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The Hill reports:

Russian state-backed news outlet RT on Monday released a satirical video depicting President Trump opening Christmas gifts.   Trump begins by opening a gift from Kim Jong Un, who gave him small gold busts of the two leaders.

Trump tosses the bust of Kim aside before opening his next gift: A “Make America Great Again” hat boasting a “Made in China” label. The final unmarked package is revealed a t-shirt in Russian that reads “Do you work for the GRU? [Russian Military Intelligence].”

It’s not really satire though, if you are simply stating facts.


Merry Christmas, everyone. May someone special come down your chimney, too.

Chatroulette exist for 3 reasons:

1- For young dudes to jack-off in front of an audience.
2- For hos to watch young dudes jack-off.
3- For Steve Kardynal to spread his nipple-hardening, smile-inducing cheer.

That’s right! Here’s the long-lost (and best) Kardashian sister making everyone’s day.

Make my wish come true!

This could be the beginning of a good joke: An Australian, a Canadian and an American go to a Christmas party… (for the punch line, see the picture)

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Bublé

Especially For You by GODDESS Kylie Minogue

Symphony by Clean Bandit 

Since mostly everything was closed this morning, Hubby (aka Bello) and I decided to Dim Sum. But first he gave me a present… A prepaid credit card! #YAAAS

Jesus I love my ex’s!! 

As usual, time with Hubby is full quality. Being with him feels so natural and while I remain the same expressive person, he’s sometimes tense when my Latin blood gets too affectionate or in-your-face, so it’s funny to see him kind of nervous when he can’t stop me from saying something “scandalous” or do something sweet. 

But again, Asians have another nature and he’s no longer used to me.

Still we had a good time, and he invited me to dinner on Wednesday.

A Christmas dinner organised by his friends. Friends that were also mine when we were a couple, so it’s going to be very nice to see them all again.

In short, I’m sooo Boxing Day tomorrow.

There are some things that money can’t buy… for everything else, there’s… VISA, bitches!

MERRY CHRISTMAS you naughty readers of my nonsense! 

As every year, I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and surrounded by those you love… it could be your family, partner, booty call, pet friend, a pillow, a bottle of whatever you drink to handle life (and if that’s the case you probably need help!) or your shadow… the only faithful bitch that will stick with you to the end.

And may Santa bring you everything you’ve asked for, unless you were a jerk ’cause jerks are not cool.

As for myself I spent the evening with my dad and my bro. As usual I had to dress up, which I totally hate.

However it was a good excuse to wear a ring Hubby (one of my ex’s) bought me in Prague many years ago. Not only is a beautiful piece but it’s also meaningful to me ’cause he was the guy I spent more years with and the man I thought I will marry… Whom by the way I’m seeing this morning ’cause he’s taking me brunch.

Told you my ex’s are awesome! 

And speaking of… I received a text from Xavier (my last boyfriend) last night. 

I was actually surprised to see his message  because I didn’t expect to hear from him again.

And not because we had any drama but because guys not often value shit, and are so full of it… Regardless, it was sweet and a nostalgic déjà vu… As last year, PatrickA (my ex before Xavier) also messaged me on Christmas Eve.
Anyhow, later on I’m spending the rest of my day like this:

Because nothing say Christmas like getting your sparkly ass spanked! Yeah I haven’t fuck in 3 days and I’m totally due to unwrap some “gift.” 

That been said,  Merry Xmas again! Wishing you all joy, peace and health.