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“Brave Red Maiden” costume

Whatever genius they have over at Yandy in charge of translating popular characters into scratchy lingerie for Halloween has really outdone themselves this year.

For once, instead of just offering up skimpy polyester panties that will give you a yeast infection, they’ve offered a poignant musing on sexism and the patriarchy; with an ironic twist!

This year, Yandy created the “Brave Red Maiden” costume, inspired by everybody’s favourite dramedy, The Handmaid’s Tale. Unfortunately, too many people hate fun because Yandy has bowed to pressure and taken it off the shelves. 

Here’s what they were offering:

Finally, a costume for the woman who wants to stand before the Congress to demand abortion rights while satisfying their narrow expectations of female beauty.

Come on, people! This is the most covered up and demure thing they’ve EVER produced.  

I’m sorry, but if I saw somebody actually out wearing this costume I would fall to my knees and kiss those stripper heels.

Anyway, haters should save some outrage for the truly questionable costumes Yandy is still getting away with, like the Yandy Indian Sweetheart:


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Looks like the people over at DC were inspired by their latest Batman, Ben Affleck, much more than anyone first thought. Not really by his performance of Batman itself, but by the performance of his dick in Gone Girl. Does art imitate life or life imitate art? Who knows.

Vice is reporting that in the first of a three-issue miniseries called Damned, our favourite extremely rich and broody super hero Batman, shows us his tool, and not one from around his belt, honey.

That’s right! Batman shows dick, and we aren’t talking Grayson. The NSFW (Is comic book dick NSFW?) is below and like Batman, Batdick is moody as hell and lurks in the shadows.

My thanks to writers Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo who decided that Batman’s cut dick was relevant to the plot development of this narrative. Thank you for your hard work.

So, after this  maybe there’s some Superpeen on the horizon? Oh god I hope so! I hope this means they keep Henry Cavill as Superman. 

Now Clark, it’s your turn. Let’s see what you’re packing, homeboy…

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Hurricane Florence has taken several lives and left almost a million people without power. It’s tragic and dramatic on its own, but while reporting from Wilmington, North Carolina during the hurricane, Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel decided to bring more drama…

He appeared to be bravely reporting while being buffeted by torrential rain and winds gusting at a hundred-something MPH that wanted to blow him away to the afterworld.

However, it looks like Mike is somewhat of a meteorological drama queen.

While Mike was acting like he was Helen Hunt in Twister, two dudes calmly walked by behind him, seemingly untroubled by the inclement weather.

It sort of diluted the moment.

A helpful PHD on Twitter also took the time to explain to us laypeople that, if you’re really gunning for a crown, you want to remember which way the wind is blowing.

Anyhow, my prayers are with those who are suffering this hurricane. Please stay safe.

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Captain MEHrvel

It’s been over two years since we found out that Brie Larson would be doing what many have done before her by turning their Oscar around and whispering “You don’t need to see this” as they signed a contract for a big-budget superhero movie.

And now Brie is playing Captain Marvel in her own movie.  But she looks more like Captain Mehrvel ready for Halloween on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

I gotta be honest, I don’t like Brie. I find he boring and not believable in most of her roles.

Captain Marvel isn’t scheduled for release until March of 2019, so this will have to satisfy conformist nerds until then.

I don’t know if it’s the hair, but she looks like a basic office assistant randomly put in a latex suit. She’s meh, but make that coin, girl.

That said, I’m not excited whatsoever about this. But it’s what it is. I guess…

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The Seal And The Butterfly

Sometimes you just have odd couples that make you wonder how they got together in the first place…like Sonny and Cher, peanut butter and bananas, and that time Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears all hung out (yes, I know that is technically a throuple, but cut me some slack: it’s Saturday!).

Well, if you happened to find yourself at the Oregon Zoo in Portland recently, you may have seen a new odd couple: Kaya, a baby harbor seal, saw a butterfly on the other side of the glass to her tank and decided she just wants to be where the people, errr, butterflies are!

Like all good flirts in the club, Kaya just kinda wanders alongside the butterfly and stares it dead in the eyes like the creepiest of stalkers. Then, it turns into some light hovering and chasing before you see Kaya start to wave and do flips to charm her new friend.

I mean, Kaya totally wants to eat the damn thing like it’s a good mid-morning snack, but, thanks to that glass, we can all tell ourselves it’s a magical moment of friendship because this world needs more happy stories.

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Summer Is Over, Or So Says Starbucks

Even though the sun is still shining and the calendar clearly says “August,” Starbucks has gone ahead and made it officially fall by launching Pumpkin Spice Lattes earlier than usual. As of today, you can put on your legs in Uggs and leggings, and walk them down to your local Starbucks and ask for a “Pumpkin Spice Latte…”

A name that sounds better than “Basic White Girl Fuel!”

Because PSL + Uggs and Leggings =

According to Business Insider:

… Starbucks is in fact launching the Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier than it ever has in years past. While Starbucks has offered select customers access to the PSL in late August, prior to an official launch in the first week of September, this is the first time that the drink has officially debuted in August.

BI says that the decision to launch PSL early is because Starbucks has been having a rough go of things lately with the having to shut all their stores for anti-racism training…

And what says “we’re committed to combating racism” better than sugary drinks that taste like dirt?! Pure, overpriced bullshit!!!

Fake pumpkin flavor or scent is right up there on my list of “NOs” alongside those pine cones sprayed with glitter and fake cinnamon scent and “Black Ice” pine tree air freshener.

The fact is, it’s August 29. Can we all just calm the fuck down about this Autumn shit?

I’m in Montreal and it’s currently 36°Celsius … Or translated in American (the only humans using Fahrenheit) would be 96.8 °Fahrenheit.

Wake me up when September ends.

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If You Ever Got Impeached

Viral YouTube star Randy Rainbow was busy this weekend with his latest number, If You Ever Got Impeached, which is set to the tune Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg’s classic If I Only Had A Brain from The Wizard Of Oz.

As always, I won’t give away any of the jokes but you’ll definitely enjoy Randy’s inventive rhymes.

Not only is Randy clever with the lyrics, he has a fantastic voice. He never disappoints.

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