No Intimacy

You know… I had sexmates between serious relationships in the past, but it’s the first time I feel a fuckfriend is just that.

The difference between Tomy and any of my previous sexmates is
that unlike the rest, we don’t have intimacy.

We only fuck feeling free.

While I’ve always treated the other guys affectionately and caring, I cannot do those things with Tomy. He’s a straight guy who likes to fuck guys like me (smooth virgins *ahem* ) for pleasure but not by “nature.”

It’s not on him to show softness to another guy.

Although it doesn’t really bother me, I find it peculiar’cause I love to analyse people’s mind. See, in my head this so called “straight-curious” are bisexuals in denial, but there’s something different…

I’ve been with bisexual and they can be affectionate, but not very wild. While straight-curious can be very wild, but not affectionate.

I believe the kinkiness of the curious rely on the pleasure for the “forbidden” and fetish to dominate… which I totally approve.

Anyway so far so good, but cannot rely on Tomy 100%. And that’s why I already have plan A, B and… Z! But more of that soon. For now, I’d better go to bed. Tomy left few minutes ago and I really need some rest. 

Phases & Flashback Chapter IV: EAGER

Still on the subject of my previous post…

During my relationship with PatrickA I was already somebody else, but by the end, my sexual role (I’ve been the top all my life) started to change. Unlike any of my previous lovers, PatrickA was taller and more muscular than me. He was not my usual twink, he was a jock!

So, I was not only attracted by his incredible ass but also by his arms, chest, and every manly piece of him.

Although I never fantasised to have his dick inside (he was 100% bottom,) one time he tried to fuck me ’cause he liked my ass. After that episode, I started considering the idea… And one day, the Sex Gods sent my next boyfriend …

Xavier: Our relationship was sexy & sweet.

Xavier is a very affectionate guy, patient and of peaceful nature. And his selfless personality and hotness made me fell in love with him. Before meeting I knew he was versatile, but he never really attracted me as a bottom. To my eyes he was a hot top (taller, hairy, hung) and I was willing to explore. Even though I never expected anything, we clicked instantly and dated from that moment. 

I experienced many new things with Xavier and not only sexually (my first top,) but also emotionally. He was the first guy that made me feel he was taking care of me, and not me of him. I was always eager to please him.

Too many songs made think of him, mostly pop starlets. He made me feel like this, and sometimes also like this.  But this below was one of his favourite songs back then, and also the last we danced together in a club.

He made me explore another side of me, and although I’ve been with dozens of guys after him, I no longer know if I’d ever take someone as serious again. I still belong somehow to him.

One night lying in bed post-coitus I introduced him the song below, before he fucks me again. So, it’s an awesome souvenir.

I’m sure my phases are not over yet.

But like that song says…  Let’s take our time, we don’t need to run.

Meanwhile In The Vatican…

Being The Pope isn’t easy. Just ask Pope Francis… Or better still, just look at this picture of him posing with the orange jerk. He’s trying to smile. He really is… But some challenges are just too great, even for a man with God on his side.

The awkward photograph was taken during Trump’s recent visit to The Vatican, and while he is clearly having a blast, poor Francis is ALL OF US!

Gladly the internet is here to make it all better:


There’s not much to say here, it looks like the Pope wants to turn atheist. 

On the other hand, rumour has it (i’m just starting it now) that Queen Elizabeth asked for the Trump meeting to be after her death…. And speaking of, Melania’s grieving widow is a good look on her.

If only God’s exists… 

Writer’s Block No More

Sorry for the lack of updates I’ve got bit of writer’s block, but also I’ve been catching up with my sex life these days.

Since Randy is on vacations (my regular fuckfriend,) I got him a replacement. In this case under the form of a straight guy.

To the left to the left…

Lately I have plenty of “straight” guys wanting a piece of me… And I’m not talking about the thirsty horn dogs from Whisper (totally a hookup app) who get all excited whenever I post anything:

So, my new sexmate is a 20 yo straight guy. And like most of my gay guys, he’s very hot!

Tomy is very handsome, beautiful body, not very tall but what he lacks in height he makes up with a hard 8″ cock. But aside from his physical appearance, what I like about him is his shameless attitude.

He has zero taboos and loves to communicate.

Awesome qualities in my book!

Anyway, I’m alive an well.  I was just getting the right amount of inspiration… In other words he just fucked me again and left around 1:20 AM. So, I’m fully awake and motivated!

The lengths one has to go to fix it’s writer’s block.

3 Years

WOW! 3 years already. It seems like yesterday when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Well, thanks for reading my crap and I wish to you all, and myself, lots of whatever you wish and the good things we deserve. And I raise a glass for the great years to come… because my messy life (and perhaps yours too) will totally improve, somehow. Cheers guys!

Maternity Photo

A loving couple, separated by deployment, got the chance to reunite through photography.

Veronica and Brandon Phillips are expecting their first child, but Veronica is currently at home in Florida while Brandon is serving in the Air Force overseas. Because of that, he has missed most of her pregnancy and cannot be there for their baby’s birth.

So when Veronica booked a maternity photo shoot with Jennifer McMahon, a photographer in Miami, Florida, she asked McMahon whether it would be possible to somehow incorporate Brandon into the photos. McMahon said yes and with stunning precision delivered one of the most heartwarming maternity images.

Although many are criticising the glorification of soldiers and war, I find the shot pretty awesome. The subject here is art, and this photo is brilliant.