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Weed Is Officially Legal In Canada

As a Canadian person, I can confidently assure outsiders who look upon Canada as this always-smiling apologetic utopia. It’s cold for about 11 months of the year. Near every pond lurks a pack of Canada Geese that will either try to bite you or will laugh as you slip on their poo.

But at least we can now legally smoke all our problems away, because today marks the first day  that cannabis is 100% legal in Canada.

There were a couple times parliament tried to pass decriminalisation bills, but they didn’t take until 2017, when the Cannabis Act was passed.

The bill officially went into effect today, thus making Canada the second country in the world, behind Uruguay, to legalise it for recreation, medical use, and cultivation.

CBC notes that the rules will vary from province to province. All but two provinces require you to be 19 years old (Alberta and Quebec are going with 18). You can smoke at home and in public (depending on the city), and bring 30 grams of weed on a plane, but you can’t get high and get behind the wheel of a car.

You can also buy weed online and have it shipped to your house.

Forget what I said about the geese, this country is obviously great. But you can’t sell it, you have to buy it from the government or an approved source.

Canada is also considering releasing people in jail for weed-related offences.

On the other hand, stoners started to line up at 3:30 am in front of our government-run legal pot shops here in Montreal.

I don’t smoke, but will always support its legalisation, so blaze it bitches!

Happy Legalisation day to all my fellow Canadians!

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October = Halloween

My real love and favourite month of the year is October.

October not only brings back the beautiful red & yellow landscape, or keeps my laptop playing on repeat the cult “Mean Girls” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,”  it also brings back the most important day of the year: SLUTOWEEN HALLOWEEN! Because Halloween > Xmas!

Halloween is my favourite day in the calendar because I simply love how people loses all shame, taste and dignity to enjoy that day without restrictions.

For several years now I’ve been attending house Halloween parties, and the last few at the same place… This year I want to go somewhere else.

Maybe make some trash friends somehow ’cause trash Halloween parties are the best! 

Many years ago I used to have a gay coworker that was a party animal and his friends were pretty trash. He invited me to a party and OMG it was amazing.

Drunk humans on costumes everywhere acting messy is hella fun. 

Okay let me say it again, GAY trash Halloween parties are the BEST! 

And what’s the easiest way to look for a party? Facebook!! Ugh!

My Facebook it’s been closed for over three years, but I think it’s time to re-open it and reconnect with normal people again (normal people = people I don’t have sex with) I can already see the tons of messages on my wall asking “Where have you been?” 

Errr maybe NO! I refuse to re-open my Facebook. 

Anyhow, below few snaps over the years of thematic parties.

I have no idea what to wear this year but for sure something that covers my body.

I know, it sounds lame and full of clothes, but any self-respecting whore knows that Halloween is amateur hour… See, Halloween is the only time authentic sluts cover their parts up ’cause they have the other 364 days of the year to do otherwise.

That been said, I have no clue what to do yet but; I cannot wait!!

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Pokemon Salutes Munch

There’s an Edvard Munch exhibit at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum at the end of the month, and to commemorate the occasion a very cool set of Pokémon cards have been designed, each paying tribute to Munch’s classic painting The Scream

There are five cards in all: Pikachu, Mimikyu, Psyduck, Rowlet and Eevee. And each is as gorgeous (and also horrific) as the last.

Great idea! Although, Psyduck is going to haunt me all Halloween long.

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Sea Turtle

I’ve seen many cutting edge body painting artists who use the human body as a canvas, and one who continuously astounds me with his nature-inspired works is Johannes Stötter.

From a tropical frog to a majestic lone wolf, Stötter uses his painting skills to disguise human bodies as incredibly realistic animals.

For his latest trick-of-the-eye illusion, the clever artist transforms the body of female model Sara Costabiei into a lifelike sea turtle.

Stötter captured the scene on video, which at first glance looks like a clip from a marine life documentary. The “turtle” swims gracefully through a blue ocean until it suddenly begins to change shape, revealing the illusion…

Simply spectacular!

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Australian Firefighters Calendar

The profession of a firefighter is already virtuous by nature, yet the guys from Australian Firefighters Calendar are determined to go that extra mile for a good cause. Ever since 1993, they have been hosting their fund-raising calendar project for charities like Children’s Hospital Foundation.

After 17 rigorous days of photography, the final images are put together to create the iconic Australian Firefighters Calendar for fans across the globe.

This time the money will be donating to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

What more can you want? Hot guys & cute animals in one. #Sold

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Canada’s Thanksgiving, which is basically American Thanksgiving that comes too early and is way more casual because we are always ahead! 

Just like the Americans we share all the same foods, like turkey and stuffing and potatoes. But there’s one tradition that will stand out on a Canadian Thanksgiving table if you live in the province of Ontario or the surrounding areas, and that’s Gay Lea-brand canned aerosol whipped cream to happily crash your pancreas and liver function on this special day.

I don’t know who Lea is and I’m also not sure I’ve ever actually bought a can of her whipped cream from the store. But Gay Lea is so common. She just magically shows up next to the ketchup and on your fridge door the night before Thanksgiving.

Gay Lea has been around since 1958, so bitch is a legend.

Of course, some people make their own Thanksgiving whipped cream from natural ingredients, like cream and sugar. But so does Gay Lea!

They just happen to also add an extra dash of sass that makes it taste like pure butter and never seems to expire.

You’ll have it in your fridge until American Thanksgiving rolls around.

Plus, Gay Lea whipped cream makes an excelled second meal. Just squirt some into an open tin of E.D. Smith pumpkin pie filling (another canned Canadian Thanksgiving star), and scrape out as much as your lack of dignity will allow.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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New York Comic Con

I’m a kid at heart and I love anything related with costumes, particularly when involves superheroes, manga characters, and anything fun.

That said, October is a glorious month. Not only is the best month of the year due to Halloween, but there are still many Comic Con events all over the world, and one of the biggest happened this weekend: New York Comic Con.

Below some hot boys:

One word: Fanfukinstastic!

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