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Busy days at work again = Not much energies to update.

Yesterday I worked at 10:30 AM, so I woke up super early to gym before. I was feeling productive and motivated… Until I arrived there and saw this hot handsome guy with green eyes at the reception… I was still motivated but I was uncomfortable working out with him over there… That hot guy was Jhaime, a guy I dated last year.

The last time I saw him was last summer at that same gym, at the same time… Reason why stopped going to that branch. However, many months later, I didn’t expect to find him over there again.

Undoubtedly he’s also an early bird.

Jhaime is hot and since our end was never clear he still makes me feel weird stuff whenever I see him… I cannot hate him but I cannot like him, and I want him to fuck me but I don’t want him to approach me. It’s just strange.

Gladly, Marc also “reappeared” and sent me an email asking me if I wanted to fuck… Marc is one of my hot on/off fuckfriends and I haven’t see him since he broke up with his boyfriend.

So, I’ll probably see him Friday morning because he’s also an early bird.


I got this message on my gmail.

As you can read they make “home made” porn and were asking me if I was interested. Although it’s not the first time I get this type of message, the fact humans think I’m porn material impresses me.

First of all, I’m not a slut *ahem* and second, I value my privacy.

Regardless, I’m used to people misconception.

But their interpretation of me isn’t who I am.

Catching up with my sex life, I had a double “date” yesterday ’cause I was sure the first one won’t get me naked.

Nesto was my first date… He’s a guy who’s been after me for few years but never met because although he’s not bad looking, he is not my type (personalitywise). I met him in a friendly way after much insistence. He text me often and I couldn’t say no again.

Nesto is the type of stereotypical fancy gay who follow trends, do what the rest do, and all sort of things that bores me.

The moment he asked what’s my favourite wine/ bar/Starbucks coffee… Was the moment he killed the little faith I had in him.

Without being mean I let him know that I get turn on by creativity. See, if you want me to take you serious you’d better be clever and think out of the box. There’s nothing more unattractive than a guy who’s a copy & paste of any other basic out there.

Anyhow, despite his compliments and subtle horny messages, I was not interested. 

An hour later, because I really needed sex, Kai came visit me. 

Kai is a 29 yo, 6’2, 200 lbs, blue-eyed blond German/Italian with a huge 9″ dick… Obviously, I was not interested in his conversation, yet he seemed very curious about me specially because I looked younger than him.

“If I didn’t knew your age, I’d tell you’re 25. You’re fucking sexy” he said

Kai was hot, but he didn’t penetrated me because after the long foreplay we were both tired (it was around 1 AM by then) plus he’s one of those male who takes forever to cum, and for me to take a dick so extra, I simply need more time because I’m tight.

However, we had a happy ending at some point. 

And before he left he asked me when I was free again… Tonight I may see King (a straight guy) depending on my mood.

Long story short, I’m going back to work tomorrow and today could  be my last dose of sex before having a day off again. 

Day off at last! I wanna cry but I don’t even have time for that ’cause I have plenty of stuff to do before going back to work tomorrow.

Last night, around 9 PM, I was dying at work when I received a message from Daniel (the Spaniard) asking me if I wanted to fuck… Miraculously, the simply idea brought me back to life, which is a lot to say because my job is physical and I have no rest.

We set a time and against the cold temperatures he arrived at my place semi-frozen, because a “polar vortex” is no match when there’s a volcano ready to erupt between your legs.

The same happened to Bruce few days ago but I didn’t have time to blog about… I mean, it’s really cold around here and they keep me warm (whatever excuse is good to be a skank) but also make better my shitty days. However, no one gives me joy like my baby.

Looking at his face makes everything better.

Anyway, I gotta go now, I need to gym and visit my parents.

I’ll be right back! 

Sorry for the lack of updates, as you know I was sick this week, but I’m already feeling a lot better. 

Yesterday my friend moved out of my place, and having my privacy back, the party begun! L.A (one of my sexmates) messaged me during the day, and came to give me a dose of sexy at night.

And during the night, I also got a message from a new guy. He’s “straight curious,” originally from Winnipeg but now living in Montreal, and apparently wanting to explore his curiosity with me. 

He’s 28, hot, and most important, willing to have fun.

In other words, I’m seeing him tonight.

Because nothing says I’m feeling better than getting dick left and right.

I had a fever on Tuesday night, and I spent Wednesday in bed with all the cold symptoms, I feel and look like shit and I took a day off today. Yet, I feel slightly better, even with a bleeding nose, I’m more alive than yesterday.

Meanwhile, horny men still text me. Few wishing me to get well soon, and few with girlfriends with all type of fantasies.

As a matter of fact, one asked me if I knew who Valentina is, because I could be pretty like her if I crossdress.

I had no idea what he was saying, and then he told me that Valentina is a drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race… Whatever!

The last time I watched the show was back in 2015 ’cause my then-fuckfriend loved it, and forced me to watch it with him after fucking.

Curious about who this Valentina was, I Youtube the show this morning and watched an episode. Bitch is pretty but she is not hot.

Hot is the Asian guy I saw, the one they called a “pit crew” and his name is Wilson Lai (I’m a thirsty slut so I obviously did my research).

Wilson reminds me of Jaden (one of my exe’s,) a lot less built perhaps, but that smile, shape and straight acting personality is his.

Wilson is a BOMB! 

And yes let’s give some credit to Valentina as well.

She’s elegant, gorgeous, and one of the few who doesn’t need to win a crow because she’s has personality, and she’s mesmerising. 

Long story short, I can’t wait to feel half as good as these stunning creatures again.

Thursday night I told my friend to shoo away for few hours because I needed to get laid. #priorities

Overall I’m pretty cool and all that, but not when I’m lacking sex and I was already in dire need.

That been said, Logan arrived earlier than expected and after some formalities, he fixed my damaged soul for the well-being of everyone.

Logan had a nice body but was too “vanilla” in bed  for my taste (for those who doesn’t speak gay, vanilla means “conventional/soft/meh,”) gladly he has a thick dick that helped a lot to make me release because I was not excited whatsoever with his way-too-gentle attitude.

See, I love a gentleman in life but not in bed.

Business done, he asked me if I’d like to go for dinner next time… And just said yes, but not really meaning it because I don’t need food, all I need is sex. Still, it was nice of him.

He was happy, I was pleased, and we said until next time. Perhaps.