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Disney has been hyping this for three fucking years.

Was it worth it? For Disney, yes I’m sure it is. Hardcore Lion King fans are already losing their shit with excitement.

I have to admit this trailer got everything!

90s nostalgia: check! Childhood nostalgia: check! Lion King nostalgia: check! The only things missing are charm and originality.

Regardless, Lion King remake > Aladdin remake. 

For years now, we all know that Disney (and Hollywood overall) characters/stories are rip-offs of foreign material. That old Lion King reference from The Simpsons was a deeper reference than it first appeared. 

You remember the one: Mufasa appears in the clouds, bidding Lisa to “avenge my death, Kimba—I mean, Simba.”

If you didn’t get the Kimba bit, that’s okay, neither did most Americans.

What the bit is referring to is Kimba The White Lion, a Japanese manga (I actually watched when I was a kid) character created by Osamu Tezuka that was maybe (almost definitely) the inspiration for The Lion King’s Simba.

And, as the above video essay from Alli Kat shows, that’s not all Disney “borrowed” from the Kimba-centric flick King Of The Jungle, a film that’s never received a proper English release.

But that Disney was so clearly inspired by Kimba isn’t the problem here.

Rather, it’s that Disney has long asserted that The Lion King was its first original animated film, and that it’s never heard of King of the Jungle or Tezuka.

And when you see the side-by-side glimpses afforded by the above video it’s pretty impossible not to see the similarities, whether it be in the characters themselves, the design flourishes, or even specific shots.

Sure, Kimba’s dad dies by drowning rather then wildebeest stampede, but his clamber up the rock wall and denial of saving by the story’s nefarious antagonist still looks familiar.

Obviously, this isn’t a cry to disavow The Lion King or any such thing.

But it is another reason to distrust any company with as much power as Disney, who sent a cease and desist to the company behind 1997 King Of The Jungle sequel Jungle Emperor Leo for ripping off their idea… HA! The nerve!!

In short, Lion King is not just inspired by Hamlet like Disney would say.

The teaser trailer for Disney’s latest minimal effort cash grab, the live-action remake of The Lion King, rolled out few days ago while many of us were busy eating animals.

Which is alarming if you think about it.

Here’s Disney, trying to get us invested in the inner lives of talking birds and stuff, as Americans were feasting on the carcasses of their brethren. (Btw Happy belated Thanksgiving to you).

In classic “teaser trailer” fashion, we really don’t get much. But then again, we don’t need much with this one. Most of the world has already seen this movie.

And from the looks of things, there’s not going to be much difference.

I have a question: How are CGI animals any more “live-action” than animated animals?

That lion cub looks cute but I can’t stand Beyonce or Seth Rogen. The original animated 90s version and the Broadway musical were masterpieces.

That’s enough for me.