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Tila Tequila Anti-Muslim Crusader

When missionary and Tila Tequila are in the same sentence and it means spreading her beliefs instead of her legs it’s a clear sign the world is ending.

If you’re the same age of my lovers and you don’t know her, she was a Myspace (one of the first social networks) personality before Facebook arrives, and she was a big reality attention-whore before the KarTrashians take over the world.

And yes, she’s also made in America because, of course!

Tequila isn’t too brilliant. She believes JLo is just a “Mexican with money” and in a new video she’s focused her hate on “fake Christians,” Muslims, and anyone darker than she is.

She states that since becoming a mother (YES! This deranged person is someone’s mother) she now wants to play by the rules and laws of the land, conservative style.

She’s anti-porn with two unsuccessful sex-tapes under her belt.

Muslims at least have the support of anti-discrimination laws backing them from bigots. But when you come for the removal of places like Pornhub on the internet, you’ve just made things personal. 

I’m all for a hookers and rehab, but when you become a hater because your genitals didn’t make you rich and famous you need to stfu and at least make people remember you like the hot-trashy-Asian-slut from the early 2000s.

Definitely much nicer than a lunatic hooker.

This woman is in desperate need of psychological help!

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Rape Charges For Nelly

TMZ says that Nelly has been hit with a real dilemma (I promise that will be the only stupid Nelly pun in this post), and things are getting hot in here for him (I lied). Even one of Nelly’s old cheek Band-Aids can’t fix this mess. 

Nelly was put into handcuffs in Auburn, Washington early this morning after a woman claimed she was raped by him on his tour bus.3

The rape allegedly happened after Nelly performed.

Nelly is currently on tour. The Auburn PD tellThe Blast that the woman called 911 at 3;48 this morning, claiming she was sexually assaulted by Nelly on his tour bus, which was parked outside of a Walmart.

The most shocking thing (besides people going to a Nelly show in 2017) is that the police didn’t waste any time. They arrested his ass this morning at around 4:37 and booked him on second degree rape charges.

He was released a few hours later. Not surprisingly, Nelly’s rep tells People that the real victim here is him, because the allegations are nothing but LIES.

And 2017 has been a bad year for the hip-hop and R&B world…

Usher has been accused of giving herpes to everyone. R. Kelly has been accused of doing heinous R.Kelly-like shit. And now Nelly.

Male midlife crisis? Whatever the fuck happened to these dudes.

But jokes aside, I’m glad things are changing in the way victims can feel they can come forward, because they’ve seen things being done about other similar cases.

And whatever the truth is, I hope justice is served.

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Spain’s image on the world stage has been tarnished by the worldwide broadcast of images showing its police attacking would-be voters in Catalonia, and those tactics have not slowed the Catalan government’s march toward independence.

So the question lingers: Why, in the age of the smartphone, would Spain use force this way in order to quash a disputed independence referendum?

Why not just declare the vote illegal and ignore it?

Why hand the independence movement a public relations victory by using police to attack women, children and the elderly?

I understand not everyone wants the independence and I understand many other shit. Living in Quebec (a separatist province) give me that insight. BUT as a democratic society people has the right to express their freedom.

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is an INCOMPETENT CLOWN!!!

Back in in 2006 as a candidate, Rajoy was in favour of a Catalonia referendum and now he’s using violence to prevent it. Dude doesn’t even know properly his constitution.

king Felipe, on the other hand, has lost all credibility as well.

The globalisation project of one world government ruling a world with no borders is falling apart.

Catalonia being automatically out of the EU could control immigration, would not have to take immigrants, or teach Spanish (not brilliant tho,) or give money to Spain or the EU. Obviously, this is not in the best interest of the EU or Spain.

People started rising like the French revolution and there will be more blood.

What happened in Spain is beyond embarrassing, and to make it fully clear here’s in Spanish… La España de hoy ES UNA VERGÜENZA!!!

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Baby Dolphins And Squirrels

Amy Schumacher recently paid a visit to the sea creature Alcatraz that is SeaWorld in Orlando and pulled out her cell phone and hit the record button when her eyes took in the awww-inducing sight of imprisoned baby dolphins trying to make friends with free squirrels.

The baby dolphins are like, “Squirrels: How do they work?” Those dolphins are probably wondering why those silly-looking crabs are wearing weird-looking furry coats, and why do they get to be free in the world while their asses are locked up?

Meanwhile, the squirrels don’t give one fuck about those adorable baby dolphins, because they’re too busy hunting for a piece of hot dog bun that someone’s brat accidentally dropped on the ground

I’d like to think that dolphins and squirrels can speak telepathically, and are secretly working on a plan to get the former out.

Jokes aside, I still can’t believe in 2017 that PRISON that is SeaWorld still open.

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Halloween (a.k.a the BEST time of the year) is nigh, and people are already turning their humble abodes into little houses of horror.

If you’re looking for the perfect centrepiece to your spooky set-up, look no further than these candles that look like severed hands. They really tie the room together…

A company fittingly-named Creepy Candles is the author of these macabre pieces of art, which look terrifyingly realistic.

As the candle’s ‘fingertips’ burn down, crimson red wax oozes from the ‘wound,’ and eventually melts away to reveal a metal skeleton.

If simply shocking your friends and family just won’t cut it, this display will surely leave them with a lingering sense of dread that will last for weeks to come.

Check it out here and head over to Etsy if you need hand-candles in your life.

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Violent Society + Guns = Tragedy! 

Las Vegas massacre… Horrible but not shocking!

This happens almost EVERY YEAR in America, yet guns are still legal. No other “first world country” understand this because in most first world countries guns are out of reach. No other developed country in the world has this history of violence!!

Now, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has declared that a mass shooting is a Bad Time to discuss gun policy… although she did not clarify when is a good time.

Sarah, are you around tomorrow? Next week? Ever? Any time works, really!

She also augmented this argument with an incredibly loud, piercing, dog whistle: “I think if you look to Chicago, where you had over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes last year, they have the strictest gun laws in the country. That certainly hasn’t helped there.”

Woah!! When oh God when is it ok to talk about senseless gun violence?


Meanwhile, even more lives have been lost from these powerful assault rifles.

Seriously, I think guns are more important in America than their children, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and babies.

They truly don’t get it!

What on earth are the gun people fearing? Saving lives is not a priority for them.

Where were they when all those children were slaughtered at Sandy Hook? Where were they when all those innocent black people were slaughtered in a church? Where were they during the slaughter at Pulse in Orlando? and where were they now???

Holding tight to their guns.

IT HAS TO STOP! It’s time to talk about gun control!

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Flying Saucer Cow Teat 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a tiny uncut dick wearing a cow sombrero! No, no it’s an engorged clit busting through a flying cow plate. No, no, no it’s actually a flying saucer cow teat that squirts leche onto little kids. Duh, of course it is!

Eater says that this close encounter with the WTF kind obviously comes from the magnificent planet of horrifying fuckery that is Japan.

In the commercial, a bunch of shiny happy kids run onto a field just as a cow-print UFO appears above them and out flops a gigantic cow nipple that squirts milk into their cups.

Now if I was in the conference room when the ad executive pitched that idea, I’d smile nervously and grab my cell phone all secret-like and call the proper authorities under the table so that the sick bitch could end up on some kind of list!

But in Japan, that idea became a commercial that is airing on TV because, JAPAN!!!

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