I know I know. Where the hell have I been right? (let’s pretend you care).
Unlike my energetic last week, this week was more relax. In other words, less men in my bed and more early sleep… Age is a bitch!

I saw Victor few days ago and I can’t still believe I have that stallion doing me. He’s so my type of guy (perfect bf material) but I can’t show him that…

Fuckfriends are made to pleasure and not for feelings.

On the other hand, I was supposed to see Matias (or Alexxx) last night but I was too tired, so I cancelled both…  However, I’m supposed to see Nick this evening because he’s obviously (also) hot, but mostly, he’s the type of male I know I could build a strong bond with.

And I said supposedly because another hot guy (Philippe) wants to take me out tonight… And UGH! I really don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m pretty fucked if you ask. 

Sometimes it feels like a punishment being so likeable ’cause I cannot please all at the same time.

I should just organise an orgy and make everyone happy at once.

Anyway I’m a bit tired, but I’d better start my day….

Because my night is going to be very busy.


Extra Half Inch

So… I wasn’t having the best evening and I needed to change my mood. Since hedonism is my religion I got on my knees and not exactly to pray…

Marc (one of the “straight” guys who wants to fuck me since forever) contacted me last night asking me if I was available. And what a perfect time! Marc was heaven sent.

Unlike most of my sexmates, Marc is a 29 yo, a lot older than the rest but hot nonetheless. Now I have no clue if he’s more experienced than my younger pervs but he for sure had a slightly bigger dick than Randy’s 8″ (although I believe it was the shape of the thick head that made it feel that way…) maybe an 8 1/2?  Who knows!

What I know is that I took it like a man, and trust me that’s not a small detail ’cause I’m tight as hell in spite of what you think of me. #TightBootyBabe

Marc is the typical “straight” dude… full of fantasies but kind of shy in person, until his fat hard penis took charge of both of us.

He brought some wine, condoms, lube, and all the stuff a considerate man do in order to get laid. Gladly he didn’t lasted as long a Victor or Randy, but he was a big cummer and oh boy! I so need to do laundry today.

The gods totally didn’t want me to be bored last night, and they succeed!


I have no idea why but I’m very appealing to young guys…

Last night this hot and cute 19 yo messaged me and asked me out. Since I found him attractive and tall and big as I, I accepted.

Little did I know that he was not only attractive but totally gorgeous… and that underneath his clothes he had an spectacular manly lower body (strong hairy legs, big solid butt, hot penis…) and that behind his cute face was a sex machine… My God! Victor sexed me for almost 2 hours nonstop (pure intercourse, foreplay not included) Another first to me! (I mean, Randy can hold it pretty well but Victor was something else).

What I liked the most about Victor was his obsession with my lips (and dedication to my ass). He loves to kiss (#twincies) and there’s nothing hotter than a hot guy devouring my mouth.

By the end of the night we talked some more and since we had a really good chemistry (plus the fact that his CEGEP (College) is not far from my place,) we decided to give it a try as fuckfriends.

Most likely we’ll see each other sometime next week.

I’m not easy to impress…

But Victor is one of the hottest surprises I had this year.

Manic Monday

For an over 100 year old specie, drunk sex shouldn’t surprised me. BUT it’s not something I do often…

Last night Randy sexed me like a total fucktoy and it was incredible!

He brought some cheap drink called Four Loko that got us totally LOCO.

I swear that shit is better than any aphrodisiac ’cause he used me and abused me and I was totally fine. Surprisingly. 

He did something new to me, a first! And it was super kinky and awesome!

Oh boy, for a 19 year-old Randy is a twisted fuck and I love it.

Anyhow, he complemented me the whole night all cute and sweet. And after our business done were so hungry that we ordered PIZZA (if you knew me, you should know I DO NOT eat pizza or any type of junk…) and it was delicious.

By far, one of the best Mondays I’ve ever had!

Lawyers = Meh!

I’ve been with all type of men during my centuries on Earth, tall, short, rich, poor, white, yellow, brown, bottoms, tops, intelligent, not so bright, students, professionals, and so on.

Last night I had a date with a lawyer and I was impressed on how unimpressed I was by him.

This is the third time I “date” a lawyer… all of them in the closet, somehow impulsive, none of them with a seductive personality (or near as strong as mine) nor any wit.

I no longer remember much of the first other than he was a straight curious with a nice ass and allowed me to do whatever I wanted with him.

The second became a fuckfriend, and not because he was glorious but because he put my brain to work by wondering how the hell is he a lawyer when he can barely convince me. 

He was another handsome straight curious but full of issues about his double life. So, at some point I got fed up of him and showed him the left.

The one last night was a bisexual Italian, and he was a bit too fancy and accessorised for my taste… chains, rings, bracelets…  

See, I like my guy to look like a male and not like a carnival or gay parade.

However, he was friendly, had a nice body and a nice hard dick, but I’m all about first impressions and he didn’t turn me on (not to mention I had sex the whole week, so I was not really desperate to get some).

You know…

If I’m still single, it’s not because I don’t have candidates but because my standards are too high. I had gorgeous brilliant boyfriends over the years and it’s hard to get me easily excited, specially with my personality.

In short, I guess I finally understood that lawyers are not for me.

Sex & Excess

Sorry for the lack of updates, between work and fornication I didn’t have the energies to blog… kind of a sexy week for me.

I truly don’t know how to act like a normal human being, I even go like WTF to my mirror… Who are you?  My life is very peaceful but very extra on the sexual area… And the blond guy in my bed last night can tell you that. 

I’m the Latino version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, only that the sole dead is my asshole every time it gets murder by a cock.

Again, I have no clue why I have some many straight dudes after me… It’s pretty intense, and they’re full of fantasies, but whatever.

As usual I have another date tonight with a young bisexual lawyer (everyone is younger ’cause I’m old as earth) just because is the weekend and he’s hot, however, I don’t need a date I need cash!

God! Why didn’t you made me a hooker? I’m losing money here.

Seriously, the only thing that have improved about me with age are my nudes! Clearly, I blame the summer for my horny behaviour.

Gladly autumn is coming and I promise to be more romantic (let’s say).