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The human urge to classify and collect enables us to understand and explore the universe, but that impulse also make some pretty fanatical about the things we love from the modern world.

Artist Richard Wilkinson is working on a collection of illustrations that celebrate that trait in both Natural History and modern culture.

The first book, Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I: Insects From A Far Away Galaxy, takes its inspiration from perhaps the most widely recognised subject of obsessive fandom: Star Wars.

Some are instantly recognisable. Others take some time.

 Not only a great idea, but executed to perfection!


The infamous Darth Vader is defined by his corrupt deeds that inflicted evil throughout the universe. Good, however, triumphed over evil with rebel forces ultimately destroying the Empire and Vader’s prized Death Star.

Photographer Michaël Massart imagines his own story of what happened from there, and it’s completely different than what we’ve seen before… In his series called The Empire Against the Crisis, Massart has created Star Wars fan art that is grounded in reality.

May the force be with Massart ’cause Vader is going to destroy him for making fun of him.

Regardless, anything Lord Vader is awesome!

The Last Jedi, the new poster (and trailer) has been revealed. It’s a big mashup of all your favourite characters from the film, with Luke Skywalker looming over them all. But my favourite part is that, right in the middle, is the late, great, Carrie Fisher.

You know, they’re basically redoing the original trilogy with new characters.

Regarless, the original trilogy is the masterpiece that marked my childhood and everything was amazing. This version is not exception and I can’t wait to see it.

If you’re reading this, you’re on the internet. And if you’re on the internet today, it’s pretty hard to avoid the fact that it’s May 4, also known as May the 4th be with you, also known as Star Wars Day. And we’re all just looking for ways to celebrate.

One way may be to buy, or at least look at, all of the brand new art that has been released for Star Wars Day. Let’s begin with s a BB-8 piece by Andy Fairhurst, available through the Bottleneck Gallery.

The next pieces are all from Acme Archives and are available at this link.

Wooden Nickel just released the below piece at this link.

And this site, Spoke Art, just added one more as a surprise too.


If you’re planning to build your own lightsaber, droid, or time-traveling DeLorean replica, the first place you need to visit is the Replica Prop Forum. It’s the online hangout for builders to share tips and photos of their creations.

It’s also where you’ll find Darren Moser detailing his build of a life-size K-2SO puppet from Star Wars: Rogue One.

Given how tall and lanky the Imperial droid turned rebel is, Moser had to abandon plans to build his K-2SO as a costume, opting instead to turn it into a wearable puppet he could operate from behind.

YouTube’s Tested channel had a chance to check out how far Moser’s creation has come at a recent RPF party where builders gathered to show off their props and replicas.

Check it out. Epic stuff!!

The year 2016 has seen many legends lost, and we’re left mourning their passing while celebrating their legacy.

For many people, Princess Leia was their first introduction to Fisher’s fearlessness and wit characteristics that translated into her off-screen life. She was quick to point out double standards women faced in Hollywood, spoke openly about her struggles with mental illness, and empowered her fans to stand up for themselves in the face of adversity.

Although Princess Leia might be her most memorable role, Fisher’s other contributions will continue to inspire for a long time to come.

Some have channelled their grief into artwork.

Below, an open list from the artistic tributes to Carrie that have been popping up all over internet in her memory.

artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-23-58637dd380b59__700artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-39-58637e0248497__700artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher59-58638bdb841c3__700artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-4-58637da69f325__700 artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-9-58637db4c44a9__700carrie-fisher-rip-6 artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-34-58637df7b1fe4__700carrie-fisher-rip-15 artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-10-58637db624888__700artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher61-58638f456e826__700-1artists-pay-tribute-princess-leia-carrie-fisher-7-58637daeb1b29__700

Very touching.

thumbnail_fullsizerender-1Yesterday Xavier took me to the cinema, we watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The movie was good, although it didn’t excited me as the previous one… But since I’m a crying woman, it managed to get me a little emotional in one short nostalgic scene when characters from the past (or the future) made a cameo.

I didn’t know much about the cast, so it was a nice surprise to see some foreign stars in main roles, such as Mexican actor Diego Luna, or Chinese legend Donnie Yen and director/actor Jiang Wen… overall nicely done! 


After the film we thought to go eat but our resto of choice was closed, so we did groceries, got a Starbucks and a small box of KFC for Xavier to try cuz he never did, obviously he loved it… #JunkFoodLover

Once home we took a shower, I cooked (he complimented my chef skills) and after all done, he had me for dessert.

This morning, I was naked and defenceless so he tried to do me. However, I refused’ ’cause I promised my parents I’ll keep my virginity until marriage. He didn’t buy it, but I didn’t care.

My ass needs a rest before he take it on New Year again… because that’s the only way to receive the New Year.

We also went for breakfast to the hipster area of the city, and to a Sexshop around to get some fun stuff before taking separate ways.


In short, it was amazing to spend few days together.