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Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest

Pulled from nearly 10,000 entries, the winners of the 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest highlight both the beauty of living beings and the destruction that they can cause.

Photos were submitted to three categories—PlacesWildlife, and People—with the top award going to a haunting photo titled Unreal.

The image, shot by flight instructor and concert violinist Jassen Todorov, is an aerial view of a graveyard of vehicles located in the middle of California’s Mojave Desert.

Below some of the winners:

“Unreal” by Jassen Todorov. Grand Prize Winner. First place, Places. Thousands of Volkswagen and Audi cars sit idle in the middle of California’s Mojave Desert. Models manufactured from 2009 to 2015 were designed to cheat emissions tests mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Following the scandal, Volkswagen recalled millions of cars. By capturing scenes like this one, I hope we will all become more conscious of and more caring toward our beautiful planet.”

“Heart” Climber by Jimmy S.

“Flying at the Crossing” by Pim Volkers. First place, Wildlife.

“Embearassed” by Taylor Thomas Albright

“Discovering The Hidden Face Of Yucatán” by Guillaume Néry

“A New Challenge” by Alessandra Meniconzi

“At The End Of The Rainbow” by Joshua Galicki

“An Overcrowded Train Journey” by Noor Ahmed Gelal

“A New Look” by Alison Langevad. Third place, Wildlife.

“Love of Life” by Avishek Das. Third place, People.

“Uhhs & Ahhs” by Lilian Koh

“Baby Teeth” by Yaron Schmid. People’s Choice, Wildlife

“Road to Ruin” by Christian Werner. Third place, Places.

“Enduring Spirit” by Derek Jerrell


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Well Played Canada

Donald Trump signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA) on Friday at the G-20 summit in Argentina. The agreement contains a protections provision, insisted upon by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, that ensures LGBTQ workers are protected from discrimination.

A letter, signed by anti-LGBTQ Republicans, had urged Trump to reject the agreement unless the protections for LGBTQ people were removed, saying that “a trade agreement is no place for the adoption of social policy” and said the U.S. “has the right to decide when, whether and how to tackle issues of civil rights, protected classes and workplace rights.”

The letter argued that keeping the provision would not allow the administration to rescind Obama-era protections for LGBTQ workers that Republicans have been working diligently to trash.

So… Trump re-branded NAFTA, and gays got the big benefit?

How very amusing!

BUT not only that, some also pointed out that Trudeau regularly switched between English and French, Canada’s two official languages, during a joint press conference, apparently baffling Trump and forcing him to continuously remove and reinstall his earpiece.

Way to go Justin! Up yours GOP fuckers!

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Dieux Du Stade 2019

The last time I saw a Dieux du Stade calendar was back in 2013.

The series begun in the early 2000’s so it kinda became repetitive. Plus I got older and less interested in virtual “gods” above me, and more interested in real “gods” on top of me.

However,  Dieux du Stade is back with their hottest offering in years.

Dieux du Stade, which translates to Gods of the Stadium, has been featuring nude and semi-nude photographs of hot French rugby players since 2001. The 2019 edition pays homage to Greek mythology with photographer Ludovic Baron behind the lens.

The athletes dropping trou include (my husband) Clement Daguin, Djibril Camara, Thomas Combezou, (my second husband) Julien Ory, Giovan Battista Venditti, Jean-Pascal Barraque, (my third husband) Xavier Mignot, Sofiane Guitoune, Arthur Bonneval, Kylan Hamdaoui and Luke McLean.

You’re totally allow to lick the screen:

Athletes are real gods! 

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AQUAMAN: The First Reactions Are in!

My man! Aquaman may still be just under a month away from washing over theatres, but it’s been screening for members of the media, and while full reviews aren’t allowed yet, they’ve been given the clear to share some non-spoilery thoughts.

And good news DC fans, it sounds like it’s gonna be a wet and wild ride.

While not as effusive as, say, first reactions to Wonder Woman, these are pretty positive! It’s good to hear that DC has a second hit on its hands after Justice League

I’m happy that something as fantastically weird and majestic as Aquaman hits at last the big screen. And those colourful posters, my god, Black Manta is just PERFECT!

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta

Amber Heard as Princess Mera

Patrick Wilson as King Orm

Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus

December 21 needs to come fast. I CANNOT wait! 

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Everyday Objects Become Spectacular Spaceship Designs

Here I am, failing at keeping my blog updated.

Sorry, I’m an old vampire and I spent my day off doing vital stuff like seen my accountant (read: the most important man in my life) and assorted serious stuff. Later in the afternoon I just slept the many hours I don’t the other 5 days of the week.

Now at night I’m fully awake and motivated again. So here we go…

Software engineer & artist Eric Geusz’s work is proof that inspiration is everywhere around us. For quite some time now, Eric has been transforming common household objects into spectacular spaceship designs, and they’re completely out of this world.

From a can opener to a game controller, everything can be a rocket in Eric’s mind.

Very imaginative! It’s so cool how he can “see” the spaceship in everyday objects.

On a personal note, I tend to see shapes and faces on my ceiling, trees, and assorted surfaces. But I’m a creep with dark tendencies. So, nevermind.

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Google Honours “Father of the Deaf”

Google has honoured with Charles Michèle de l’Epée with a doodle on his 306th birth anniversary. Charles was a philanthropic educator who belonged to 18th century France.

Charles was a pioneer of dead education and was also known as ‘Father of the Dead’.

Born in Versailles on 24 Nov in 1712, Épée was the son of an architect who studied theology and law before devoting his life to serving the poor. He founded the first public school for the deaf, and his methods of education have spread around the world.

Two years after his death ( at the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789,) the National Assembly recognised him as a “Benefactor of Humanity” and declared that deaf people had rights according to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

The doodle dedicated to Charles shows people saying ‘Google’ in sign language.

A well-deserved honour for a honourable man.

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Love Is A Gift

Christmas ads have become a part of the culture of many countries. Each year most businesses come out with ever more complex and expensive productions that people eagerly await, because we live in a consumerist society.

There seems to have been a certain backlash just lately, however. Some people think that something is not right when a company can lavish millions of dollars on a celebrity-studded ad, while regular folk are struggling to make ends meet.

This simple, yet powerful production by Phil Beastall from the UK has gone viral because of its human message, showing that Christmas isn’t about flashy corporatism but family, and the best Christmas present is something truly meaningful.

The video cost just £50 to make and was made as a Christmas film back in 2014.

Phil shared it on his Facebook page on the back of the John Lewis Christmas ad, starring Elton John. Phil said “Off the back of the John Lewis Christmas advert I wanted to share my very own Christmas film which I made back in 2014”

This is actually so perfect!

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