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Tune Of The Day

Corazón by (my husband) Maluma ft. Nego do Borel

Ahora te digo goodbye.

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Tune Of The Day

Hey DJ by CNCO ft Yandel

Y así nos vamos enamorando, y tu cuerpo me va seduciendo 

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Tune Of The Day: Halloween Edition

Whether it’s werewolves, vampires or the darkness, these songs may not be about Halloween, but they all have something sombre in them. 

Below few songs to play on repeat today:

Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Off with your head, dance ’til you’re dead.

La Chica Vampira by Papa Topo

Me he convertido en su amante clandestino…

What’s A Girl To Do? by Bat For Lashes

I didn’t want to tell him that my heart grows colder with each day.

Monster by Lady Gaga

We might’ve fucked not really sure, don’t quite recall…

Mirrors by Natalia Kills

 Sex, love, control, vanity.


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Tune Of The Day

La Llamada by Papa Topo

Dormir cada noche con alguien distinto…

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New Book Of 20 Years Ago

I bought a new book, in Spanish this time.

Secretos del túnel (Secrets of the Tunnel). A real story told with the force of an intense report.

December 17, 1996. A squad of the MRTA terrorist group captures the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru.

72 hostages . A long captivity of 126 days without light, without water, overcrowded in 5 rooms, overwhelmed by a hot summer and subjected to cruel mocking of firing.

4 tunnels dug in 100 days under the mansion to execute the rescue operation. An elite group called The Tenacious Patrol, trained in a replica of the mansion built against time.

April 22, 1997, a spectacular operation known worldwide (Operation Chavín de Huántar)achieves the rescue of 71 hostages alive.

I remember this whole story as it was yesterday… There was a party that night at the Japanese embassy and all the guests were diplomats and politicians. Most of the 800 hostages were released promptly; all women, without exception, including the mother of the President (Alberto Fujimori) back then… But the terrorists didn’t realised that. I was 20 year old.

This book is based on dozens of testimonies, documented archives and confidential sources. Interesting? Definitely! More to come.

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Tune Of The Day

Me Rehúso by Danny Ocean

Así como te gusta baby.

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Tune Of The Day

Hacela Bien by Alfonso El Pintor

Que no te vean, que no me cuenten…

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