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Summer 2020 Petticoat

Responding to the question of social distancing, multiply has introduced the ‘petticoat dress’, that helps maintain safe social interaction with fun, style and comfort during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The unusual dress is seen as a communication tool that reminds people of respecting social distancing but in a relaxed and creative way.

social distance in style with multiply's 'petticoat dress'

Fashion that enforces social distancing!

Realistic Sand Sculptures

If you’re an artist, everything is a medium. And for Andoni Bastarrika, that’s sand. That’s right, while most of us feel really good about ourselves after we build a castle at the beach, Bastarrika isn’t content with that. His works are much more ambitious, usually revolving around the natural world.

From bulls to sharks and beyond. Check out (below) some of the best creatures the artist has made.

And yes, they aren’t just animals that he unearthed, Bastarrika really did sculpt them.

Sand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaSand-Art-Andoni-BastarrikaAndoni Bastarrika - Sand sculptures (con imágenes) | Arte, Arte ...Sand-Art-Andoni-Bastarrika

Very talented.

David vs Goliath

The crowned crane may look like an uppity bitch of opulence who would rather destroy a bitch with a devastating side-eye or ask to speak with its rival’s manager than get its feathers dirty with peasant dust by fighting a bitch.

But I shouldn’t judge a decadent book by its cover because this crowned crane was ready to try to fuck an elephant herd up for getting too close to its nest for comfort.

The video was taken at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by Tayla McCurdy who said that when the herd of elephants got close to a nest of eggs, a crowned crane’s feathers ruffled all the way up and it pulled some “hold me back, bro” shit, which apparently amused the elephant until it didn’t anymore and it tried to trunk slap a bitch before exiting the scene.

Honestly, though, that crowned crane may be an overrating drama queen, but that’ll teach those elephants!


Going back to work, and resuming my life, doesn’t allow me to blog as much as the previous month… Or to watch TV series, or movies online.

However, last night before going to bed, alone (’cause taken guys mostly cheat daytime,) I watched this film out of curiosity.

Giant Little Ones (2018) - IMDb

This independent Canadian film is about two guys that have been best friends since childhood. They are high school royalty, popular with girls, live a perfect teenage life… until one night, of fun, an unexpected “incident” happened, and one of them became a total jerk, blaming the other person of something he actually did….

Although the characters of this film are teens, I know many adults who behave the same way, in fact, all the hetero-curious fucking me.

All those you won’t believe are looking for sex with another guy because they don’t look “gay”.

The cast was great, and the movie solid. I loved it.

A film about the fluidity of sexuality, and how modern society should NOT put labels on everything and everyone.

The Best Book Design of 2019

The AIGA has announced the winners of its annual 50 Books / 50 Covers competition for books published in 2019.

The competition recognises excellence in both book design and book cover design, some of the winners placed in both categories. Many of the winners tend to be from smaller publishers and/or academic in nature and/or about art or design.

Pajtim Statovci, CrossingThe Best Book Design of 2019The Best Book Design of 2019

The kind of covers you want to frame.

Google Doodle Marks Sir Nicholas Winton Birthday

Nicholas Winton's 111th Birthday

The Google Doodle on 19 May marks what would have been the 111th birthday of Sir Nicholas Winton, who single-handedly saved 669 Jewish children from the Holocaust.

Known as “Britain’s Schindler”, it took 50 years for the world to recognise the feat of humanitarianism after his wife found secret documents in the 1980s referencing the daring rescue half a century earlier.

Five years after his death in 2015, Google marked Sir Winton’s 19 May birthday with a Doodle showing children at a train station to represent the escape of primarily Jewish children from German-occupied Czechoslovakia in the lead up to World War II.

Sir Nicholas Winton Reunited with 669 Children He Saved from HolocaustNicholas Winton, 'Britain's Schindler,' Is Remembered By Those He ...

A truly amazing hero!