A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday I had a date with Minh, I didn’t really expected much other than a friendly get together… Well, it got beyond friendly. Minh was actually a lot more attractive in person… 22 year old, versatile, same height as I, straight acting, intelligent, talkative, in charge… I was totally surprise ’cause in pictures he looks more twinkish/boyish, somehow amateurish… Oh God, wrong me!

He showered me in compliments the whole night, making me feel uncomfortable ’cause compliments makes me shy. However, I was really impressed by his determination and the way thing were turning out.

He was supposed to let me top him, but his penis found me “too sexy”.

He had a great ass and I was working it out, but he wanted to fuck me so I let him be in charge… Again, I was incredulous by the whole dynamic, he truly impressed me… He was a great kisser, aggressive, sweet, fun, dedicated and very into all of me. We had a great chemistry like wtf! 

Our business done lying in bed we kept talking discovering each other… It felt like I knew him forever… that familiar feeling only a boyfriend supplies, the complete relax the arms of the person you trust provides.

I thanked him for the night and to remind me that an easy fuck you can find tons, but to find chemistry is only for the blessed…

And despite all,  I’m not so doomed.

Meanwhile On My Deathbed…

With my cold dying, I got several messages today as if people sensed my relieve.

Hubby a.k.a bello (one of my ex’s) texted me from Hong Kong and asked me what I want as a birthday present… so I told him about my SUNGLASSES. So, he was like….

I love Hubby (even if he doesn’t get me those,) he’s amazing!

Also, Randy (my regular sexmate) messaged me asking me if I needed him tonight… Obviously I told him that I need him EVERY night, but that I was still a bit sick so… not tonight. Sadly. 

Also, I got a message from Marc André (my latest lover) so I’ll probably see him later this week because I win’t be cured until I cum.

And finally, I got few texts from Domenic and Minh, two guys I haven’t blog much about because we are only in talks so far…

Domenic is a nurse so he’s been checking on me as well. He’s nice with me (and pretty much a bastard to other people,) but he’s not really my type. And Minh is an Asian guy who wants to cure me from being a bottom and turn me into a top again. So adorable!!

Long story short, I can’t wait to get busy again.


I spent my days off in bed (Tuesdays and Wednesday) I caught a cold.

Sore throat, cough, body ache… I feel like shit!

However, today I worked so I had no choice but to force myself out of bed… Which was a good thing ’cause I was going crazy. My bed is to sleep and to fuck, not for me to be sick.

Obviously, I haven’t had any sexy activity since Monday.

Marc-Andre is been texting me these days, he seems very into me… Which is a good thing ’cause awesome lovers like him is what my body needs. At the same time, I’m frustrated because this stupid cold cannot be any more inopportune.

And speaking of awesome lovers, Justin WhatsApped me today trying to get on my nerves because otherwise is not love.

If anything, his provocations always make me feel alive and I love him for that.

Anyway these awful symptoms need to go away ’cause I need to get laid.

No Longer Blue

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been working a lot and sleeping a bit. My brain was not in any writing mode.

Luckily, sex is the cure to all my limitations, the bad weather, the high taxes and anything uncool. That said I started the week the right way thanks to Marc-André, my latest man…

Because we are what we do to change what we are.

Marc A was an unexpected surprise, he was actually interesting beyond his sex. See, I tend to objectify people and see nothing else (because in most cases that’s the only good they have) but Marc A was not only a hung hot fuck, he actually had a personality, a conversation, and on top of all he gave me more than orgasm… He gave me affection.

Marc is a lot younger than I (like everybody else in the city) but he looks slightly older (like many in the city). For some reason he thought I was 23, so when I told him I was almost 99 he got even hornier… “Ça se peut pas, c’est impossible” was his first reaction. And the second, exploring me!

Obviously his reaction was nothing new, and even though kinky younger guys are hot, disbelieve about my age is as common as hearing the word “sexy”. As a mater of fact I got carded twice at the liquor store this week.

In short, by far Marc-André is one of the best scores I had in the last weeks. And most important, he cured my temporary blues. 

Reality Check Please!! Part 4

It’s been a while since I had a reality check episode but here we are…

So, Jean Philippe (one of my hot WhatsApp contacts) texted me today out of the blue. He was like “why we haven’t met yet?” and blah blah… I was like “because I had a bf?” 

He was all horny asking me pictures and stuff, so I played along because I’m the biggest cock teaser ever. 

Then he asked me to go to his place because he didn’t “travel” acting all princess and shit, and that’s when I was like “excuse YOU?!”

See, he was the one looking for me, not me for him! 

So I had to make him come back to reality. 

Things got a bit more heated than what you see above, but over all I made clear that I DON’T NEED HIM.

People tend to tell me to be more confident because of my self-deprecating/shy ways, but when I speak the truth they accuse me of being a cocky bragging prick. 

The fact is I don’t need ANY guy, because there’s always MORE at my door.

So when they feel too special and act stupid I just laugh at their face.

Jean-Philippe couldn’t take my rejection and he video called me. Then, LIVE I had to tell him the facts because whoever looks for drama with a Latino guy simply won the lottery with me.

Curiously, instead of getting scare of my ass he got more obsessed. In other words, he got more excited and still wants to fuck me.

Men… Who understand them? But actually, who cares?

What’s important here is that THEY understand me. Because I don’t have to deal with them, they have to deal with ME!

Good Vibes

Don’t get fooled by my looks or the stuff I do, I have things very clear, I know who I am and I know what I’m looking for… All the sex I have and the men in my bed are just my way to keep sane.

If you ask me, I will always chose to be in a relationship rather than have many lovers at the same time.

But in the times we live relationships are not everybody’s dream.

Humans got allergic to compromise and feeling too much, the same way assorted perverts are addicted to Snapchat.

Also, for me to be in a relationship it takes more than a hot cock or a pretty face. It takes essence, it takes brain, it takes charm, and it takes a man able to handle me… because as sweet, as considerate, as submissive and as whatever they want me to be, I am also demanding.

And I demand FAIRNESS!

I’ll give you whatever you want from me, but I need to receive the same amount of satisfaction from you.

If Im nice to you, you also have to be nice with me. Simple. That’s how things work in anything THAT WORKS!

But not everyone uses their logic, and not eveyone have self-respect.

That said, today the gods sent my way a new man… *insert laughing face*

Unlike any of my previous or current affairs, this guy is not as gorgeous in the face. He’s more like meh! BUT, he has a nice body, he is a total beast down there and most important he has a great unselfish attitude, which is very sexy in my book… And while sex and love are two different things, they both put you in a happy mood.

This guy give me “fairness” vibes, he seem considerate and a giver.

If I’m blogging about him is because I have nothing else to blog about since I haven’t had sex in a while (about 2 days,) so instead of talking about the angry American society, the Whoredashians or whatever other mess out there, I’d rather write about how the Sex Gods prevent my loneliness from killing me… Thank you gods!! 

So yeah I may try that new guy… or may not, who knows? I’m unpredictable (a.k.a moody af). At least for now, he gives me good vibes.

What’s Sleep?

I went to bed at 8 AM. My life is a mess!

Since I’m catching up with sexy, Randy came to see me super late last night… And few hours later, Tomy also arrived… By then it was about 4 AM.

Although with Randy lust was consumed, with Tomy was only cuddles.

Since many offered me themselves in order to sleep well, I decided to go for my regular sexmates.

However, sleep went to hell ’cause Tomy was not in any mood to let me rest…  Seriously, I’ve barely sleep this week. Actually, what’s sleep?

By 7 AM my stomach needed food, so Tomy got me something to eat like the considerate man that he is (more like, hunger makes me a total bitch).

Around 8 AM he finally left, so I slept for 2 hours…

I no longer know what’s worst, sleep alone or sleep with too many? 

Clearly my shit is too extreme, but at least I released.