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A Human-Robot Dance

During a TED Talk event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Taiwanese choreographer and engineer Huang Yi performed an absolutely gorgeous pas de deux with an emotionally responsive, intricately reticulating single arm robot affectionately named KUKA.

For this performance, KUKA was programmed to move not only in harmony with both the graceful movements of the dance but with the sound of Joshua Roman‘s cello solo.

Huang Yi’s pioneering work is steeped in his fascination with the partnership between humans and robots and it’s beautiful. Art has no rules and this is visual poetry to me.

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Tune Of The Day

Come My Way by Kiki Rowe ft. Khalil

I’ll make time for you.

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Wet On Wet

Ryan Reynolds impersonating Deadpool impersonating Bob Ross is a parody we probably didn’t want, but a parody we all need. In true Deadpool fashion, it manages to deliver a hilarious take on all the talk of happy little trees, yet doesn’t insult the legendary art instructor, honoring him in a bizarre NSFW kind of way.

Keep your pants dry and keep your dreams wet. I love Deadpool!

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The Expendables 3

I can’t believe I never watched the third movie, but I finally did and it was EPIC!

Regardless of the critics, I find the inclusion of the younger crew (Kellan Lutz, Ronda Rousey, Victor Ortiz, Glen Powell) great.

This film had it all with Ford, Banderas, & Snipes joining the old crew, all that was missing was Willis and the legendary Chuck Norris returning for this outing. And Gibson’s maverick arms dealer/ex-mercenary partner, Stonebanks was a villain worthy of closing out the trilogy.

You know, most of the old guys LEGENDS were heroes of my childhood, and it was amazing to see them kick ass one last time.

Now, I ADORE Statham but I wish they had put some more of Master Jet Li as well. 

All these action superstars got my inner fan girl screaming YAAAS!!!

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Tune Of The Day

Hey DJ by CNCO ft Yandel

Y así nos vamos enamorando, y tu cuerpo me va seduciendo 

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Tune Of The Day

Told You So by Miguel

I wanna set you free, just come with me.

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Tune Of The Day

Let You Down by NF 

But you don’t ever hear my words…

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