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The wait Is Over

I don’t have to wait any long to have sex.

I got a call from my doctor yesterday and she told me that everything was fine. I’m clean and good to fuck.

However… Since she prescribed me the PrEP treatment (a preventive treatment that reduces the risk of getting HIV in case of accidents or unprotected sex) she called me to NOT take it ’cause the health of my liver was not very hot and can cause serious damage.

She said it was nothing to be alarmed (could be normal at my age) but to take the PrEP, the liver and kidney must be at 100% ’cause the pills are very strong.  So, she told me that I need another test in one month to check if my liver improved or not.

She recommended to eat more veggies. And so I did!

I Googled healthy food for the liver and pretty much told me to eat more carrots, beets, apple, and easy stuff like that. So this morning I ingested all that at once.

I did it on my blender, but I need to buy juice extractor.

My goal is to have a daily dose of vegetable (I admit I don’t eat enough veggies,) and not only a dose of my lovers juice. It’s pretty funny tho… 

I never expected to have a liver diagnose by getting my asshole destroyed.

Go green is good, and maybe I should go for smaller dicks too.

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Next Week

I won’t even apologise this time. I was just too busy and not inspire to blog.

Not having sex really affects me A LOT, and I haven’t had any this week ’cause I did my periodically STD test, and I had to put my lover’s penises on standby until I get my results next week. 

However, Eric said he’s fucking on Sunday regardless. So hot!

Some people need yoga, some others just a goodnight sleep, and some even a cup of coffee to feel inspired and energised… Why can I be like any normal human?

I cannot function properly without sex and it’s annoying.

And speaking of sex, Sean messaged me this week… I haven’t seen him in weeks ’cause he moved and also changed job (not to mention he has a boyfriend) but he promised to make more time for me and my ass after this week.

You know, its not like I need more sex (actually I’m lying,) but ugh… Before Philipe, Sean was my biggest crush. 

I wish I could meet someone more average, more humble and less complicated than all the hung demigods I sleep with. They know they’re hot and get fucking cocky sometimes, which I hate. Nevertheless, I was actually happy to hear from Sean.

They’d better gang-bang me in celebration next week!

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Stormy Daniels Just Had To Go And Ruin Mario Kart For Everyone

“Mario Kart” has been trending all day today, and at first I figured it was because there’s a new game, or it’s the anniversary of that shit, or maybe Super Mario was killed off in a tragic kart accident.

It’s a billion times worse than the last one. 

Stormy has already said that her one-time fuck of terror with Trump lasted less than two minutes, but not she got more graphic…

The Guardian published an excerpt from Stormy’s new book Full Disclosure where she says that Trump doesn’t exactly have a Triple I-Y dick (an “Is It In Yet?” dick), but that he’s not as hung as his ego and it felt like a losing game of Mario Kart was being played in her pussy when he boned her.

She describes Trump’s penis as “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small”.

“He knows he has an unusual penis,” Daniels writes. “It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool…

“I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart…

Stormy Daniels is an enemy of my teenage years for this!

Not only did she ruin Mario Kart for everyone, but the next time I’m at a Chinese restaurant and my plate of delicious pan-fried noodles arrives, I’m going to look at the fried noodles and the tiny wet mushrooms and think of Trump’s Yeti pubes and dick.

And then I’m going to have to ask for a box. No, not to take my food home, but to barf into.

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Maybe I Should Sleep

Eric is coming tomorrow and Philipe after tomorrow. Sleep what?

Clearly, hardcore sex and exhaustion it’s how I wanna go.

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Tremendously Wet

It’s been a very sexy week for me… 

Phil texted me last night asking me if I wanted to cuddle, which, to be honest, surprised me ’cause he’s not really a sensitive guy. His messages were less hardcore and more softcore with 2 oz of affection and a dash tenderness. Again, not like him. But it was cute.

Sadly, I already had plans with my latest crush, Philipe… a 24 yo local french Canadian that can easily be mistaken for an Arab due to his thick black beard and gorgeous face. Dude is symmetrical perfection and his grey/blue eyes only enhances the beauty of his visage.

Last night, I broke all the rules with him. We bonded so quick that even my wifi was like “I feel a connection.” The funny thing is that we had already spotted each other in the past (about two years ago,) the gay world is  small and faces like his are impossible to forget… And he thought the same.

“I thought I won’t had any luck with you” he said, before fucking me like a pro and making me sweat (soaking wet) and ejaculate three different times.

“Je suis à toi” (I’m yours) he told me… And I kissed him passionately while thinking what am I going do with Eric, Ludovic and Phil? 

I won’t be able to handle 4 guys, but Philipe is one I definitely want in my life.

“Lundi, mardi”? he ask before leaving. “Probably Tuesday” I replied.

He was asking me for our next encounter so I said “Tuesday” ’cause in theory I’m supposed to see Ludovic tomorrow and Eric on Monday.

However, after last night, I’m conflicted.

Anyway, I haven’t sweat so much during sex in a long time, and I haven’t had such a strong bond with someone either. Perhaps Philipe is the guy I was waiting for, or perhaps not. But the fact is he’s tremendously hot, and made me tremendously wet. 

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Scruff Wants to End Discrimination

Kudos to Scruff for addressing the thorny topic of racial “profiling” on gay hookup apps.

I’ve never understood why gay men, of all people, don’t understand why putting “No fats, no femmes, no Asians” in their profiles is a problem. Everyone has preferences of one kind or another, there’s just no need to be a dick about it.

Is it really so difficult to simply ignore a message from someone you’re not interested in? Of course not, everyone already does it all the time. 

I had this conversation with Phil the other day, and he was like: “Oh I haven’t feel any discrimination in the community” and I was like: “Look at you, you’re a blue-eyed blond, hot and young. Of course you haven’t”

Personally, I’ve faced discrimination due to my age, ethnicity and whatever else. However, it doesn’t affect me because I know who I am. Besides, I always score the hottest guys. 

In short, we all deserve to be treated with respect. 

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Big & Solid

I finally received my new bed, and spent few hours at putting it together while I carried the old one outside for the garbage to collect, or whoever needs a brown leather bed.

It was a hard work and not because I’m not handy, but because of the weight of the new bed. The pieces are heavy, so it’s solid. But that’s the kind of bed my non-vanilla sexual life needs. And to inaugurate such event my husband came to score a perfect 10!

Just like my bed, Ludovic’s dick is big and solid.

A pleasure to see, to touch, to eat, to feel… inside… me.

He gave me unashamed ecstasy, and perhaps I’ll see him on Sunday again ’cause he truly wants me to have new memories (and his loads) on this new bed.

Now, I need to change furniture and buy a new lamp in order to match the new colour of bed. The same way I change men when they no longer match my mood.

And for now, every inch of Ludovic is the best mood of me.

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