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Black Friday Death Count

Every year when Black Friday comes along, madness ensues.

People lineup for hours in the hopes of saving a few hundred dollars, and when those doors finally open, all hell breaks loose.

These uncivilised humans fight each other for products, while other literally tear it out of each others hands, so it’s no wonder than every year a lot of people get injured in the chaos of embarrassing consumerism.

Some even die…

Last year there were 3 deaths in America on Black Friday.

  • In San Antonio, a man tried to help a woman being beaten in a Walmart parking lot. He was shot.
  • Someone got shot over a Walmart parking spot fight in Reno
  • And there was a deadly shooting at a New Jersey mall.

So many bad things happen that there’s is actually a website that tracks every death and accident caused by Black Friday madness.

Now, this website tells you how many people died so far, and the last time I checked it, the count was at 10 death and 105 injuries.

Luckily those didn’t all happen this years, otherwise I’m pretty sure Black Friday would no longer exist (then again the American society is Pro-gun).

Here are the stats from the last 10 Black Friday sales, as well as a few honourable mentions.

Yup, absurd barbaric violence comes at 75% off in “the first world.” As idiotic as it sounds.

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The KKK Is Trying To Recruit In Canada

The Klu Klux Klan, the band of white-cowards-robe-wearing-piece-of-shit-racists/white supremacists based in the United States are upping their recruitment efforts in Canada, the CBC has learned.

One pathetic vocal supporter of the KKK took to Twitter to rally recruits, saying:

“Hey #Fredericton #NewBrunswick KKK is looking for white and Christian people in your area.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, comes from user @CanuckKlansman. 

Experts who spoke to CBC said there isn’t really an increased level of racism in New Brunswick, or Canada at-large.

Instead, the current political climate (read: Douchebag Trump) has created an environment where racists don’t feel scared to vocalise their views.

A KKK member from the US told CBC that the white supremacist group is indeed trying to proliferate their membership in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

A recruitment campaign for the KK was also launched in British Columbia last year. Flyers promoting white supremacist ideas were found outside of residences in several BC communities, dropped off in bags of white rice.

Seriously WTF?!

Canada likes to think of itself as warm and positive, opposite of America where racism and bigotry dominate the south.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say other than: Dear white idiots, FUCK OFF!!!

CANADA is way too civilised for you and all your racist crap. Thank you.

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Lips On Fire

People looking to hilarious medical experiment Kylie Jenner as their sensitivity spirit animal were shocked and even dismayed to see that she promoted her new Lip Kit line on Snapchat in front of televised news of the California wildfires that have claimed just under thirty lives. 

The living Bratz Doll appears in a selfie captioned “Autumn is available on KylieCosmetics.com” with the television screen in the background telling the equally important but slightly different story “Breaking News: Canyon Fire 2 Eyewitness News.” If she had included the word “lit” in her caption I would know that there’s a God. 

If Hollywood wasn’t Rapetown USA right now, with the deluge of Harvey Weinstein sexual assault accusations, Jenner’s snap might be making more of a splash on the Internet… Which is probably what she wanted because, attention-whores!

Anyhow, Kylie has a lot of catching up to do if she’s going to achieve the wow factor of her sister Kendall’s stupid ads.

Maybe walk up to a firefighter and offer him a Lip Kit? 

Jokes aside, I’m surprised that people keep assuming the Kards/Jenners think of anyone or anything other than themselves. 

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Tila Tequila Anti-Muslim Crusader

When missionary and Tila Tequila are in the same sentence and it means spreading her beliefs instead of her legs it’s a clear sign the world is ending.

If you’re the same age of my lovers and you don’t know her, she was a Myspace (one of the first social networks) personality before Facebook arrives, and she was a big reality attention-whore before the KarTrashians take over the world.

And yes, she’s also made in America because, of course!

Tequila isn’t too brilliant. She believes JLo is just a “Mexican with money” and in a new video she’s focused her hate on “fake Christians,” Muslims, and anyone darker than she is.

She states that since becoming a mother (YES! This deranged person is someone’s mother) she now wants to play by the rules and laws of the land, conservative style.

She’s anti-porn with two unsuccessful sex-tapes under her belt.

Muslims at least have the support of anti-discrimination laws backing them from bigots. But when you come for the removal of places like Pornhub on the internet, you’ve just made things personal. 

I’m all for a hookers and rehab, but when you become a hater because your genitals didn’t make you rich and famous you need to stfu and at least make people remember you like the hot-trashy-Asian-slut from the early 2000s.

Definitely much nicer than a lunatic hooker.

This woman is in desperate need of psychological help!

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Big Nazi BITCH Sobs On Camera After Being Told He’s Wanted By The Police: “I’m Terrified!”

Christopher Cantwell, the same vicious FUCKTARD Nazi seen here, has posted a sobbing video after being told that there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Cantwell claims he’s “terrified” the police will murder him if he turns himself in… because it’s all fun and games until your mom wants her sheets back.

Raw Story reports:

“I called the Charlottesville Police Department,” Cantwell said, “and said, ‘I have been told there’s a warrant out for my arrest. They said they wouldn’t confirm it but that I could find this out I could go to a magistrate or whatever.”

“With everything that’s happening, I don’t think it’s very wise for me to go anywhere,” he continued. “There’s a state of emergency, the National Guard is here!” He kept breaking off to wipe away tears, saying, “I don’t know what to do. I need guidance.”

“Our enemies will not stop, they’ve been threatening us all over the place,” he whined before freaking out that Chelsea Manning is threatening to “curb stomp” Nazis.

“You have no testosterone!”


These bastards are only brave in groups. Send them to fight ISIS, send them to fight drug lords and see how brave they are. 

Have fun in prison with a big black cock deep in your boyhole, bitch!

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Meanwhile In America…

It’s not only tragic what happened in Charlottesville (where thousands of neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, and other pieces of human trash gathered brandishing guns, torches, and Confederate flags) but what’s happening in that country, the absolute decadence of the United States is FUKIN DISGUSTING! 

It is funny to see how many Trump supporters are desperately trying to distance the #MAGA movement from any hint of racism, White Supremacy, and bigotry in light of the Charlotte shit show.

But they can’t erase the fact that Trump started his political career promoting the repellent idea that Obama wasn’t an actual American but probably Muslim. Or that he announced his run for the presidency by declaring that the Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists and they may even be from the Middle East, or the Muslim ban, or whatever else that IGNORANT FOOL has done and said.

In short, Trump is responsible for emboldening the racist vile pukes we saw in Charlotte. He made a place for them in the body politic. He gave a platform for them and each time he refuse to condemn them.

Each day he’s making America more disgusting and NOT so great!

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Fucked Up Hijo de Puta

Legendary Argentine soccer player mess Diego Maradona showed his support for the Venezuelan government of OFFENDER Nicolas Maduro in its “fight against imperialism,” on social media early this week.

Bitch posted on Facebook, “We are Chavistas until death. And when Maduro orders, I am dressed as a soldier for a free Venezuela, to fight against the imperialism and those who want to take our flags, which is the most sacred thing we have.”

Obviously his comments were condemned by everyone with common sense, ex-teammates and legendary South American soccer players.

Maradona was one of the greatest soccer players in history, but the hero he was on the field never match his personal life. On the contrary, he was undisciplined, disrespectful and unprofessional. He had issues with drugs, alcohol and whatever other substance that exist. He was and still is a terrible father and a horrible husband.

In other words dude is fucked up in every single area of life. 

However he still have an status of “god” and still getting millions in contracts. In fact, he lives in Dubai where he lives like a king, which is why his comments are double offensive.

Someone like him living large has NO right to say a word over a kidnapped country where people die everyday fighting for its rights. Venezuelans have no food, no medicine, and no access to basic commodities.  

It’s easy to support a lazy criminal like Maduro when your family is not the one starving to death.

FUCK YOU Maradona!

You should have died long ago from all the excess, but trash like you are usually and unfairly pretty lucky. 


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