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New Book Of 20 Years Ago

I bought a new book, in Spanish this time.

Secretos del túnel (Secrets of the Tunnel). A real story told with the force of an intense report.

December 17, 1996. A squad of the MRTA terrorist group captures the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru.

72 hostages . A long captivity of 126 days without light, without water, overcrowded in 5 rooms, overwhelmed by a hot summer and subjected to cruel mocking of firing.

4 tunnels dug in 100 days under the mansion to execute the rescue operation. An elite group called The Tenacious Patrol, trained in a replica of the mansion built against time.

April 22, 1997, a spectacular operation known worldwide (Operation Chavín de Huántar)achieves the rescue of 71 hostages alive.

I remember this whole story as it was yesterday… There was a party that night at the Japanese embassy and all the guests were diplomats and politicians. Most of the 800 hostages were released promptly; all women, without exception, including the mother of the President (Alberto Fujimori) back then… But the terrorists didn’t realised that. I was 20 year old.

This book is based on dozens of testimonies, documented archives and confidential sources. Interesting? Definitely! More to come.

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Tune Of The Day

Me Rehúso by Danny Ocean

Así como te gusta baby.

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Tune Of The Day

Hacela Bien by Alfonso El Pintor

Que no te vean, que no me cuenten…

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Tune Of The Day

Perro Fiel by Shakira ft. Nicky Jam

Que en mi cama sea salvaje y peligroso.

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Tune Of The Day

Sé Que Te Duele by Alejandro Fernández ft. Morat

Y ya no quiero nada contigo.

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LIVE Of The Day

Vente Pa’ Ca by Ricky Martin ft. (my husband) Maluma

Si tu boca quiere beso y tu cuerpo quiere de eso, arreglamos…

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Coco Loco by Two Man Sound

Un día aquí, un día allá.

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