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Nada que ver by Lo’ Pibitos Feat. De La Rivera

Tú dices hasta acá, yo hasta donde dé.

Por Ese Hombre by Pimpinela ft Dyango

 Que fueron muchos años de soledad, que ya nunca podría volver con él…

Tú y Yo y el Loco Amor by GODDESS Monica Naranjo

Solo nos queda retomar lo que dejamos sin final.

Europa by GODDESS Monica Naranjo

La decadencia… La solución final…

Related imageThere’s no denying that Élite, Netflix’s Spanish teen drama, is a highly addictive show to watch.

I fell in love with the series last year when the show wowed me with a shocking murder mystery and surprisingly queer storylines. In season one, we meet a group of teens at Las Encinas, an exclusive high school for some of Spain’s richest students. Marina, a popular student who happens to be HIV+, is dead, and one of her classmates murdered her.

The premise isn’t exactly new for teen drama, but unlike the American shows, Élite breathes new life into the genre with fresh takes on themes like anxiety, forbidden love, incest, sexual fluidity, classism, and more while cranking up the drama.

This series is full of hot characters, and this season got some more.

Image result for elite tumblr valerio

Obviously I watched Season 2 nonstop last night… 

Related image

It’s just too good.

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Well this is a sad one for music…

Camilo Sesto was a Spanish singer, songwriter, and producer whose romantic ballads were huge hits across the Spanish-speaking world in the 1970s and ‘80s. 

He sold more than 100 million albums and was called by Billboard “one of the most iconic voices in Latin pop of the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

Last Sunday Sesto was rushed to the hospital after suffering a cardiopulmonary arrest related to ongoing kidney issues, and he was pronounced dead three hours later. He was 72 years old.

Related imageSpanning over 40 albums in his 50-years career, Sesto’s body of work will be remembered for his ballads, many of which he compiled on his last release, 2018’s Camilo Sinfónico, a symphonic rendition of selection from his back catalogue featuring duets with Spanish singers: QUEEN Marta Sánchez, Pastora Soler, Ruth Lorenzo, and GODDESS Mónica Naranjo.

His popular singles include “Algo de Mi” (“Something of Me”), “Donde Estes, Con Quien Estes” (“Wherever You Are, Whoever You’re With”), and “Perdoname” (Forgive Me”).

Although Sesto lived a relatively quiet life, he made waves on the 1975 conservative Spanish society during the latter days of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship when he translated, financed, produced, and starred in his own adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar, opening the door for large-scale musical theatre in Spain.

Camilo Sesto made an indelible print on the history of Iberoamerican music and will be missed by millions of fans around the world.

Rest in peace Sir.

El Cepillo by Fulanito

Que comience la fiesta!