Drama. Passion. Class: My Top 5 SPANISH LEGENDS

Some years ago I made a post of some of my favourite female artists, GODDESSES that have endured time and remain faithful to their style. Gifted ladies whose sole purpose is to share their talent and give joy without pretension, gossip or scandals.

Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite Spanish LEGENDS.

5 artists I grew up admiring because of their class, stage presence but mostly, their incredible voices. 

These ladies don’t need a playback because they sound 100x better  LIVE!

ISABEL PANTOJA  (aka. “Spain’s widow”)


ROCIO JURADO (a.k.a “The Greatest”) RIP



*I couldn’t find decent footage for the gorgeous Paloma.

Legendary excellence!!

4 Minutes Of Melancholy

How can a melody breaks you?

Browsing on Youtube I found a song I haven’t heard in ages (literally) and just like that, melancholy pulverised me, buried me and brought me back to life only to take me back in time…

There when we were younger in love, where nothing else existed, when life was perfect and the smallest thing was the best reason to live.

Sometimes the word “love” in English is not enough to describe what I feel when I think of him; when a song like this drills my subconscious and reaches what’s left of the better me.

Almost 10 years have passed by, and more will…

And when my time to die arrives, the image of him smiling at me all cute young and free, will probably be my last thought… before I go.