See, when I met Max he assumed himself as fully straight, and told me he won’t kiss another guy. So I never got too close to his face, but he is getting closer to mine each time. 

Last night while doing me doggy, he bit my ear, kissed my neck and also felt his lips very close to mine. And even after that, while staring at me with adoring eyes, I could feel his intentions… He wanted to kiss me but something in him still diffident.

He’s not so straight anymore, and he’s aware of his attraction for me.

“I love these moments with you” he said.

And so do I! But I’m prudent and just let him be.

Long story short, we had another hot night. And I can tell that more than my slut side, what Max loves the most is my personality.


The song below is my current reality. Work is beyond exhausting since things are “back to normal” in Montreal. I’m working super hard. By Monday all business will be open again, and also the gyms.

Max messaged me while at work trying to motivate me, and reminding me that we’ll have fun this weekend out of the city.

These past days, after work, I just passed out. 

Last night Top20 wanted to come, but I had to reschedule for tonight.  

This week I haven’t interacted with too many people despite the sporadic messages I always receive.

For now, Max and Top20 are taking most of my time… And my body.

His Fetish Is Not Over

Top20 texed me several times on Tuesday, he seemed very into me… Or very into fucking me in all possible ways for the rest of his journey in Montreal.

However, he’s not the only one.

Max (the muscular straight dude that sexed me Friday and Saturday) also texted me today, and invited me to spend time together on his jet boat on Sunday… In other words boat sex! Or maybe sex after his boat?

Or maybe sex on his motorcycle instead of his car, because he loves speed and the stuff straight dudes usually do… Except that in his case, he also has a fetish and fantasies with me.

So he sent me pics to have an idea for Sunday.

Max disconcerted me tho… While in my head he was just a fuck and go (knowing that he’s not into guys,) he stills wants more, and his approach (when he’s not using me sexually) feels like courtship. He’s very gentleman like… But again, he’s not into guys… And I’m not a guy. I’m a gay temptress!

Like some bisexual guy recently told me: “you are option A1 for a straight who wants to cross”.

Long story short, I’ve always been spoiled by my boyfriends, and fuckfriends. But is the first time a heterosexual male treats me this way.


Top 20 is not a list of anything.

Top20 is the nickname I gave to the guy that sexed me last night.

He’s a bohemian 20 year-old bisexual from France that came to Montreal for a temporary job (but  going back to France in two weeks). He contacted me over the weekend but we didn’t met until last night in a moment of sporadic arousal…. In other words he bombed me with pics (and videos) of his big fat cock in order to convince me that I needed him inside me.

Well, he was convincing!

He was hotter than his pics, taller than I and also nicely built.

And his dick… his dick was just the perfect size. Big but not impossibly huge, fat but not agonisingly painful, and obviously uncut like the vast majority of Europeans, and French Canadians.

He brought some drinks and fucked me so good that I didn’t care about sleep, knowing that I work this morning… Well… I’m already exhausted and my day hasn’t even begun.

He left around 2ish AM and waking up I found few messages he sent.

Chances are we see each other again before he goes back to his country.

In short, I guess I’ll cancel Str8 Stamina today. He is supposed to come tonight but, truly, I don’t have the energies to take another huge cock today.

Any App Is A Hookup App

Men is just an animal. When they’re horny they do whatever it takes to release. And today my phone has not stopped receiving messages.

I’ve always say it… Any App is a hookup App!

Snapchat (the worst of all, full of cheating) Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it. Even online websites like Youtube become one. Or Apps that are not mainly to socialise… It happened to me few years ago on Whisper… like WTF guys! Whisper?!! 

That been said, I was supposed to see one of my regulars (Str8 Stamina) that I haven’t seen since the pandemic, but he rescheduled for tomorrow.   

In the meantime, I got messages on Instagram… One of them from a Chris, a hot kinky ginger I used to flirt with time ago. As a matter of fact I actually forgot about him (which is logical considering the amount of guys I met) but there he is, texting me again… So, we’ll see.

Anyhow, if I were a hooker I’ll be rich.