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A Rare Genuine Smile

First tortured lady Melania Trump attended Barbara Bush’s funeral Saturday sans the orange menace, and the internet had a lot to say about her demeanour.

Melania sat next to the respectable former President Barack Obama, and shared the remainder of her row with Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.

Twitter users quickly seized on a photo of the first lady smiling and sharing a laugh with Obama, a rare sight when she’s in the presence of her own husband.

She probably doesn’t know how to react when a grown man acts like an adult to her.

I think that is maybe the 3rd genuine smile I’ve ever seen from her.

The others were far away from Donald, too.

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Quiz Du Jour

WTF, HOW? Overall true!!  Click

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Of Monsters and Men

I dedicated Saturday night for myself.

I was not in the mood to fornicate and although I chose not to, it felt weird not having any of my guys in my bed. But not because of the intercourse, what I missed was their company on my day off.

Reading and writing is always a lot more productive when unwanted emotions usurp the place of sex… Reason why I’m always fucking in order to avoid them.

If you asked me when I was young, “Who’d you like to be when you grow up?” I’d say, “I’d like to be a teacher, a journalist, rich, happy, alive.”

If you ask me, “Where do you hope to go from here,?” I’d say, “I’m afraid of where I’ll go.”

“What do you hope to do?” “I’m afraid of what I’d do.”

“When are you going to live your life?” “I’m living it but I’m afraid it’s never enough.”

“Who do you hope to meet?” “Someone who won’t make me afraid.”

“What do you want?” “I want to not be afraid.”

“Men aren’t afraid of anything.” “Yes we are. Men are afraid of monsters.”

“Monsters? Like the ones under your bed? Isn’t that what boys are afraid of?” “Boys are afraid of monsters that might get them. Men are afraid of monsters inside of them.”

“What might you do that’s monstrous?” “I want to be invulnerable”

“Do you mean  immune? There’s nothing inherently monstrous about not wanting to be harm.” “Yes, but…” “But?” “I’m afraid of who I’ll become.”

“What might you become?” “Scary and alone. Only monsters are scary and alone.”

Everyone thought King Kong was a monster, because he took the girl. But, that girl made him feel not so monstrous. And Frankenstein’s monster wanted his maker’s love, but he ended up killing all those people. All these stories about monsters are about loneliness. 

“Twas beauty that killed the beast”. That’s what the guy said when Kong dies. But I think he meant love, and love doesn’t make you feel alone.

That’s what kills the beast, so that the good part lives.

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Babushka of Baikal

76 years old grandmother Lyubov Morekhodova (Lyubov = love) from Siberia is not an ordinary pensioner. Despite her age, she managed to not only survive frosty weather but also gained attention for her skating skills.

Babushka Lyubov learned to skate at the age of seven and now she spends her retirement days gliding across one of the deepest lakes in the world, Baikal.

Retired technology engineer lives in a modest house and takes care of her beloved animals consisting of dogs, a cat, hens, roosters, calves, bulls, and cows. She wakes up at 5.30 am to feed the cows and let them out to graze on a hill.

Every day, to shorten the distance, she puts on her skates made in 1943 and glides across the lake to make sure that the cows wouldn’t get lost.

Since her husband died in 2011 babushka Lyubov lives alone, but she is not lonely.

During the summer her grandchildren and nephews come to visit. Even though her family encouraged this fearless lady to move to the city, she insisted on staying because she claims to be happy and fulfilled living in the midst of S.I.B.E.R.I.A.

Without a doubt, she’s made in Russia. What an absolute champ!!!

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Subtly Hidden (And Depressing) Poster Image

Grave of the Fireflies is one of the saddest Masterpiece ever made.

Decades after its original release, people have discovered a haunting, hidden image in the Japanese movie poster.

Attention has been re-focused on Grave of the Fireflies after director Isao Takahata’s recent passing. Grave of the Fireflies is a 1988 Studio Ghibli movie about two children in Japan during World War II.

The image on the left is of the Japanese poster in question.

It looks like main characters Seita and Setsuko are playing with fireflies, right? 

But if you look closely at the top of the poster…

…or alter the poster’s colour…

There appears to be a B29 bomber hidden in the blackness.

If you alter the colour further, you can see that there’s the round glowing light of fireflies at the bottom contrasted with what appears to be bullets or firebombs raining down.

This poster is perhaps one of the most famous in animation, and it’s also depressing as hell, but doesn’t quite pack the same emotional punch upon closer inspection.

They should make the leader of every country watch that movie!

On the other hand, I better get to the hospital because all of this edge has me haemorrhaging.

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The last 4/20 in Canada

I don’t smoke, but for those into pot Happy 4/20! 

Friday marks 4/20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana, the last celebration before recreational pot is set to become legal in Canada.

A cloud of smoke rose above Canadian cities at precisely 4:20 p.m., in what traditionally has been a celebration of pot use and a call for the legalisation of cannabis.

Once legal the meaning of 4/20 is going to change, but they still plan to celebrate on April 20th as a form of a victory party… You know? Whatever makes people happy! 

I just hope it won’t look like 4/20 every single day, because I really hate the smell of it.

Happy 4/20 stoners!!

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WTF Avicii Has Died!!

The 2013 radio hit Wake Me Up isn’t just a catchy song; it’s also what Avicii fans (yours truly included) are no doubt feeling after hearing this sad news.

The Associated Press is reporting that 28-year-old Swedish DJ and producer Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, was found dead in Muscat, Oman

Police are still investigating his death. Avicii has suffered in the past with acute pancreatitis, which was in part caused by excessive drinking. In 2014, he had his gallbladder and appendix removed. He quit touring in 2016, but continued to make music in studio and was one of the highest-paid DJs in the world. Avicii began producing music at 16, and started touring when he was 18.

This is a real, true gone-but-not-forgotten situation. Because even though Avicii is no longer with us on Earth, his music will remain. Specifically his song Levels.

It’s everywhere, always. Every mall, every club, every Spring Break. I’m almost sure it’s the unofficial soundtrack to being inside an Uber on a Saturday night

As for myself, this is the song from Avicci I relate and have played the most…

28 is too fucking young to die. RIP Avicii.

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