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Last Days…

And my trip is coming to an end…

Food and family is all I do. Although, I haven’t gain any extra pound, I feel so out of shape.

I need 2 things desperately this weekend. Gym and sex!

I sent an email to Randy to fuck me welcome back. Hopefully he’ll be free. 

For now, let’s enjoy one last meal.

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Croatia Expose Argentina As The Greatest Possible Frauds With 3-0 Asskicking

As a South American is devastating to see our teams losing, but Peru was an illusion (now gone) Colombia incertitude, Brazil hope, and Argentina a miracle because they didn’t deserve to be there and Croatia showed us why today.

Argentina came into their second group stage game against Croatia today needing to bounce back from a frustrating, leaden 1-1 draw with Iceland. Instead, they got run off the pitch by a determined Croatia side, who spanked them 3-0 thanks to two horrifying defensive errors and one moment of world-class precision from Luka Modrić.

Argentina now face the very real possibility of a first-round exit, and they need several games to break their way in order to limp out of Group D. Whether or not that happens, let us not forget: this Argentina side is full of frauds, they’ve all let Lionel Messi down, and they deserve to go home. I was actually happy that Croatia kicked their butts.

I also celebrate the determination of Japan and Iceland.

It’s time to change the game. Congrats Croatia!!!!

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Farewell, Koko the Gorilla

In case you don’t know, like I didn’t know, here’s how you sign “sad in ASL. Or if you can’t watch that video and want to show the proper emotion for the death of a gold-hearted icon, bawl your eyeballs out while doing an extra wall slide of pure, potent sadness. Because it is a sad day.

Koko, who became an international legend when she mastered sign language, died in her sleep on Tuesday morning at her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Woodside, CA. She was 46.

The Gorilla Foundation gave this statement about Koko’s death:

“Her impact has been profound and what she has taught us about the emotional capacity of gorillas and their cognitive abilities will continue to shape the world.”

Koko (born name: Hanabiko) was born at the San Francisco Zoo on the Fourth of July in 1971. They named her Hanabiko, because it means “fireworks child” in Japanese. Animal psychologist and Koko’s forever caretaker, Dr. Francine “Penny” Patterson, started teaching her American Sign Language when she was 1 years old.

Koko eventually learned more than 1,000 words in sign language (including the most important one: the international sign for FUCK YOU) and could understand 2,000 words in spoken English. In other words, Koko knew English better than I do.

Very few beings can go through life without hurting a soul.

Koko was one of those rare ones and brought joy to so many. RIP Koko.

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Remembered Forever

Few day ago was the second year death anniversary of my girl Mo. 

In her memory I got my arm inked. 

Hers and my boy’s name as well.

Because unconditional love like theirs is to remember forever!

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Not A Father’s Day

It’s not Father’s Day in this country, so I totally forgot to call my dad. 

The truth is, being surrounded by my cousins makes forget everything out there…

This weekend was my other nephew birthday and my cousin rented an Arcade for it. While the kids played, my other cousin’s husband took me to Hard Rock to watch the World Cup match. The next day we had a churrasco at my cousin’s, and some birthday cake.

By night we went to explore the old plaza and historic side of the city

Before I forget again, I want to take this opportunity to say: Happy Daddy’s Day TO ME and to all the wonderful dads (and father figure) everywhere. And here’s a picture of my baby (Sai Sai) in Montreal right now, whom I left with one of my exes until I’m back.

By far, the only one I miss!

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Have you heard of Dennis the Menace? Well, my nephew is pretty much the Latin version.

My cousin (his mom) was like that. Actually, being naughty runs in our genes…

That’s why we all get along really good!

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The teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s Dumbo is here and I’ve got to say, I forgot how much I love him. It’s so nice to have a Johnny Depp-less Burton film to look forward to.

As far as Disney live-action remakes go, this looks pretty dark. And that’s a good thing!

It’s not just the story of a cute elephant that can fly, but of animal cruelty.

The iconic movie Dumbo, released in 1941, was ahead of its time in showcasing how baby elephants (elephants: one of the world’s most intelligent animals, and empathetic beings) in circuses are torn away from their mothers, beaten into submission, and sentenced to a life in chains and boxcars when they aren’t being forced to perform dangerous tricks. 

Dumbo is a deeply disturbing story that’s ruined many a childhood and it deserves an equally disturbing, childhood ruining remake.

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