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The parrot who graciously thanked a firefighter trying to save her by telling him to fuck off!

If you’re a bitter, mean ole’ bitch who hates humans and is the anti-Blanch DuBois because you’ve always defecated on the kindness of strangers, then meet your spirit sister Jessie, the parrot.

Jessie ran away from her human’s house in the city of Edmonton in England, because she’s a badass rebel who can’t be caged, unless well, her human puts her in a cage.

Jessie flew off to a neighbour’s roof where she stayed for three days and refused to leave. Since squatting on a house that doesn’t belong to you is illegal and Jessie’s human was afraid she’d get hurt, the fire brigade was called in to get her down.

But Jessie is no damsel in distress and let a trick know.

The London Fire Brigade said that when a firefighter got close to her and told her that he loved her, she at first responded that she loved him back. But either Jessie is a fickle one or she gets off on leading a dude on, because right after she told the firefighter he had her love, she cursed him out before flying to a new roof.

Jessie is pretty much you when a guy hits on you at the bar but doesn’t pay for your drink.

If that hot piece in a uniform climbed up to me and told me he’d love me, I’d tell him to fuck me and spray my flaming loins down with his hose. But that’s just me.

Jessie was eventually reunited with her human, who recorded a thank you video of her giving love to the firefighters.

You know how the mum of the asshole brat who bullied you would make ’em come over to your house and apologise to you in front of your mum?

That’s what that video reminds me of. Jessie doesn’t mean it!

Why do I have a feeling that Jessie will soon go missing again and the firefighters will find the words, “I lied. FUCK YOU!” Good girl Jessie. Fuck that enforced slavery!

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The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

Photographer Massimo Listri is known for his incredible images of palaces, villas, and luxurious interiors. Over his long career, he’s published over 70 books that tell the stories of well-known interiors. And now, his newest photography book gathers images of libraries around the world, paying homage to these temples of learning.

Massimo Listri. The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries, published by Taschen, gathers the incredible work of Listri, who travelled far and wide to celebrate their art and architecture.

Moving from Baroque and Rococo interiors to the sumptuous wood shelving of 19th-century libraries, these images demonstrate the care and thought placed into creating a sanctuary of learning.

Biblioteca do Convento de Mafra, Mafra, Portugal

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rijksmuseum, Research Library, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stiftsbibliothek Sankt Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome, Italy

Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster, Kremsmünster, Austria

Klosterbibliothek Metten, Metten, Germany

Strahovská Knihovna, Prague, Czech Republic

Over 560 pages, Listri reminds us of the magic and wonder of libraries, and just how powerful their atmospheres can be.

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I can’t express how much I’m enjoying this

As an early birthday present I bought Omarosa’s book, ’cause all the trouble she’s causing to Trump and his puppets is a real gift for the soul.

Unhinged by Omarosa hopes to offer “an insider’s account of the Trump white house”, according to its subtitle.

As a book, it is exaggerated, dramatic, sometimes given to outright lies and never fails to be entertaining even in its abject horror, which is to say it could be the ultimate document of the Trump presidency.

And I gotta say there are many out there.

That said, thanks Omarosa!

Who ever knew those words would be written like ever?

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Happy 60 Madge

The Queen of Pop is 60 today!

I may not be a crazy die-hard Madonna fan but I used to be a fan when younger and I still like her despite her sometimes nonsense.

Over the course of six decades, Madonna has had everything from controversies to high profile marriages, adoptions and epic stage falls. She’s collected all the awards and many number ones. She’s stunned the world with bum-baring outfits, crucifixions and thrusting on stage in a wedding dress as well as controversial lyrics for her time.

But aside from the headline hitting moments, she’s been bolshie and fearless in the face of a male-dominated industry, paving the way for younger female stars to express themselves. 

She’s worked tirelessly with AIDS charities and spoken fiercely against the discrimination of gay people. She also founded her own charity, Raising Malawi to help orphans enduring extreme poverty and hardship in the African country.

Like it or not, Madonna changed the music industry and society as well.


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Artists Pay Tribute to Creative Genius Hayao Miyazaki

Japanese filmmaker and animator Hayao Miyazaki has long delighted and inspired people around the world with his original imaginative universe. Now, those that have found his work artistically influential are paying homage to Miyazaki in the most appropriate way.

The SPOKE ART gallery has curated the Miyazaki in Los Angeles Art Show, an endearing presentation that features over 100 hundred artists celebrating the films that have made us laugh, cry, and believe in the power of creativity.

Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli was the inspiration for this showcase. Its films including My Neighbor TotoroKiki’s Delivery ServiceHowl’s Moving CastleSpirited Away, and Princess Mononoke are just some of the source material used by artists and illustrators across the globe.

Camilla d’Errico

Bruce Yan

Guillaume Morellec

Tom Eglington

Concepción Studios

Jason Edmiston

Justin Hillgrove

Kate Snow

Pippa Dyrlaga

They have employed painting, embroidery, and sculpture in their tributes to these works. Some of the homages are recreations of classic film posters or scenes while others take a more conceptual path and focus on a single idea or character. Regardless of the pictorial approach, the deep reverence for their adventure-loving subjects is evident.

Miyazaki in Los Angeles Art Show is a pop-up exhibition that’s on view for just three days. Catch the work from August 17 to August 19, 2018 at Bergamot – Building Bridges Art Exchange in Santa Monica, California.

Way to go! 

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The diamond thief Ant

If Ocean’s 8 gets a sequel, the ninth member of their group of jewelry thieves has been found!

In a scene straight out of a reboot of Antz directed by Steven Soderbergh, an ant was caught on camera carrying a diamond across the table at the office of a gem wholesaler.

If you know nothing about ants, then you’re probably several shades of impressed over that ant carrying a diamond that’s fatter than its body. But if you do know about ants, then you’re probably singing a Shania Twain song since you know they’re able to carry 10 to 50 times their body weight.

I hope that if this ant is proposing to their piece, she won’t be a superficial Instagram THOT (an Antstagram THOT, if you will), because they’re going to get turned down.

An Antstagram THOT would rather soak in a boiling hot tub filled with orange peels than show off a diamond ring that’s less than 50 times their body weight. Embarrassing!

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Rainbow-Colored Noodles

Pasta powerhouse Linda Miller Nicholson reimagines the likes of bowtie, ravioli, and tortellini in the most colourful of ways.

She handcrafts the variety of mouth-watering rainbow pasta from scratch and uses plant-based ingredients to transform the dough into a full spectrum of unconventional hues. The result, coupled with Nicholson’s penchant for patterns, is a fresh order of pasta that looks almost too good to eat.

They are beautifully arranged and so vibrant that they double as works of art.

How does Nicholson make her pasta so colourful? It’s thanks to the hues found in nature; butterfly pea flowers give the dough a blue hue while beets turn it purple. Turmeric and parsley make the pasta appear yellow and green, respectively.


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