The Good Side Of Bad Things

Been buys and too tired to update. Sorry.

So, something unexpected happened over the weekend… my boss refused my demand for vacations on December.

See, unlike the rest of humanity I prefer to take vacations during autumn or winter because my destination is usually spring or summer somewhere else in the world.

Since that prick doesn’t wanna let me go on December I asked vacations for next month, specifically near my birthday’s date. And surprisingly, he accepted.

I never cared about my bday (there’s nothing fun on getting old) but since I’m turning 40 I thought maybe I should do something different.

Usually, I spend it with my boyfriend (the big plan) and also I let my ex’s spoil me, but since I’m single this year (so far) I don’t really have a big plan.

I’m sure Hubby will take me out when he comes back from Hong Kong (as he always does it,) Bunny will call me or give me a present (as usual too,) and the last time I saw Xavier we talked about doing something, but he is not in Montreal right now and I don’t want to annoy him with my stuff.

So… Maybe I’ll leave the country!

It will depend if I can find reasonable prices for my first destination, otherwise I have plan B. But if nothing works I’d better get fucked by someone hot hat day ’cause only that will make a HAPPY birthday.

In short, there’s always a good side on everything. Even the bad.

UMMM Are U Ok?

Kids CAN do astonishing things! The AV Club has introduced the world to this brave and probably seriously injured teenager who tortured himself to help Ariana Grande with her public speaking. He made a video in which he ate a hot pepper every time Ariana said “um” in an award acceptance speech. This is amusing at first, but then it veers into torture. So, is it possible to completely burn out your taste buds so they’ll never come back? Does this child have the ability to taste anymore? 

Hopefully Ariana sees this video and realises the amount of pain the verbalisation of her thought process is causing. 

Happy Bday Selena Gomez

Out of all the new generation of starlets, Selena Gomez (read Hoemez) is one of my favourites.

I have to admit, I knew more of her as an actress than a singer, but in the past years and specially with her last album I got hooked with her catchy songs.

As a performer, she is still a baby but she has the potential to become huge.

Below the first song I heard from her (when she was kid,)  and one of my favourite’s still.

Happy 25th Selena!

A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday I had a date with Minh, I didn’t really expected much other than a friendly get together… Well, it got beyond friendly. Minh was actually a lot more attractive in person… 22 year old, versatile, same height as I, straight acting, intelligent, talkative, in charge… I was totally surprise ’cause in pictures he looks more twinkish/boyish, somehow amateurish… Oh God, wrong me!

He showered me in compliments the whole night, making me feel uncomfortable ’cause compliments makes me shy. However, I was really impressed by his determination and the way thing were turning out.

He was supposed to let me top him, but his penis found me “too sexy”.

He had a great ass and I was working it out, but he wanted to fuck me so I let him be in charge… Again, I was incredulous by the whole dynamic, he truly impressed me… He was a great kisser, aggressive, sweet, fun, dedicated and very into all of me. We had a great chemistry like wtf! 

Our business done lying in bed we kept talking discovering each other… It felt like I knew him forever… that familiar feeling only a boyfriend supplies, the complete relax the arms of the person you trust provides.

I thanked him for the night and to remind me that an easy fuck you can find tons, but to find chemistry is only for the blessed…

And despite all,  I’m not so doomed.

Drama. Passion. Class: My Top 5 SPANISH LEGENDS

Some years ago I made a post of some of my favourite female artists, GODDESSES that have endured time and remain faithful to their style. Gifted ladies whose sole purpose is to share their talent and give joy without pretension, gossip or scandals.

Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite Spanish LEGENDS.

5 artists I grew up admiring because of their class, stage presence but mostly, their incredible voices. 

These ladies don’t need a playback because they sound 100x better  LIVE!

ISABEL PANTOJA  (aka. “Spain’s widow”)


ROCIO JURADO (a.k.a “The Greatest”) RIP



*I couldn’t find decent footage for the gorgeous Paloma.

Legendary excellence!!

Easy Patient

Sorry for the lack of updates, since I’m feeling optimal again, I’m catching up with my life.

So, I had an appointment at my dermatologist this morning…

Things you don’t know about me:

  • I’m extremely self-conscious
  • I love to kiss
  • I love ass
  • I love dick
  • I’m obsessed with my skin


Yeah so, I found small brown spot on my bum the other day, so I immediately called my dermatologist for an appointment. Obviously I thought I was dying of something, but I was mostly bothered ’cause my skin (jokes aside) is pretty flawless and I don’t want it any other way.

So my doctor was like… “What can I do for you now” So I showed him my bum “I hate this”. He said there was nothing to be alarmed and since he knows me and he knows how fuking annoying I am, he handed me a prescription and said “Your skin will be perfect again”.

So I was like “Thanks doctor I like the tone of my bum even…” He laughed and told me “You’re the easiest patient I have”.

Seriously, he cashes about $100 in the 10 seconds that he takes with me but he’s also one of the best dermatologist in the city. So, totally worth it! 

Never Too Old For Cosplay

50 year-old Brazilian cosplayer Solange tells website UOL that she wishes more people her age have the courage to give cosplay a try.

Solange got into cosplay three years ago. She was already attending events with her 19-year-old cosplaying daughter. After a friend challenged her to give it a whirl, Solange made her cosplay debut under the nameTia solor “Aunty Sun.”

Since then, Tia sol has been active on the Brazilian cosplay scene. According to her, it’s a way to leave your problems behind, have fun, and enter a world where anything is possible.

To those who are unsure about cosplaying, she says, “Don’t be taken aback by criticism. If you feel like doing it, then go ahead.”

Totally cute!!!