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Treason is More Popular Than Ever

It’s been one of the many lingering questions as of late: How far are Trump supporters willing to go to stick it to the libs?

Thanks to James Alicie and Richard Birchfield, two Americans from Delaware, OH, we now have a pretty good idea: all the way to Russia!!

Their smiling mugs are currently going viral on social media because they proudly wore T-shirts to Saturday evening’s Trump rally at Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, stating, “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.” Cleveland.com reporter Jeremy Pelzer snapped their photo.

I bet they were happy when Drago killed Apollo in Rocky IV.

Traitor President, traitor supporters. 

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Saudi Arabia: Where drones have more rights than women

Every once in a while something so ridiculous happens that people from all walks of life can set aside their differences and join in mocking the offending dumbass or dumbasses.

It’s like the I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke commercial, except less scary and cult-y.

The viral video currently uniting us all in bitchery comes from a Saudi Arabian fashion show that used drones instead of models to display the clothing.

The drones drag around the fluttering dresses draped out over plastic hangers with all the grace of a plastic bag on a tornado, and in some cases of a Dementor. 

I truly don’t get that people… If they don’t allow the women to wear them, what’s the point of advertising this kind of clothing there?

I guess it’s clear that in Saudi Arabia drones have more rights than women.

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This Lying Bitch…

The Hill reports:

President Trump fired back at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday after Trudeau called Thursday’s implementation of U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum an affront to Canadian soldiers who died serving alongside their U.S. compatriots.

Trump accused Canada’s government of treating U.S. agricultural interests “very poorly” in a tweet, adding that the country was “highly restrictive on trade.”

Trump’s statement on Canada’s surplus with the U.S. is inaccurate (read: A LIE,) as the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative stated in March that the U.S. has an overall trade surplus with Canada.

It’s anyone actually surprised by his lies??? 

Trudeau’s reply to the egomaniacal orange lying bitch should be two words, and two words only: “Fuddle-duddle”

Canadian for FUCK OFF!

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Speaking of Doctors…

Surfing the net I found this clip from Matt & Dan, a “sometimes gay” web series full of clichés but, for once, kinda funny. 

See, the thing with gay characterisations is the dumb exaggeration of “gay accent,” which kills it for me because not all of us sound/behave like American TV shows represent us.

Regardless, I found the situation of this particular clip funny. 

The ending was the perfect plot twist, followed by an even better plot twist.

Hopefully I won’t need to go to see my doctor for back pain. *fingers crossed*

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Hairless Mario

The New York Times continued to do groundbreaking work and delivered brand new thoughts when they declared that being skinny and hot is in.

Someone there just saw Call Me By Your Name, because they welcomed us to the age of the twink!

If only The New York Times would’ve declared it the age of the twink in the 90s. It would’ve been my time. But now I’m less of a twink and more of a smashed Ho Ho lying in the gutter that’s been nibbled at by rats.

But if you’re thinking that the age of the twink is laughable bullshit, don’t. It is very real.

Case in point: Hairless Mario. He’s just a few Master Cleanses away from going full twink.

The Twitter page @yourfavisbald2 is devoted to gifting the internet with bald versions of video game and cartoon characters, and their terrifying Mona Lisa is Hairless Mario.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if Mario was struck down with a serious case of alopecia that took his furry crescent moon brows, dog bone-shaped side burns and half cloud moustache, @yourfaceisbald2 has made your nightmares come true.

In case you forgot (because your brain is temporarily paralyzed with fear over that above pic), here’s what Mario normally looks like:

I’m calling the police!!

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Trump: Everybody Thinks I Deserve The Nobel

I don’t. Therefore you lie! 

THIS coming from the man(?) who just started a confrontation with Iran whom btw is not North Korea. Iran is a lot more dangerous because unlike the Korean psycho boy, Iran is ruled by a supreme religious kamikaze extremist who truly doesn’t give a fuck!

And another Middle East crisis has just begun… 

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Commemorative coin…

I swore allegiance to the Queen when I became a Canadian citizen decades ago.

I like the fact we are part of The Commonwealth and of an old-fashion tradition. I like to see the face of the Queen in our currency, she’s been a great leader for what feels like centuries, BUT only her.

That said, I’m hating this new Canadian commemorative coin for Prince Harry and Meghan Whatever’s wedding…

I seriously don’t get the excitement of it. Okay, old people like me know Harry since he was a kid, and maybe that makes us nostalgic, but her… I know she’s an actress but I’ve never seen her in any film or show.

I have no idea how relevant she is, but all the buzz about it it’s pretty ridiculous.

Apparently the awful coin is edged in maple leaves, English roses and shells from Prince Harry’s coat of arms. It also features three Swarovski crystals to represent Markle’s three-stone engagement ring… It costs $104.95 and can be ordered from the mint’s online store at http://www.mint.ca and by phone.

One word: Meh!

364 days of the year I’m proud to be Canadian, but today was that exception.

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