Buh Bye America

U.S. News and World Report have released their annual rankings of countries.

Taking into account factors such as quality of life, power, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and citizenship, the study ranked the United States 7th this year behind Sweden.

That’s down three spots for 2016’s ranking… because making America great again was the most self-destructive decision ever made.

Switzerland finished atop the 2017 rankings as world’s best countries.

Canada, ranked second on the list.

The other countries are The United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

Shower Beer


A Swedish creative called Snask has hooked up with a brewery called Pangpang to bring the world the FIRST EVER shower beer called Shower Beer! As if every beer is not already a shower beer.

People says that Shower Beer was created specifically to drink in between washing your ass and crying on the floor of your shower.

Shower Beer just seems dangerous to me. It’s like an ER visit waiting to happen. Glass + water everywhere = cut up feet.

And if you drink a few Shower Beers, you may get a little horny, which may lead to you getting ideas after eyeing that bottle… You may end up in the ER, telling the doctor that you slipped in the shower and landed asshole-first on a little beer bottle on the floor.

Who put that little beer bottle there?!

Now that I mention it, what the world really needs is a safe-to-use shower dildo that’s also filled with beer!!