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Tune Of The Day

Corazón by (my husband) Maluma ft. Nego do Borel

Ahora te digo goodbye.

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Negligence or Sunken by Accident?

The disappearance of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan and her 44 crew on Nov. 15 is the most serious incident for the country’s armed forces in decades.

The official version is a salad of incongruousness as it’s the case of most big tragedies involving governments.

Argentine navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said it’s not known “exactly what happened” to the missing vessel, while a search and rescue mission involving aircraft and 13 ships from seven countries  including the Brits (war enemies of the Falkland Islands) and the Americans.

Coincidentally, both were making naval practices near Chile…

Strangely enough and to add more stupor, the government refused the Russian aid.

What really happened here?

Some are accusing the government of negligence (rumour has it the submarine signalled a malfunction but the government didn’t allow them to resurface) while some others are thinking something went wrong during those other countries practices.

Negligence or sunken by accident?

The fact is 44 souls lost all faith 3000 metres under the sea.

Condolences to all the families. May those sailors rest in peace.

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Russia 2018 Welcomes PERU

Nothing, absolute NOTHING unites people like sports do.

Last night Peru won 2-0 over New Zealand, breaking a curse of 35 years (out of the big game) and wining a golden ticket to one of biggest sport events of the planet: the World Cup!

Needles to say, it was an emotional game for Peru and for all South America.

Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and so on not only broadcast the event, but EVERYONE wore the colours of Peru last night. And that is exactly what makes soccer so amazing, it has the capacity to vanish rivalry and unify nations.

Historically, Peru was at war with Chile and Ecuador, Argentina and Chile hate each other, and also Brazil and Argentina has unresolved issues. Venezuela and Colombia don’t get along, Colombia and Ecuador is just a NO. And Argentine people are the most hated by many due to their superiority complex…

In other words, South America is a big dysfunctional family out of a TELENOVELA where bitches kick and slap left and right. BUT, we all share the same passion for soccer in our blood and that makes us brothers.

Last night South America became one for Peru. It was a historic event.

It took 35 years and 90 minutes to tell the world: We are Peru, and we are back!

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María Martha Serra Lima Has Died

María Martha Serra Lima, the Argentine singer who sold more albums in the history of her country, died yesterday at 72 in Miami where she lived for 30 years.

The artist could not overcome two operations on her spine to which she submitted a month ago.

She said then that she was “very scared” with the intervention, but she made the decision to go to the operating room to avoid being paralysed.

María Martha Serra Lima was an icon of romantic music during the 80’s, and one of the first women to jump to the international scene from Buenos Aires.

Yo soy débil y fuerte a la vez, con virtudes y defectos y que…

Her voice sounded at Madison Square Garden in New York and her records were a hit in most Spanish speaking countries.

A sad day for music, but heaven just got more romantic. RIP legend!

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Where is Santiago Maldonado?

On August 1, in the midst of a confrontation between the Lof Cushamen Mapuche community in Patagonia (a community fighting for their ancestral lands in the southern part of Argentina, which are currently occupied by large corporations like Benetton and Lewis groups, among others) and the Argentine Gendarmerie (border patrol), Santiago Maldonado (an activist) went missing.

Multiple witnesses saw Maldonado being detained by the Gendarmerie and put into a van. Yet, there is no official record of his detainment, and nothing has been seen or heard of him since.

This case recalls the tens of thousands of forced disappearances that occurred under Argentina’s military dictatorship between 1976–1983, but now under a democratically elected government.

Few days ago, a body was found floating in the icy waters of a southern Argentina river, the body is that of Maldonado…

“Where is Santiago Maldonado?” was a hot topic in social media in Argentina for several months, loaded with anger and frustration.

The “search” is over, Santiago is dead. To ask Where is Santiago Maldonado is no longer appropriate. The question now is WHAT HAPPENED to Santiago Maldonado?

These are dark, sad and shameful days for Argentina.

And a tragic day for humans rights and justice. 

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