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Apologies for the lack of updated, my vacations have been pretty hectic. My family kept me super busy day and night, and I had very little time for myself (and to misbehave).

In fact, I had few guys wanting to meet me, including some locals, some Brazilians and a Colombian… Since my life in Canada is English and French, it’s kinda cute yet amusing flirting in different types of Spanish and dirty words.

Anyhow, during this vacations I watched three films:


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I’m a fan of the John Wick franchise and this one fits right in. I do have to say, in my opinion is the weakest of the 3, but still amazing.

Pure action, epic fighting scenes (specially the part with the horses and the dogs) and tremendous cast. Anjelica Houston was mesmerising, Halle Berry was convincing for once, and Keanu Reeves was engaging, as usual.




Godzilla was definitely a “meh” outing. The story telling was not compelling and suffered from poor pacing. In other words was way too long and useless blah blah…

However, watching the CGI monsters in action was glorious!

Like all kaijū movies, it only requires awesome monsters, epic fight scenes and some subtle social commentary.

Could have been better.



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Dark Phoenix is the end of the X-Men as we know it. 

However, “Logan” is the proper finale to the “X-Men” film series. “Dark Phoenix” has minimal action. No climax. Boring acting… is so disappointing that it doesn’t deserve that honour.

Bad movie and worse than the other Phoenix story. 


I’m exhausted… I left Montreal on Monday, arrived Tuesday to Lima and Wednesday to Santa Cruz… I haven’t stop since I arrived here. 

I have invitations every single day for different things, my relatives shower me in presents for just being here, and drive me all around day and night. And as much as I value all that I just want to sleep!

Seriously, vacations is to rest.

Especially for people like me that work all day long.

My life turns 180 degrees whenever I’m here with my family.

A parallel reality I miss, but I have accepted to not have.

In this video from Odessa, Florida, three Golden Retrievers named Taco, Vinnie, and Ozzy all sit around as their human tries to teach them that sharing is caring by passing around some frozen deliciousness on a stick.

If you’re looking at that adorable mug above and telling yourself that’s the face of a dog who loves sharing and is considerate when it comes to his dog brothers brothers their fair share, you get an F in reading faces.

The YouTube description says that the popsicle was mainly for Taco when greedy ass Vinnie and Ozzy showed up to get themselves a lick or five hundred, which is shocking, since dogs are usually known to be patient and polite, and would not ever do anything like pull a treat out of another dog’s mouth.

“Taco was enjoying a popsicle when Vinnie and Ozzy showed up and demanded to have some.”

Ozzy is obviously the poochie on the left who wants all of that frozen deliciousness for himself, and I’m guessing Taco is the cool and calm motherfucker in the middle who isn’t going to strain himself by fighting over a popsicle.

The trio’s human tries to let each pooh have their turn, but Ozzy wants it all to himself, and takes Taco’s turn before Taco shows Ozzy how hogging a popsicle is really done.

This IS how you end a bitch while getting yours at the same time:

Yaaas Taco fuck it up!


This is a lesson in life for all of us, really.

According to Travel + Leisure, the top 5 most popular tourist attractions last year were:

5. The Eiffel Tower in Paris
4. The Louvre in Paris
3. The Statue of Liberty in NYC
2. The Vatican
1. The Colosseum in Rome

Well, all of those attractions had a good run, but they can now be bulldozed down to make way for luxury condos, because in 2019, the most visited tourist attraction will be The Sprawling Dog in Abkhazia!

Mashable posted a video of a dog causing a tourist frenzy (this is a tourist frenzy for Abkhazia, okay?) by doing the “Look At Me, I’m An Attention Whore” pose in the middle of some park type place that is about to be renamed The Sprawling Dog Plaza.

A throng of tourists clamoured to get a picture of this important and elegant monument.


He is a very good boy.

Listerine this month became the latest big brand to co-opt the rainbow flag in a statement of support for the LGBTQ community in the United States.

The Pride mouthwash is part of a range of products from Johnson & Johnson emblazoned with the rainbow flag for LGBTQ Pride month.

Obviously folks on Twitter are having a parade with it.

Jokes aside all this is supposed to be for a good cause.

This is the same thing as when we choose the pink products during Breast Cancer Awareness month, because we know the company is donating to research. In this case Johnson & Johnson.

Just have fun. And all the haters need to relax.

May 17th is celebrated worldwide as International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOT).

The date is very specific. It was chosen to mark the World Health Organization’s decision on May 17, 1990 to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

The purpose of the day is to unite people in support of human rights equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

This day also aims to raise awareness of LGBT violations, struggles, and stimulate interest in LGBT rights.

Here in Montreal Fondation Émergence posted this video as a social experiment to stop cyberhomophobia and cybertransphobia

Fondation Émergence’s mission is to educate, inform and raise public awareness about the realities of people whose self-identity is based on sexual diversity and non-binary identities and gender expressions.

Love doesn’t fit into boxes. Regardless of who you love, like and how you identify, we all deserve to live free from discrimination.

I got two pocket books recently, I can’t really categorise them… Both are sort of a funny dark “memoir” but very poetically put.

Confessions d’un enfant du XXIe talks about love, suicidal thoughts, war, death, and many other stuff the young writer (Adis Simidzija) experienced in his short life.

Adis Simidzija is an author, poet and founder of DL & DR Publishing. He arrived here in Quebec/Montreal (Canada) in 1998 as a refugee from the Bosnia and Herzegovina war, with his mother and older brother. He draws on his memoir to bring to life the feelings connected with a childhood marked by war and exile. 


Queues (slang for cocks in French. The literal meaning is tails) criticise the stereotypical and sclerotic representations of homosexuality. As denounces the gay community,  its institutions, its codes, its lifestyles, and advocates for a sexuality freed from the shackles of hetero-normative.

Queues also tells of the pain of living and the despair of a man who does not recognise himself in society and who is looking for authenticity in a world where everything is so superficial.

Written in a very straightforward, raw, and FUNNY style, Queues is a politically incorrect statement of a man’s desire for the bodies of other men.

The author, Nicholas Giguère, has a doctorate from l’Université de Sherbrooke, and is also a Canadian born here in Quebec.

Translation: I suck cocks, it could be my job but instead I studied at the University of Sherbrooke, it looks better on a resume that future employees would throw in the trash after receiving it.