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Dear Tiffany Trump, if you want your dad to grab you and hug you, wear this…

The “Touch of Fur” shawl by FENDI is a new part of this season’s womenswear collection at £750! Do you see a vagina or it’s only me? 

I seriously can’t afford it, but Tiffany can.

Don’t let Ivanka get daddy’s full attention girl. You deserve some too.

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Skinny Bones

I am a child of the 80s who thinks that the 1980s was the golden era of ridiculous foolery… and then I see something from the 1970s that confirms to me that everyone was on serious kinds of drugs then.

Case in point: Skinny Bones, a toy that was equal parts WHAT. THE. FUCK. and a nightmare inside of a nightmare.

Marx Toy Company (who bit the dust in 1980) must’ve bought a tent company at a fire sale and decided to use the metal tent parts for a terrifying stick figure doll called Skinny Bones.

On an episode of Thrift Hunters, the Thrift Hunters encountered Skinny Bones (at the 0:58) and actually spent a good pile of coins on it.

Since every demon from the colon of hell needs a dark-sided sidekick to help them spread the evil, Skinny had a pet horse named Nag Bones and Ginny (his sister) had a pet dog named Ham Bones.

Again, people were on serious kind of drugs in the 1970s.

On happy note, if you’re tired of having a ghost haunting your house and want to pay to have it removed, hunt down a Skinny or Ginny Bones doll and bring them into your home.

Souls are obviously the only thing they do eat.

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Lower than Below

Sorry for the lack of updates I’ve been busy, and mostly sick.

Sick of all these faces in the news every single day…

It’s frustrating, embarrassing, upsetting, shameful and absolute sad how all those immoral politicians clowns run the United States disgracefully and with total impunity. The epitome of lower than below.


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Why is this moron Relevant?

Kuntye Kardashain is now known as “YE” and his name change was but one of several Kanye incidents of his signature egomania last week that culminated in a Yeezus showcase on the season premiere of SNL.

Everything seemed to be going pretty okay for him until he lost control of the narrative, and by narrative, I mean his mind. He concluded with a dumb pro-Trump rant and a tweet that educated people condemned.

Whenever you think he can’t sink any lower…

Alright Kuntye, how about you be the first slave? Fucking idiot.

Society needs to stop making stupid people famous.

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Nagini is that you?

Have you seen that viral video of Trump hissing? It’s really weird.

But it kinda makes more sense (but still weird) if you see the full video. Still, it’s a lot more fun for the imagination to think he’s a reptile cursed in that body.

I want to believe he’s actually Nagini and we’re all waiting for fate to happen.

On the other hand, I like how saying “thank you” looks so painful on him.

He contorts his whole face just to get it out. 

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Hurricane Florence has taken several lives and left almost a million people without power. It’s tragic and dramatic on its own, but while reporting from Wilmington, North Carolina during the hurricane, Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel decided to bring more drama…

He appeared to be bravely reporting while being buffeted by torrential rain and winds gusting at a hundred-something MPH that wanted to blow him away to the afterworld.

However, it looks like Mike is somewhat of a meteorological drama queen.

While Mike was acting like he was Helen Hunt in Twister, two dudes calmly walked by behind him, seemingly untroubled by the inclement weather.

It sort of diluted the moment.

A helpful PHD on Twitter also took the time to explain to us laypeople that, if you’re really gunning for a crown, you want to remember which way the wind is blowing.

Anyhow, my prayers are with those who are suffering this hurricane. Please stay safe.

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Where’s Fan Bingbing?

Actress/ fashion Icon/ GODDESS Fan Bingbing, who is China’s highest-paid actress, is reportedly being investigated for a classic case of tax evasion and had been banned from acting for three years.

She was alleged to be using “Yin and Yang” contracts where one of her contracts would get reported to the tax department and the other, fatter contract would remain in her bank account. Her social media activity pretty much stopped and she hadn’t been seen in public since early July… and she still hasn’t.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation there is a list in China called the Television Star Social Responsibility Report. It ranks Chinese celebs according to three criteria: professional work, charitable actions and personal integrity. Well, the 2017-2018 list was just released and it may yield some clues as to what’s going on with Bingbing. Because she got a whopping score of  0%.

It’s not all bad for Fan Bingbing since China is one tough critic, and the list says that, even though she is the last on it, she still has a bunch of company in the failing section since only nine celebrities got a passing grade of 60%, including her fiancé, actor Li Chen.

Can you imagine if we did this for North American celebrities? Ranked them based on their trashy lives and lacklustre social activism? Oh god, we should totally start doing this!

Li Chen has been seen in public, even though his fiancé has become a ghost, and in fact there are rumours the two broke up.

The reason they broke up and the reason Fan Bingbing is missing, may be one in the same.

Last week, China released a state media report from the government-run Securities Daily who wrote that Fan had been “placed under control” but the online article vanished just like she did pretty soon after it was put up online. “Placed under control” what a nice way to phrase: “Arrested that trick.”

So to recap: Fan is missing, her fiancé took off his engagement ring, the Chinese government said she was on time out and then erased that message, and they slapped her with a 0% in terms of social responsibility… 

Seriously, I’m a fan. LEAVE FAN BINGBING ALONE! 

I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Fan Bingbing’s three years off from acting is really three years off from freedom.

And I’m also going to guess that right now, Jessica Chastain is scaling the outside wall of a Chinese prison, as Lupita Nyong’o hacks into the prison’s security system in a van parked down the road, and Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz sneak in through a laundry cart.

355 isn’t a movie, it’s real-life!

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