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Made In Russia

If you’re a true artist, it shines through anything you do and these cakes by Elena Gnut show her true artistic talent.

Elena is a 31-year-old Pastry Chef from Kaliningrad (Mother Russia,) who gained over 140k Instagram followers by showcasing her original intricate cake designs.

The artist has a versatile style and creates both classical, elegant cakes and unique fairytale-like ones.

She decorates her cakes by drawing on them or adding flowers, berries or fruits on the cakes. Take a look at some of her most amazing cakes:

There are cake makers, but then there are cake masters.

This person is a cake genius! Just MAGNIFICENT.

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I Agree

You may have noticed a recent upsurge in social media policy changes as a result of newly introduced data protection regulations.

And while many of us feel it’s important to know how our online information is being used, it’s unlikely that every social media user actually spends the time needed to read every word of the small print in an app’s terms and conditions.

Designer Dima Yarovinsky visualises these lengthy (and often overwhelming) “terms of service” agreements from popular social apps (aka Hookup apps) including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder, in his project, titled I Agree.

Designed as part of an infographics course in Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Yarovinsky printed out the terms using a standard legal contract font size and typeface on rolls of coloured A4 paper.

When hung in the gallery space, viewers can appreciate the staggering amount of information, some of the contracts are so long that they spread from the wall onto the floor…

Truly, who on Earth reads all that stuff? 

Regardless, fun project.

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Cuban sculptor and professor Rafael San Juan celebrates the spirit of Cuban women in Primavera.

His monumental sculpture, which was created for the 2015 Havana Biennial, is a study in movement and sensuality inspired by dancers from the Cuban National Ballet.

Primavera (Spring) soars 26 feet high over the corner of Galiano and Malecón, a long promenade looking out to the sea.

With a powerful, wistful expression, Primavera gazes out into the water, her head topped with a crown of flowers.

Its creation fulfilled a years-long dream for San Juan, who wanted to erect a permanent gift to the city of Havana.

Formed from two tons of recycled steel, the artist spent over 3 months fabricating the sculpture, carefully molding the hard material into a piece that conveys movement.

Using found material was important to San Juan, as it allowed him to transform industrial waste into a new monument for Havana. 

Simply beautiful! 

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Dogs Are The Best Humans

Two weeks ago in Show Low, Arizona (that’s a really hot town name), two dogs named Remus and Smokey were hanging around in their backyard, sipping wine coolers and looking at porn on their tablets while lying by the pool (let’s say).

Their humans, Laurie and Jay Becerra, wrote on Facebook that they were playing around the pool when Smokey accidentally fell into it. And swimming isn’t really Smokey’s thing.

Smokey struggled to swim and was trying to get back up to safe, dry, land, but it wasn’t happening. So Remus sprang into action and tried to help a bitch out.

The first thing Remus tried was to pull Smokey out with his teeth. When Remus realised that wasn’t going to work, he quickly moved to plan B.

Remus jumped into the pool and heroically saved Smokey’s life by pushing that drowning pooch up on out of that lagoon of death.

Remus is a real-life hero and legend!

And he needs some kind of medal of honour added to his collar.

And I can hear some of you cat-haters saying that a cat wouldn’t do shit but just watch poor Smokey drown. That’s factually incorrect, actually! A cat would so something: it would slowly strut to the water and use its paws to push Smokey further in.

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Chinese Vlogger Transformed Herself Into Mona Lisa

There is a reason why they are called makeup artists. If you ever doubted the artistic value of makeup before, Chinese vlogger He Yuhong will change your mind with her stunning recreations of historic works.

Ms. He, 26, posts her work on her Miaopai video channel, and recent uploads of her transforming her face into masterpieces by Leonardo De Vinci, Mona Lisa in particular, have proved a massive hit.

She has gone massively viral on Chinese social media, with her video being viewed more than 20 million times!



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Hide and Seek World Champion!

This year’s Hide and Seek World Championship is going down in the ghost town of Consonno in northern Italy this August. That gives Tasha’s humans only a few months to book her a hotel and plane ticket to Italy, and gives the other teams only a few months to practice like they’re Trump hiding from Mueller.

Because in this very short video shot by her human, Karen Davenport Jackson of Rossford, Ohio, Tasha proves that she’s a master at hiding!

Tasha, who is now world famous partly thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, was avoiding going inside like I avoid the steamed vegetables.

Every time her human opens the screen door and calls for Tasha to come in, she magically vanishes behind a plant pot. And when he closes the screen door, Tasha pops up to see if the coast is clear.

Behold, here’s Tasha’s mind-boggling “Now you see me, now you don’t, bitch” skills.

And I’m going to need to curl up next to Tasha’s paws and ask her to teach me her ways, because I want to disappear like that whenever I call a boy by someone else’s name.

Good girl Tasha!!!

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The Artphabet

A few days ago Cess, a young studio located in Madrid focused on 3D work, released ‘The Artphabet’ for their ’36 days of type’ project.

This collection is a tribute to the most famous modern and contemporary artists in a form of an alphabet. Each letter represents different iconic artist focusing on one of their most famous works of art.

For example, the soup can by Andy Warhol for the letter ‘A’ or a brick wall with the iconic Balloon Girl graffiti by Banksy for the letter ‘B’. Although some of the letters doesn’t match the artist name, it’s still pretty awesome.

Below few of them:

Andy Warhol



Robert Indiana

Jeff Koons


Salvador Dalí

Takashi Murakami


Nice job! 

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