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Gross Bastard Seeking Rehab For Boy Hole Addiction…

Despite conflating homosexuality with pedophilia and fucking over all of the gays who have been battling that evil stereotype since Jesus times, Kevin Spacey does have one positive thing going for him. He can take orders!!

Variety reports that Spacey’s “seeking evaluation and treatment” for his alleged tendency to grab every crotch without consent, as well as allegedly belly flopping on a 14-year-old boy when he was 26.

Kevin is probably following the direction of the crisis management team he obviously hired after tweeting his disastrous “choosing to live as a gay man but not a pedophile“ veritable mash note. (Choose?!?)

I don’t know what to say about this case except, Kevin YOU’RE A CUNT!

The gay community is not your accessory to whip out when you need to make an excuse. Especially since you have been denying your sexuality since forever, while being well-known in gay Hollywood for messing with underage.

Truly, I’m not a fan of the so-called community in some aspects, but there’s a big difference between being a superficial horny imbecile, and a criminal.

Under 18 is a NO whatever your sexual orientation is!!

In the 2006 flick Notes on a Scandal, Cate Blanchette’s character boinks her 15-year-old student, and when her husband finds out, he shouts: “Who’s ever wanted someone who’s young? Everyone sometime – Everyone thinks about it. But they… deal with it.”

They freaking deal with it! But Spacey didn’t. And most celebrities don’t.

Stars don’t need treatment. They need to be held accountable for acting on impulse.

Spacey committed a crime plain and simple, and finding himself while sipping herbal tea during $500 an hour therapy sessions isn’t going to change that.

Jail is the only place people like him need to do rehabilitation in.

Honestly, this man is visually repulsive and morally disgusting. He has done nothing for the gay community except make us all embarrassed. BURN bitch, burn!!!

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Fiery And Sometimes Theatrical

I believe most Latinos are the same when it comes to lose our shit and use our theatrical skills.

Personally, I only lose it when people I consider intelligent act stupid… Or when young sluts get too cocky on me…

Like this random 20 yo few days ago.

He messaged me “You’re hot but I’m 20” and I was like… “Okay so… why you messaged me?… And he was like “I’m just sayin'” …. And of course I had to have the last word: “Listen, my current guys are 19 and my ex was 18. YOU ARE too old for me!” *drops mic*

But anyway, the subject of my post was not him but Matias.

So, Matias was supposed to come see me last Saturday but he got drunk with a friend and never showed up.

However, it worked perfectly for me ’cause I was with Philippe… But that he didn’t (and will never) know. So he texted me today begging forgiveness… Okay maybe not beg (sounds fun tho,) but he asked me one last chance.

Since I’m all heart I accepted his apologies but not before giving him a dose of guilt because, I’m an evil bitch from hell!!

However my charm is stronger than my wrongdoing, so he seemed pleased with my venom.

Ugh! Dilemma!

I won’t deny it, I’m actually very attracted by Matias personality… He may not be a Greek God-looking like the others, but he’s got the brain and the attitude that turns me on.

And I’m pretty sure he gets wet with my theatrics as well because life is hard, but my booty is soft!

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A Tale for the Time Being… I’m Struggling

So.. I bought this book some time ago, but I just opened and I’m forcing  myself to finish it.

Novels are not really my thing, definitely! 

The book was intriguing at first and I easily got to half of it in 3 days, but it got boring with all the excessive repetitive details. A lot of good writing that is going nowhere.

This book is about suicide and time, two subjects I find interesting, yet, I’m blocked and I’m pissed. 

Dear God why you made me so impatient?

Ugh! I’ll be back with a proper review very soon.

I just needed to take it out. Ugh!

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Pimples! FML!!!

Since I have to be totally flawless for my trip to South America, I’ve been taking extra care of my body and skin. My diet is pretty balanced but mostly healthy. However, last week I added some nuts and more fruit to it thinking how amazing my choices are… Well, FAIL! Big time FAIL!!!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard all about how great nuts are for you and your diet.

They’re considered “brain food” or “healthy snacks” that are tasty, healthy, and overall SAFE food. But the idea that you can eat as much as you want and not have any problems is wrong!

Yesterday I woke up feeling some pain in my face… When I checked myself in the mirror I was like WTF? How on earth I have PIMPLES?!!!!

Yeah I found 4 small pimples (gladly not visible but painful) and suicidal thoughts crossed my mind, breaking my head thinking what I ate that was not healthy.

I don’t eat junk whatsoever, so I was like HOW COME I have this shit on my face?! Then the “brain food” helped me to remember that the only unusual thing I ingested this week was walnuts and almonds… Ugh madafuckers!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, nuts can cause ACNE! *cries*

So, I obviously stopped eating them as soon as I found out.

Anyhow I have few more weeks to purify my face, it’s been too long I haven’t seen my relatives in South America that the last thing I want is to scare them with my repulsive face. At least I want to show a flawless skin.

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Reality Check Please!! Part 4

It’s been a while since I had a reality check episode but here we are…

So, Jean Philippe (one of my hot WhatsApp contacts) texted me today out of the blue. He was like “why we haven’t met yet?” and blah blah… I was like “because I had a bf?” 

He was all horny asking me pictures and stuff, so I played along because I’m the biggest cock teaser ever. 

Then he asked me to go to his place because he didn’t “travel” acting all princess and shit, and that’s when I was like “excuse YOU?!”

See, he was the one looking for me, not me for him! 

So I had to make him come back to reality. 

Things got a bit more heated than what you see above, but over all I made clear that I DON’T NEED HIM.

People tend to tell me to be more confident because of my self-deprecating/shy ways, but when I speak the truth they accuse me of being a cocky bragging prick. 

The fact is I don’t need ANY guy, because there’s always MORE at my door.

So when they feel too special and act stupid I just laugh at their face.

Jean-Philippe couldn’t take my rejection and he video called me. Then, LIVE I had to tell him the facts because whoever looks for drama with a Latino guy simply won the lottery with me.

Curiously, instead of getting scare of my ass he got more obsessed. In other words, he got more excited and still wants to fuck me.

Men… Who understand them? But actually, who cares?

What’s important here is that THEY understand me. Because I don’t have to deal with them, they have to deal with ME!

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INSECURE Men Can’t Handle Another Man Nudes

Football star Zeke Elliott just posed nude for the cover of ESPN Magazine’s annual “Body Issue”, and men are not happy about it.

This year’s issue features some of America’s best athletes, including tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy and Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Elliott. But some of the men are furious about the fact that Elliott posed nude for the magazine and jumped to some insane conclusions, like calling him “homosexual”.

Though they weren’t all negative, many people commented some positive things as well. 

Its 2017, I still can’t believe how many tragic idiots are out there.

The fact that you are not comfortable with nature, the human body, your body, or capable to explore freely your sexuality, or as a matter of fact get laid more often should not be a reason to hate others. 

This is double standards at its finest.

All I see is a naked dude not showing anything but skin. And all the people who say “This is gay” are nothing but 100% insecure about their OWN sexual preference.

Man up! Grow some balls and live your life!!

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Russian Church Leader: BEARDS Protect From GAYNESS

The Moscow Times reports:

A religious leader for Russia’s Old Believers has called on Russian men to stop shaving to “protect themselves from homosexuality.” Metropolitan Kornily, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church (RPSC), said that men with beards were less likely “corrupted” by same-sex relationships.

“God set down certain rules. The Lord created everyone with a beard. No man can resist his creator” Kornily told Russia’s National News Service. “It’s made a monstrous thing to see men’s clothing and hairstyles changing.” Metropolitan Kornily also lamented that the beard’s special status had “completely disappeared from the Catholic West.”

This is the ignorant dumb shit that makes me upset about religions.


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