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Pride Post

Today was the culmination of Pride week.

Unlike other cities, the gay events in Montreal are divided in two. Divers/Cité (kinda like Gay Pride minus any pride and full parties) during the end of July. And Pride (more of community stuff) mid-August. 

Although I have attended the parade in the past (the last time 3 years ago with one of my exes, Joseph) I’m not really active in these events. Semi naked dudes don’t get me hard and the excess/superficiality of most guys during those weeks annoys me.

However, I’m a shark and there’s plenty of fish in the water during that period… Fish I’ve enjoyed whenever I was single and  in the mood for it.

This year I missed all that.

Divers/Cité because totally forgot about it, and Pride because I worked. It’s clear I’m not into the “scene” but it’s evident that my kind of fun is more private.

That said, to mark the celebration below some gay ICONS over the decades.









Happy Pride! 

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My birthday.. Ugh!

I’m not gonna bitch about this day, and although I wish it was more like previous years when I used to have a boyfriend all the time, I’m just gonna suck it up and distract myself the best I can.

For now, I’m having a good morning updating from work ’cause it’s my birthday and I stole the wifi password from the business next door (hoping they won’t realise).

Also, I’m getting several birthday messages from current flings, exes, and people I haven’t heard of in a while, so I’m not that forgotten.

I guess can only say…

Dear life, for all the awesome times and also for those you hit me like a bitch… Thank you! 

Keep me healthy, timeless and cool please.

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The parrot who graciously thanked a firefighter trying to save her by telling him to fuck off!

If you’re a bitter, mean ole’ bitch who hates humans and is the anti-Blanch DuBois because you’ve always defecated on the kindness of strangers, then meet your spirit sister Jessie, the parrot.

Jessie ran away from her human’s house in the city of Edmonton in England, because she’s a badass rebel who can’t be caged, unless well, her human puts her in a cage.

Jessie flew off to a neighbour’s roof where she stayed for three days and refused to leave. Since squatting on a house that doesn’t belong to you is illegal and Jessie’s human was afraid she’d get hurt, the fire brigade was called in to get her down.

But Jessie is no damsel in distress and let a trick know.

The London Fire Brigade said that when a firefighter got close to her and told her that he loved her, she at first responded that she loved him back. But either Jessie is a fickle one or she gets off on leading a dude on, because right after she told the firefighter he had her love, she cursed him out before flying to a new roof.

Jessie is pretty much you when a guy hits on you at the bar but doesn’t pay for your drink.

If that hot piece in a uniform climbed up to me and told me he’d love me, I’d tell him to fuck me and spray my flaming loins down with his hose. But that’s just me.

Jessie was eventually reunited with her human, who recorded a thank you video of her giving love to the firefighters.

You know how the mum of the asshole brat who bullied you would make ’em come over to your house and apologise to you in front of your mum?

That’s what that video reminds me of. Jessie doesn’t mean it!

Why do I have a feeling that Jessie will soon go missing again and the firefighters will find the words, “I lied. FUCK YOU!” Good girl Jessie. Fuck that enforced slavery!

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The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

Photographer Massimo Listri is known for his incredible images of palaces, villas, and luxurious interiors. Over his long career, he’s published over 70 books that tell the stories of well-known interiors. And now, his newest photography book gathers images of libraries around the world, paying homage to these temples of learning.

Massimo Listri. The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries, published by Taschen, gathers the incredible work of Listri, who travelled far and wide to celebrate their art and architecture.

Moving from Baroque and Rococo interiors to the sumptuous wood shelving of 19th-century libraries, these images demonstrate the care and thought placed into creating a sanctuary of learning.

Biblioteca do Convento de Mafra, Mafra, Portugal

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rijksmuseum, Research Library, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stiftsbibliothek Sankt Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome, Italy

Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster, Kremsmünster, Austria

Klosterbibliothek Metten, Metten, Germany

Strahovská Knihovna, Prague, Czech Republic

Over 560 pages, Listri reminds us of the magic and wonder of libraries, and just how powerful their atmospheres can be.

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Quiz Du Jour

To be honest I don’t share much about myself in real life. Only here, so this is legit! Click.

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Lonely Weekend

So I’m working this weekend, which means I’ll be too exhausted to even blog (so I may blog several times tonight). 

Also, it’s that time of the year again where I feel alone despite having assorted fuckfriends. I guess my birthday (who happens to be this Sunday) gets me somehow sentimental because it’s a day I used to spend it with someone I love and not on my own.

Although I got used to be alone, the loneliness is sometimes overwhelming. 

Since I work this weekend, I have no plans whatsoever.

Well… Eric was supposed to be my birthday present, but he’s not feeling well and I’d rather not seeing him until he feels better.

And regarding the rest, they will probably be too busy partying and marching in their gay parade (which happens to be Sunday also). But no hard feelings, my lovers are young and they need to experience the clichés until they get tired of them. 

My consolation is that I won’t have time to feel blue next week ’cause all will be back to normal, and I’m sure I’ll be very busy, so I’m just going to relax.

See, any self-respecting whore knows that Gay Pride is amateur hour.

Pride week is the only time authentic sluts take a break to do a spiritual retreat ’cause they have the other 358 days of the year to misbehave without the help of any event.

On that note, my sexy stories will be back next week. 

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I can’t express how much I’m enjoying this

As an early birthday present I bought Omarosa’s book, ’cause all the trouble she’s causing to Trump and his puppets is a real gift for the soul.

Unhinged by Omarosa hopes to offer “an insider’s account of the Trump white house”, according to its subtitle.

As a book, it is exaggerated, dramatic, sometimes given to outright lies and never fails to be entertaining even in its abject horror, which is to say it could be the ultimate document of the Trump presidency.

And I gotta say there are many out there.

That said, thanks Omarosa!

Who ever knew those words would be written like ever?

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