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This was Mo, the queen of my house, my baby girl… 

I remember every single detail of her last day. How weak she was, my tears, the guy I was dating (PatrickA) and all he did for me that day.

Mo died three years ago after 14 years together.

My longest relationship, my unconditional love.

I miss you still.


Apologies for the lack of updated, my vacations have been pretty hectic. My family kept me super busy day and night, and I had very little time for myself (and to misbehave).

In fact, I had few guys wanting to meet me, including some locals, some Brazilians and a Colombian… Since my life in Canada is English and French, it’s kinda cute yet amusing flirting in different types of Spanish and dirty words.

Anyhow, during this vacations I watched three films:


Related image

I’m a fan of the John Wick franchise and this one fits right in. I do have to say, in my opinion is the weakest of the 3, but still amazing.

Pure action, epic fighting scenes (specially the part with the horses and the dogs) and tremendous cast. Anjelica Houston was mesmerising, Halle Berry was convincing for once, and Keanu Reeves was engaging, as usual.




Godzilla was definitely a “meh” outing. The story telling was not compelling and suffered from poor pacing. In other words was way too long and useless blah blah…

However, watching the CGI monsters in action was glorious!

Like all kaijū movies, it only requires awesome monsters, epic fight scenes and some subtle social commentary.

Could have been better.



Image result for dark phoenix poster

Dark Phoenix is the end of the X-Men as we know it. 

However, “Logan” is the proper finale to the “X-Men” film series. “Dark Phoenix” has minimal action. No climax. Boring acting… is so disappointing that it doesn’t deserve that honour.

Bad movie and worse than the other Phoenix story. 

To most of us, summer brings joy, great moments, and of course, our long awaited holidays.

However, this is not the case for most pets in France (and Montreal too because is moving season) as for some of them, summer means stepping out of their comfort and beginning a rough street life.

Each year during the summer, around 100,000 pets suddenly become unwanted and abandoned in France.

This breaks my heart. If you have any heart in you, don’t just dump an animal on the side of the road to potentially die.

Animals have feelings too and no one will love you like them.

Take it to a shelter at least.

I’m exhausted… I left Montreal on Monday, arrived Tuesday to Lima and Wednesday to Santa Cruz… I haven’t stop since I arrived here. 

I have invitations every single day for different things, my relatives shower me in presents for just being here, and drive me all around day and night. And as much as I value all that I just want to sleep!

Seriously, vacations is to rest.

Especially for people like me that work all day long.

My life turns 180 degrees whenever I’m here with my family.

A parallel reality I miss, but I have accepted to not have.

I’m at the airport waiting for my flight, but I spent my morning doing last minute shopping like a sleeping walker because I barely slept last night…

So Peter (my curious Polish fuckfriend who likes me wearing slutty numbers) came to wish me (read: fuck me) bon voyage although, I was supposed to see BD (my other fuckfriend).

However I chose Peter because unlike BD, Peter is a bohemian guy who likes to talk about different deep subjects before going deep in me. He’s somehow artistic, but also full perverted, a combination I enjoy.

Anyhow I had to kicked him out around 1AM because I was still packing and getting my stuff ready. I apologised to BD making up a lie and he was cool and wished a good trip this morning.

Also this morning I saw Jhaime at my gym… this time we talked a bit more, he fixed me with his beautiful green eyes and hugged me also wishing me a safe trip…. Sometimes I hate my excellent taste in men.

Anyway, I also got an unexpected message from Michael (a guy I used to sex with,) apparently he wanted to get together but… bad timing! 

Anyway, I gotta go. I’ll probably be updating tomorrow from another country. Wish me luck!

In this video from Odessa, Florida, three Golden Retrievers named Taco, Vinnie, and Ozzy all sit around as their human tries to teach them that sharing is caring by passing around some frozen deliciousness on a stick.

If you’re looking at that adorable mug above and telling yourself that’s the face of a dog who loves sharing and is considerate when it comes to his dog brothers brothers their fair share, you get an F in reading faces.

The YouTube description says that the popsicle was mainly for Taco when greedy ass Vinnie and Ozzy showed up to get themselves a lick or five hundred, which is shocking, since dogs are usually known to be patient and polite, and would not ever do anything like pull a treat out of another dog’s mouth.

“Taco was enjoying a popsicle when Vinnie and Ozzy showed up and demanded to have some.”

Ozzy is obviously the poochie on the left who wants all of that frozen deliciousness for himself, and I’m guessing Taco is the cool and calm motherfucker in the middle who isn’t going to strain himself by fighting over a popsicle.

The trio’s human tries to let each pooh have their turn, but Ozzy wants it all to himself, and takes Taco’s turn before Taco shows Ozzy how hogging a popsicle is really done.

This IS how you end a bitch while getting yours at the same time:

Yaaas Taco fuck it up!


This is a lesson in life for all of us, really.

No photo description available.Bal en Blanc is a huge rave party that is hosted annually, during the Easter holiday weekend, here in Montreal.

Although Bal en Blanc was mostly a gay event in the 90s, now is popular event for party gores from every corner of Canada and abroad. And it features headliner DJs from all over the world and attracts over 15,000 attendees. 

Now, I was never a party guy. Even though I like to dance like a good Latino, I was never the type of person into going clubs every single weekend or ever been in a rave. I think the simple idea of being awake in a club from 10 Pm to noon the next day surrounded by tons of humans, while fucking up my beauty, was reason enough to have no interest.

That been said, an Instagram “friend” from Matinoba is coming to Montreal for the event and he asked me if I wanted to go with him, offering me the ticket.

I haven’t say yes yet because as you can imagine, if I was not interested to ruin my sleep when I was young and energetic, I’m even less excited to do it in my twilight years.

Not to mention I work that day and the day after. 

Still, I appreciate that at my age, younger men keep spoiling me…

But he should do it properly and take me to La Pyramide instead. 

We’ll see.