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Babushka of Baikal

76 years old grandmother Lyubov Morekhodova (Lyubov = love) from Siberia is not an ordinary pensioner. Despite her age, she managed to not only survive frosty weather but also gained attention for her skating skills.

Babushka Lyubov learned to skate at the age of seven and now she spends her retirement days gliding across one of the deepest lakes in the world, Baikal.

Retired technology engineer lives in a modest house and takes care of her beloved animals consisting of dogs, a cat, hens, roosters, calves, bulls, and cows. She wakes up at 5.30 am to feed the cows and let them out to graze on a hill.

Every day, to shorten the distance, she puts on her skates made in 1943 and glides across the lake to make sure that the cows wouldn’t get lost.

Since her husband died in 2011 babushka Lyubov lives alone, but she is not lonely.

During the summer her grandchildren and nephews come to visit. Even though her family encouraged this fearless lady to move to the city, she insisted on staying because she claims to be happy and fulfilled living in the midst of S.I.B.E.R.I.A.

Without a doubt, she’s made in Russia. What an absolute champ!!!

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Who knew fried chicken could be so explosive?

KFC have been pretty successful in their advertising over the years. From their iconic ‘colonel,’ to wacky ideas like chicken-scented candles, and controversial ads, they certainly have a way of getting their name and logo out there.

I’m no fan of the chain myself, but this particular campaign from KFC Hong Kong did capture my attention with its simplicity and creative imagery.

The concept is simple. Fiery, spicy chicken, photoshopped onto explosive images.

Someone also tried desaturating a piece of fried chicken and it then could be used as smoke from an erupting volcano…

Anyone else hungry now?

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Team Work

While taking a break from trying to steal baby’s milk and purring out a dusty relic of a song about being Siamese, two Siamese cats from Russia got themselves into a major, major problem as their human filmed it.

Each pussy started at the opposite end of the top of some entertainment unit-looking thing, and made their way across it. They eventually ran into each other and a real Nelly and Kelly Rowland song ensued.

They realised they were stuck. What to do? They could just live there forever. They could turn on each other and try to push one another to a possible death.

Or they could join forces and jump onto their human before attacking their human for recording their troubles instead of helping them. You’d think it would be the third one.

But those cats shocked us all by solving the problem with team work.

So those cunning pussies solved a problem without scratching each other’s eyes out, screaming at one another or destroying the other by leaking harmful into to the media?

Further proof that humans should NOT run the world!

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Mexican Boxer Destroys American Boxer Wearing Trump Wall Shorts

There’s nothing quite like international sports to play out political turmoil.

Canada vs. Russia or vs.USA Olympic hockey, whenever the Dutch play any of their former African colonies in the World Cup… the list goes on.

Usually, that metaphor hangs silently in the background, but few night ago, it was on full blast, front and centre for all to see.

In the super-featherweight matchup between American “Lightning” Rod Salka and Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas, Salka decided to show up wearing some pretty Trumpian “America 1st” trunks with a brick wall pattern on them. Classic American subtlety.

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone wanted to see his ass handed.

And that’s exactly what happened. So here you go:

Nevertheless, the fight was somewhat competitive, but Francisco wasn’t having that wall… Vargas BATTERED Salka over the next 6 rounds, leaving him bloody and bruised before Salka’s corner threw in the towel between rounds. 

In short, another one of Trump brilliant supporters bit the dust.

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The big blue dick Of Stockholm

Noted Swedish peen artiste Carolina Falkholt is already known for painting a beautiful, veiny pink dick on the side of a building in Manhattan last year after she was commissioned by a local street art foundation. Some neighbors cried about it, and it was eventually painted over.

RIP Big Pink Veiny Dick Of Manhattan.

The same thing happened in Stockholm…

The Guardian says that about a week ago, Carolina’s latest dick art was unveiled on the side of an apartment building.

It’s a five-story tall cut veiny dick. It has been appreciated by people who love art, dicks of all shapes, colours and sizes, and Smurf cock.

But not everyone loves the giant sight of a blue dick and cock-blocked it by complaining. 

Here’s the five-story dick that’d impress even the most pickiest of size queens. (“Speak for yourself, bitch, I only get the tingles for dicks that are eight-stories or more.” – size queens).

So if you’re in Stockholm, get it while you can. And if you can’t resist the urge to lick it, make sure you play safe by Purell-ing your tongue afterward.

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It’s Britney, Bitch!!

Britney Spears received the GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Vanguard Award from Ricky Martin at the group’s Los Angeles gala on Thursday night.

Martin said Spears “could be one of those stars with a huge LGBTQ following that says nothing and does nothing but instead, she uses her platform to remind audiences around the globe that intolerance is unacceptable.”

Although, I was never a huge fan of Britney the performer, I’ve always loved her as an individual.

She’s humble, sincere, down-to-earth and has managed to keep her life private instead of making a circus out of it like many other thirsty celebrities out there (aka Kanye kardashian, Madonna, Beyawnce, etc). Well deserved, Britney!!! 

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Deaf Pup Learns Sign Language

A 10 month-old deaf Staffordshire puppy Ivor had a rough start in life. Due to his disability, he was abandoned by 5 families before even reaching the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The pup had trust issues, but the staff at the RSPCA Centre showed him enough love and attention and Ivor turned a new leaf as a trusting and sweet dog.

In December Ivor found his forever home with Ellie Bromilow, a woman, who fell in love with the dog despite his deafness. “He’d already learned the sign command for ‘sit’ and ‘come’ from the staff at the RSPCA center, but now he knows lots more like ‘lie down’, ‘stay’, ‘all gone’ and he’s learning ‘roll over’,” she said to express.co.uk.

It’s so nice to know that after such a rough start, Ivor now has his loving forever family.

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